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  1. Because this thread is up again I think its fine to post about 2 other series I read recently: https://j-novel.club/s/crest-of-the-stars/ A SF series that was already translated some years back but the publisher didn't survive. Still I think its a great story with a focus on personal interaction especial between the 2 main actor. https://j-novel.club/s/infinite-dendrogram/ A VRMMO story that I personal think is a good read especial how the main actor manage it again and again to overcome enemy way stronger then him.
  2. for most series manga have already less info then the LN and the movie / the tv series have even less info then the manga.
  3. @Legate of Mineta get better soon. Sometimes I wish BCS would have the pressure of a Publisher to get things done but alas then year 2 probably would already be dropped. As it is right now it sound more like the members of BCS working on Y2 during their spare time while having a other job that earn money.
  4. Academagia is again at a -50% sale over at Steam https://store.steampowered.com/app/533480/Academagia_The_Making_of_Mages/
  5. I think having this shop open 2 week - max 1 month after the new students start will make try to fast earning money a alternate way to play in the early game. If market can be time limited in Y2 then I would set it up as normal time limited market with maybe a event / adventure attached when you visit the market the first time that a shady person talk to you when you left the market. Its randomly either a scammer who try to sell you expensive garbage or someone from a black market who when you buy something from him /her offer you to reveal the location of a black market (the goblin market could do here) at a price. I think its understandable that I prefer to have it as shop instead of an adventure that also would be a possibility. (i have demonstrated in some of my year 1 adventures how a shop could be done as adventure) Ohh and please add 1 of the self playing weiqi board to this shop ^^. It was one of the reason I stopped to continue the adventure writing because I was missing a good way to add this item for a new character in y2 and this shop idea is finally something I can live with. ( I don't think it was set as unique and so it should be no problem if a few player have 2 of them) I don't think I can work out more then this as I don't know what items from Y1 the team want uns to have access to in Y2 and what is possible with Y2.
  6. for items the player need for quests that carry over from year 1 to year 2 how about having a flea market at the start of the new year with different items at lower price that was left behind by students from last year and deemed not to be to dangerous. Think that is a better idea then a background that give out random items. This flea market might also attract people that sell some stuff under the hand.
  7. haha wonder if we get an answer on this without push up the quests you forwarded to the team again ^^
  8. Icanicix was the name of the Gate Magic College at Academagia and because all College are named after a Person this should be a name. 2) Can you tell us what core class each College had in Year 2 during our year 1? (This way even if there are changes to the class down the road of year 2 development no one can blame you for give out wrong info ^^) 3) What where the (usual) core classes of year 2 for the time of each current Regent? (Actual this is more of a replacement question if you can't or refuse to answer my other one)
  9. 1) How many familiar have a average Morvidus student at the end of year 5?
  10. For the next 18-19 days there again Ars Magica 5th Bundles over at Bundle of Holding https://bundleofholding.com/presents/ArsMagica5-2019 contains mostly core books https://bundleofholding.com/presents/ArM5World Covenant / World books
  11. I think he (The Legate) didn't check his PM for a while because I also had send him 3 messages that he didn't read so far. Edit: Also Metis is correct because the Team added new familiar after Version 1.0 we can't exclude the new familiar from also be selected after you selected one of the familiar from the mod what is a problem.
  12. Played trough Crytalline and they had a great idea in there that could be ported to Academagia (maybe its even something that happened with the Gate magic) I put it in spoiler in case someone want to play this VN
  13. For people that love VN with a male main character at a academy setting that also have a romance with different girls going ACE Academy might be worth a look. Sure its not really a similar game but the story kept me going to play this game in 1 day (Steam say I had it running for ~10h when I was done with the 1st playthrough). Downside is that the game use a timer to force a fast answer at some points, especial during the combat. Lucky you just can scroll back or load a previous save to undo a bad choice. I only did the Yuuna route so far and with the different female character other routes are possible so there might be a replay value,
  14. A other 10 month have gone and still no news about the app or Holdfast 2?
  15. Yes I talking of the Exil what is in the view of the Dragons a Banishment of the rebelling humans. So please Legate answer to my 2 questions.
  16. Actual there is the way that for Year 2 character the team add a background that give one or more interesting adventure related magic items at random. Edit: But the Legate already told us that items are usually not necessary for adventure and event follow ups instead they might be helpful for them if I remember right.
  17. 1) How long ago was the Banishment again? 2) Are there many recorded history about lands that did fall down and if so is it more in common recently? No magic works for ever as far we know and the Banishment is some kind of magic! Resulting from this my guess is that the increasing chaos factor of the gate magic is actual the first indicator that the whole Banishment magic start to weaken.
  18. 1) Are other magic pillar beside gate magic have some magic that are known to have random side effects? (Astrology maybe?)
  19. @Legate of Mineta I suspect your game must be long past the usual 20 lvl, are you using any official / semiofficial rules for the level past 20?
  20. I suspect if they write something like this its probably a D&D / D20 / Pathfinder product. Reason is because the idea started as a (A?)D&D game and with the popularity of the D20 systems they might have a bigger target audience then with a pure Academagia world book. Also I agree e-book with or without a print on demand option would probably the best. Still I think the extra work needed for such a book would do no good for the overall development of Academagia even if they could make money with this idea.
  21. If you ever consider a paid DLC for year 1 I think adding 1 month or longer time pre Academagia time can be the way to go. Depending on your background choice you either spend the time in one of the pre schools or in Mineta. I think because of the pre school it could be a development for the summer school that is supposed to make it appearance in year 3. Because your supposed to have no contact with your professor, the other student and such there quite some things that have to be locked in this pre Academagia phase and resulting from this it might be to much work.
  22. Isn't "The New Girl" adventure (Not Even a Mouse) give you a lot of punishment by Von Rupprecht if you use the wrong default exit at step 4?
  23. From year 1 to year 2 there is no dropout and end of year 2 is probably even unsure till year 3 is out. After all there still such thing as summer class, Parent, Regent or Legate decision that can overrule exam results.
  24. And here I hoped you might give some hint as year 2 is still so far away.
  25. 1) Although we probably see it in year 2 but playing trough Chinese Parents make me wonder how extrem is the pressure the parents build up for their children to get good grades? 2) Are some hits with a stick still an accepted punishment for children that not behave as expected (i.e. because their grades are to bad)?
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