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  1. Was this changed because of the familiar I used in some of my suggestions or where birds before also already in this position?
  2. Lets go back to the basics: 1) If I remember right every human can cast magic with the right knowledge and a casting device (wand, enchanted finger, ring and so on) that can point in a direction. Is this correct? 2) Are there some people that actual don't need a casting device or familiar to successful perform magic? Maybe even to the point where they are dangerous to them self and their surrounding if they lack the knowledge about what not to do ...
  3. Could the source of this story related to vampire? I doubt our bat owning character is the first to be subject to experiments of a vampire. A cross between vampire and human could easy imagined that "it" need fresh bloody meat as food and depending on what it does to cover the tracks "stealing heads" could be a resulting story.
  4. Don't tell this to someone who had to work at a place that had to fix all the issues that come from human handwritten form that the OCR couldn't handle. This is also "just" data conversion where even the best system today can't have a 100% success chance.
  5. Y2 will be a separate game that will come with a separate tool to import your year 1 characters. Yes, that means without the tool, what will developed last, you couldn't even continue your Y1 save in Y2! Wondering how much the coder team from BCS will curse the many variants of Y1 once they start to work on this tool. It might be just my guess, but they might make a cut that game before CP or DLC 1 can't be imported. The early release version was actual a quite different game, at last from what I remember.
  6. At last 1 released cheat mod is a "full conversation" what could make importing games using it problematic. (I.e. because people use it together with the official DLC because it only contain a quite dated one)
  7. Nice never considered the strange doll to be a homunculi so far ^^.
  8. I think that is only final when we get the last DLC for Y2
  9. thanks, have quoted this over to my mod thread
  10. 09.12.20 I asked if games with my mini mods are still planed that they can be imported to Y2?
  11. My mini mods are still planed that they can be imported? Or ist there one or more that will fall in the "some caveats" category? (Will copy the answer over to my mod thread also so that people who use my mods get aware if it)
  12. Let me guess the thief guild of Mineta is actual one of the long running sponsors in Academagia. They are around for a long time and have much to gain from this sponsoring.
  13. Is Academagia know to give asylum to mages in return for their work, at last if the offence isn't to serious?
  14. So the "house arrest" if a noble or Academagia give a criminal asylum usually not extend 7 years if the Captain of Mineta knows about it?
  15. Cute Bite, what is current in development from Hanako, sound like its similar to the daughter rising games but with a new twist. Cute Bite (hanakogames.com)
  16. @MetisFrom what I read so far your character actual skipped year 1 and direct attend year 2! So you couldn't build any relationship in year 1 because uhmm you learned in a other place then Academagia the knowledge to enter year 2.
  17. That make me wonder who helped Ana Flavia Bessa with her wand if the player failed, never finished her adventure or even never started it. I suspect its either a Professor or even the one who gave her this wand.
  18. The Amazing Cultivation Simulator is out now in case anyone was waiting for this. If you bought the game during early access you got the 1st DLC for free otherwise the Panda and fishing DLC need to be paid for.
  19. Are this story about Icanix in a public library of Academagia or restricted in one of the remaining gate library of Academagia? Fun comment on the side I(ch) kann ni(x/chts) is dialect for (not sure how to clean translating it word for word its: ) I can (do) nothing ... but I think a better translation is I'm inapt
  20. Just curious how would the development of Academagia affected if VB fail to break even?
  21. Are working airship models a possible project for Academagia students? Was there one or more student in the past who had a familiar bound to a construct? Although spirt or ghost familiar are kind of rare but can they possess a device especial if it is special prepared for this?
  22. Any chance that the class list of the 2nd Year during our Year 1 will be released in 2020?
  23. so the familiar can be tricked into revealing important info of their master or accepting a spell on them without the familiar actual tell the master?
  24. Ohh, I see, Cyberpunk isn't a game I waiting for. That why I only know from the RPS page that it is delayed and that there is some shit going that they let their team work crunch times despite their announced that they wouldn't do so.
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