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  1. Monrdhil

    Location Bugs, Confusions, and Balances

    I experienced a bug with shop : My cash was around 550. I've sold a 'drake feather' and a 'meteorite' at 'Ricardus Alepio' (total amount around 750). I wasn't able to buy anything after the selling (my balance was still showing around the same amount than before). Two days turns, in another shop, I discovered that my balance was 0 ! And thank you Legate for yourprevious answers !
  2. Monrdhil

    What use is 'Research' ability?

    Second game where I gain this ability, but it isn't really explainatory ... What does it induce to do some research in a skill ?
  3. Monrdhil

    Location Bugs, Confusions, and Balances

    New one : Merit XXI For places granting boosts, Merrick's place appears in the list 'use ability'.
  4. Monrdhil

    Location Bugs, Confusions, and Balances

    For Merits, yes. New example : Merit XXXIII By 'books', I refer to some events "you have learned about" which references seems to indicate a book.
  5. Monrdhil

    Location Bugs, Confusions, and Balances

    I've been playing some hours on this game , and I've run into some little troubles. Beside those already mentioned, here are a few more : Typo : "Merit Prize XIIII" should be "Merit Prize XIV" Some "Merit Prize" do not appear (XVIII, XX, but there are some more) Some places revealed by explore and that are related to an action, don't appear in "choose action" or "use ability" And just a question : what is the use of books one's has heard of ?