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  1. To answer your question Raydestroyer: - if it is a default class of your College in year 2 then you can join no matter your exam results - If you had the required skills as class in year 1 your exam results count although it might get some adjustment in year 2 - If you didn't have the required topic as class in year 1 then there is still the chance that you can take a test before class in year 2 start. For how the real exam result calculate either use the spreadsheet from Freespace or check out here: https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/Exams:_A_Guide as each Class is different how mid-therm weights and about the calculation when you fail a class
  2. 1) Is there any known club, society or other organization that still use an extradimensional space? 2) Are there known locations where the normal space is natural interwoven with an extradimensional space? (beside of the Mallestorm and the Matterspring)
  3. 1) if we have timeslots during the summer-holiday then its probably just 4 slots per day but without the mentioned cost for using the 4. time slot. 2) To use the 4. timeslot already come at a cost. 3) I personal doubt that we will get access to more timeslot without hacking the game. (but there is always the way that you can create an ability that works like 2 ability)
  4. Also Raydestroyer's question was about gate magic while the previous was about incantation. Gate and Mastery based questions get nearly all time the redacted answer.
  5. Did BCS already cut some features that where intended for year 2 but didn't work out?
  6. Also not really similar but could be interesting to some of us https://kotaku.com/vampire-the-masquerade-bloodlines-is-getting-a-sequel-1833479366
  7. also all the research BCS need to bring for the unlock of level past 10.
  8. The Legate mentioned already that there will be a new Research system beside the one from year 1. So your Research efforts in Year 1 only help you as far as got the new Lore, higher Attributes and Higher Skill Max that you got in year 1 already. Especial the lore could be interesting as the Year 2 Research is based on the lore you know from what I remember.
  9. Im sure we could find easy a few 100 more or less meaningful achievements for Year 2 once we can play it. One main question is how many achievement BCS and we really want. If i.e. BCS decide to go with 20 or less then they are already full with such simple things like Started a new game Did the ingame tutorial (Depend how it is split this might be even 2 or 3) Be the best or reached a score over 100 in a Exam Professors Pet (good relationship with one Professor) At last 1 for doing a main quest Failing in an Event and so on. We also have to keep in mind that there where complains that finish a game with each College takes to long what make me think that other achievements that need the player to play the game a few times are also bad.
  10. Bit sad that the Legate decided to not comment on this suggestion and the follow ups about Pauline Ritter
  11. @RaydestroyerWe have at last 1 day to pack our things at the start of year 2 from what the Legate told us quite a while ago but if you placed things at a location instead of your wardrobe then they might be gone. Also keep in mind that the game also create an autosave at the very last day (this autosave can also exploited to continue playing in year 1 past the last day to my knowledge)
  12. Although she still need a lot of work, If the team add new students then I'm sure she is a good candidate to be added. And no we never really know if the team add some Fan Content to the game before it is released.
  13. Pauline Ritter might be a suitable candidate for a bit paranoia but that probably make her character to complex.
  14. older but still great (actual just got the Album recently)
  15. https://kotaku.com/dwarf-fortress-is-coming-to-steam-because-its-developer-1833333064 Dwarf Fortress apparently comes also to Steam because the developer don't make enough money to pay for their health care with the current crowdfunding way.
  16. 3) Will year 2 prevent the player to go on more then 1 adventure per timeslot?
  17. At last in the past after exiting the game the days when you get the skills from the class might change. I didn't check this with the Steam release so I don't know if this is still the same.
  18. The Reckoning is good but the rest of the Resist album don't live up to the great music Within Temptation did with Hydra.
  19. I won't go this far to buy all Nuclear Blast Albums but they had some great releases.
  20. Is it maybe on the second page of your equipment inventory
  21. @Raydestroyer the free admission should be a Scroll item, do you have something else in your Scroll slot? If so remove this and check if you can put the free admission into it. (At last it was planed as Scroll item by me)
  22. To change the College is also only possible for people who played year 1 so that are bad choices for achievements in my opinion.
  23. About 4) I was actual wondering if it is easier to rediscover the location then to just find it?
  24. 4) We where recently told that some locations are removed from the Students in year 2 so that we can rediscover them. Now I wonder if it is helpful for rediscover them if you already could visit them in year 1?
  25. because the questions are on the last page I decided to quote them that the Legate can see them
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