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  1. If they find a fix for the save bug plaguing the steam release then I suspect they will push out a update even before year 2 release. But otherwise I wont set my hopes high that there will be any fixes before year 2 is released,
  2. 1) What is the most common way to get into contact with this traveling mercenary? 2) Are magical communications devices know that can connect to different other devices similar to our phones? 2b) How common and mobile are such devises?
  3. 1) Are there many mercenary companies that make one or more Airship their home instead of a isle? 2) What laws are ship based vagabonds under as long they are not at a isle? (Beside the one set by the ship owner)
  4. Schwarzbart


    Currently at best you could translate DLC 15 but not the most recent release. Also there some issues with the mod tools we have where they not work as they should when create a new mod with modern OS and I'm not sure if this also would affect a pure translation project that just change existing texts. Anyway if you want to try you should be able to download the needed files from this posting: We are supposed to get new mod tools after year 2 is released that also should work with year 1 and the most recent AMM released for year 1 by BCS. (The old mod tools we have can't use this AMM that why DLC 15 is the last you can currently use for your translation project) I suspect you can use the DLC 15 AMM and the old mod tools to already start with your epic work in translating this Book series worth of text using external files to save the translation and then once we get new Mod Tools finish the translation.
  5. I think the differences between D20 Magic and Academagia Magic is to big. If someone want to play just a magic academy setting similar to Academagia I think Ars Magica is the better system although you need to kick out the world setting of Ars Magica for that. (I.e. usually in a ArM5 setting you can't teach multiple Apprentice at once in magic and according to the Apprentice book a apprentice just get thought 1 season per year. But if you allow to teach multiple student at once then there is no problem with the apprentice learning 3 seasons per year and so be finished in ~5 years instead of 15 years.)
  6. Although one need to adjust the difficulties I think using something like Skill + Attribute + 1d10 as replacement for the usual roll from Academagia should work with the character system of Academagia. (If you using a computer dice system you can even use the actual "dice" system Academagia is using)
  7. You can look at the lore with the mod tools if you can get the mod tools and the mod base before the last one. The last mod base sadly don't work with the mod tools we got and so we have to wait for Y2 mod tool release to use it. Natural you only get the Lores that was added till DLC 15 with the DLC 15 AMM but that is the best outside of ingame hunting for the Lores you can do for now.
  8. So you say only writings from us related to (our?) year 1 material might be put into year 2 so far and all the other writing is planed for a later DLC?
  9. Drop out of one or more from the core member for what ever reason is one scenario I can imagine to get projects from BCS cancelled. (Given that in the last ~6 month I lost 2 people I know trough sudden death such scenario its not that uncommon given the many years of develoment! - one in a traffic ancient and the other just didn't weak up the next morning after going to sleep at a age of 43)
  10. Haha how do you think we feeling about Year 2? Edit: The Demo of Golden Treasure: The Great Green looks promising.
  11. I didn't play / buy it so far but the last reviews at steam suggest that the team still have some way to go (random mess up the game and despite that each game feel nearly the same what for me sound really bad for a game that the developer say its a roguelike). Edit: Also it looks like they mostly got positive reviews from people getting the game for free or who like the concept. https://store.steampowered.com/app/956060/Mittelborg_City_of_Mages/ (I probably keep an eye on it but for sure won't buy it before it leave early access and given that they declared the early access release end of 2018 as alpha I think there is no final before 2020 probably even some more years later)
  12. 1) Will there different pictures for Students depend if their magic skill is good enough to alter their looks and / or a adventure chain related to them got to a certain point?
  13. 1) Is it planed that in the next years sometimes there is no class because the professor is sick or not at school while no immediate replacement is there? (I know we have this already in adventures or events but that is quite different from actual having a replacement teacher or no class at all)
  14. 2) Where there tournaments outside of rimbal between different magical schools in the past years and when was the last? 2a) If so what kind of competition was it?
  15. Although the story is told in a Visual Novel style I personal wouldn't consider Magical Diary as Visual Novel because one/the main part of the game is the decision what classes and other action you take each week. (Its long ago when I played it the last time so I no longer full remember the gameplay)
  16. using an investigation as middle step even year 1 could do (condition 1 and condition 2) or condition 3
  17. If you don't want to give a school report in the the hand of the students how about a pinwand where the professor put on a list of all exam results and who ranked at what place for each exam. This lists could be placed in a window that is scrollable so that the player can search her / him self for the results (s)he want to know. Edit: Maybe without the score it could work also like: Calligraphy Passed 1 Philip Hauk Vernin 2 Emilia Picotti Avila …. Failed …. 29 Carmine Sturzo Aranza
  18. I would suggest to change this as a comprehensive list of the exam results at the end of a year is something needed to get the feeling this year have really ended. Or do your team really want the people to wait 5 RL years+ to get a acceptable ending for year 2 also? One of the big complains over at steam is the combination that BCS need way to long for get year 2 done together with the issue that year 1 have nothing that feel as good ending for this year. I know you want people to buy the next year but refusing to give a good ending point at each year can actual have the opposite effect.
  19. Actual I suspect that for some student it would give them a better ending if the player not mix with their lives
  20. Although I don't think it ever will be changed but my personal biggest remaining wish for year 1 would be a school report, with the real exam scores, maybe even with some notes form the professor / legate, at the end so that this year really can be handled a stand alone.
  21. A spell and / or enchantment that prevent materials from be cut, together with a function that allow to remove a random item from the knapsack unless it is protected by such a spell / enchantment could make an interesting combination for random events and certain students.
  22. Its usual in game development to have the art created in way higher resolution then what is then used in the game it self. So no the old game version didn't have this pictures in bigger resolution but the artist and/or BCS them self should have it in their backups … but apparently this backup was made on a HD and this HD didn't survive.
  23. 1) Any Professor position vacant at the end of year 1 according to the knowledge of our character or Oan?
  24. If I don't remember wrong the difficulty is also based on the Befriend score of the one you want to recruit.
  25. I suspect the Steam Launcher is needed for the Steam version because Academagia have some Steam functions integrated i.e. the collecting cards.
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