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  1. Yes it is planed that player that start with year 2 only play from the day they arrive at the Academy and so skip the summer break.
  2. A long time ago the Legate revealed to us that there will be a small bonus in year 2 if you had perfect attendance in year 1 and that is all that we know.
  3. yes no sick days allowed for the perfect attendance bonus
  4. @Legate of MinetaIdea for the Botany Extra Credit Part: (not sure if I already made some ideas regarding this) I think it could be ok to extend the "land" rent for year 2 also but beside the rent there should be a difficult double roll Agriculture and Roots to see how long the plant survive. If both roll are passed then the plant survive the full year if one fails and the other passed then the weed only survive till winter-break. Although if there is a new plant growing system that allow to grow specific plants then it would be ok to just give out something that could use as seed after the summer break as last reward from the rented land. But if the player grow the plant on his own the difficulty should extrem difficult for year 2 as the field was just a lucky case where the living conditions where right for the Schwarzbart Weed also depend on the success the plant need 3-6 month before the player can start farming it.
  5. 2. are there people / fey / creatures that prefer to use living plants / animals to make their items instead of dead / killed ones? 3. Are there "golem" made out of still alive plants / animals i.e. to get around the mastery ban? 4. Are magical modified animals used to replace the lost workforce / combat potential golem had? 5. is there a well known fugitive who use undead? (Maybe even a pirate with an undead ship crew) 6. Are items made out still living plants or animals known / traded in Mineta? 7. Are there laws against creating items from something still alive?
  6. yes was a typo by me sorry I meant 60 MB ^^
  7. yes the save is getting bigger the farther you get into the game but as told for the Steam version I ended up with ~60GB for the last day save.
  8. 8. Given the ability of gate magic to create new live and the ability of Revision to change existing live was / is there a culture of growing symbionts that enhance humans? (Should be quite profitable if the symbiont only live for 1-2 years and are useful for combatants)
  9. Before the Venalicium Library was added via a DLC it was difficult to unlock and train the research skills but now with having the Study at the Venalicium Library right at the start of your game (without need of any background) you easy can get Library Knowledge to 6 and higher just from raise your study level.
  10. My endgame save pre steam client are all ~90MB and with the steam client ~60MB For the catch unless you change the game version or remove / update a mod you used for the game it should be no problem to clean the cache because the game rebuild it when/after you load the save.
  11. It depend on what you want to do and get. I personal try to get a small clique in the first 2 week. At the start 2 is enough for the attributes, although as beginner it might be helpful to have them higher. For study I would try to raise the class that increase an attribute first to 10 and depend on your goal you might want to have all study at last at 5 or maybe at 10 before the mid-term exam. Although many adventures raise a Attribute once your finish them I wouldn't focus to much on them early in the game, that said the tutorial adventure is helpful for the game understanding and if you manage to finish it it give 2 attribute increases. If you don't have class who increase attributes at study 10 and also don't know your way around the adventures you might want to consider raising religion SS to unlock Cleanse and Remake. In my opinion after the Venalicium Library was added to the game the Background "Discoveries: Libraries" became worthless because you can easy raise your research subskills when your raise your study with Study at the Venalicium Library. What I think is important for a new player DON'T INCREASE YOUR CLASS SUBSKILLS OUTSIDE OF THE CLASS in 95% the cases its just a waste of your important timeslots. (OK for Enchant, Dialectic and Arithmetic class it is helpful to raise some SS in the mid - end game but for the other class you get enough increases from the class that you easy could reach level 10 by the end of the game unless you have big problems with your attributes or skip classes a lot without care if anything is thought) For vitality I mostly use rest to regain although there some spells and I think a prayer for it. … that should answer some of your questions.
  12. The file you want from the zip archive is called Class_mod.ods
  13. its part of the minimods file https://mega.nz/#!BhNCXC6L!lqX9so629-c0aklqA_T5JD7ozpKkuvpuhq3qPCXaV00
  14. Lets i.e. go over Arithmetic Class my Table have listed for Arithmetic: Accounting 1 Administration 1 Application of Arithmetic 13 Cryptology 1 Famous Prose 1 First Principle 1 Identities of Arithmetic 13 Logic 2 Memorization 4 Properties of Arithmetic 15 Puzzles 1 Reason 4 Theory of Arithmetic 15 Theory of Astrology 1 After check with the Forum Thread of my mods I didn't change Arithmetic so that should be the numbers from the game.
  15. ????serious you not even took a look at the LibreOffice table from me or in the ModTools or you would never make such a comment!!!!!!!!
  16. According to the Legate they never changed what is thought in class! So you could go backwards using my table and substract changes I named in the forum thread or check the numbers your self using any Mod Base.
  17. Ups you wanted to know if there is a info about what is thought in the class. - for my class fix mod there is a libreoffice table (.ods) that I put in my public mods file but that is including the changes I made. - I think around the time I created this mod we also had a topic where we did go into the details what is thought during class but I can't find it right now. (Edit found it but have no good info for what class teach what skills) - Unless there was a change you also can look into it your self using the mod tools.
  18. yes all class teach some points in subskill outside of the class skill it self.
  19. The relationship between a vampire baby and its first food might be an interesting ingame experiment. Because I'm personal curios about the result when this first food survive I only go this far with my suggestion ^^. (it could be that the baby see this human then as something like a parent or "just" as good food ^^)
  20. 1) It sound like creating a new key is quite time expensive and need a specialized skill set. Do Pirate and Mercenary teams have the ability to create their own key? 2) How are the key handled in longer warfare with mercenary on both side? Given that mercenary might change their employer during the time of a war wouldn't it problematic to change the key each time a mercenary team leave the employment? 3) Is Contu's school teaching how to create such a Key? 4) Given the anti battle orientation of Academagia at moment is the creation of such a key still be thought and if so at what College?
  21. 1) Combat mages need a way to prevent friendly fire! Is this one of the mentioned differences between the teaching of Contu's School and Academagia at what class the necessary skills/ability/ spells are learned? I suspect for Contu's school its part of their regular Incantation training of a later year while for Academagia it is a follow up for a side class like Geometry or a possible Enspell class.
  22. thinking a bit more about my idea before: A tree or other plant that grow nut like seed inside the trunk and shoot them out once the tree is burning could be an inspiration source for firearms and canons. If the shoot out of the nuts happen trough a gas pocked where the pressure increase when heat by a fire it would be pure non magical. Also the gas pressure could increase over years without fire so that the nuts shoot out after some years of growth even without a fire disaster but the range is usually shorter. Although this is not as exotic as my suggestion before I think that it could be a suspected inspiration source for firearms could make it a nice thing to have in this world.
  23. For a bit exotic touch: A plant where the fruits grow inside the trunk either because the plants die regular trough fire or other similar disaster or because the plant is very fast growing that that fruit grow out of the trunk when it is nearly rip.
  24. I think a nice to have would be showing what 3 class you have in one time slot at the timeslot management.
  25. To answer your question Raydestroyer: - if it is a default class of your College in year 2 then you can join no matter your exam results - If you had the required skills as class in year 1 your exam results count although it might get some adjustment in year 2 - If you didn't have the required topic as class in year 1 then there is still the chance that you can take a test before class in year 2 start. For how the real exam result calculate either use the spreadsheet from Freespace or check out here: https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/Exams:_A_Guide as each Class is different how mid-therm weights and about the calculation when you fail a class
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