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  1. Obvious; I think we can create such a modus, it should actually be quite easy. Just create a premade character sheet the people can select. In that light I also think we can add an easy modus, just reverse what you just mentioned. Those would be simple alterations if I understood Legate. Off course such a thing wouldn't replace the normal version, which we'll use to build the game. They would simply be options for gamers to select, it wouldn't change the rest of the game. To your other question; again from what I heard from Legate all those should be quite easy to change with the tools.
  2. Two little things, one I know has been answered before, but want to get it in the list anyway. 1) The confirmation window when deleting, loading a safegame of saving a game would be nice. It happened many times I accidentilly deleted a safe game or saved over an older safe game I didn't want to overwrite by accident. 2) The golden coins you see when selecting a name. Could the letters get a (slightly) different color so they will stand out more? The first time I had to look real hard to see there was actual text in them and it took me a bit to figure out what was written in them. Golden letters on a golden coin don't allow for a quick reading.
  3. Hmm that is a great idea obvious! Still how would it work? Would everyone be able to acces it or only one person? I can see possible problems with either. Can you give us a little bit more information about it? Anyway to mecharms solution; yes we will definetly do such a thing. Keep a list of all our idea's and work to get them into the game. I think we'll have so many great/crazy idea's it will be hard to get them all in within the next decennia, but still a big list is still better then no list at all.
  4. Good to have you on board, it is always good to see talented people join us. And yes I was thinking about that as well, doing a summer period. I have even considered once we got the mod running to keep adding weeks for the new school year once in a while. See if we can keep up with the game without having to rebuild it completely when the second year comes out. Anyway that is all in the distant future. At the moment I am waiting for a mod board and arranging a virtual private server for us to operate from. Again thnx for joining and I hope we can take the next step before the end of next week. (Which would probably all of us giving our idea's and suggestions. We might also need to pick a team leader, but I think that can wait if nobody volunteers.)
  5. Allright as the subtitle suggests. Give here all your idea's for the second content patch. I'll try to keep a list of all items in this topic so it will be easier for people to see if it already has been suggested or not. List of Improvements: List of Idea's: I'll also start it up; When we select an action we can also choose a location. Would it be possible that the location would be displayed with it's description? Similar to the ability or spell system where you can select the description before actually selecting it. I think this would prevent alot of scrolling back and forwards. Secondly; would it be possible to reduce the size of the safe games? I tend to safe every week so I can check things out or test things I am interested in. That makes 40 safegames. The minimum safegame size seems to be 25mb for me, that makes 1 gb for a single character. Too make it worse they grow to over 75mb near the end of the year. That is a bit much if you ask me. Perhaps they could be made smaller by zipping them or something? I wouldn't mind waiting a bit longer for it too load as I don't intend to load that often.
  6. Allright my first item with content patch 3; I have three identical "Bad Luck" Magnets in my list. The other options are fine and they don't seem to replicate themselves. Just that single item does seem to be copied three times.
  7. Thank you very much. If you keep this up I am going to feel like I owe you one though. Anyway thnx alot. Perhaps this topic can be moved there when it is created.
  8. If legate is reading this, or any other moderator; could I request a sub forum to be made for modding so I can make idea polls for such things and keep the place tidy?
  9. From what I gathered so far; new patches won't affect the old safe games. So it won't cause problems, but they won't fix the bugs either till you really start a new game. Hopefully I am wrong, but that is what I picked up from the forum.
  10. *steals banana* Sorry feeling a bit like a bit of a Kleptomaniac at the moment. (or I am just hungry I don't know) Anyway that is an idea I would very much like to adopt. As well as making a proper beginning and ending to the game. Both are rather... dull and anticlimactic.
  11. This is absolutely fantastic Academagia Fan! Congrats for you and the entire team. And thnx off course. I can't wait to start a new game and pick it apart. xd
  12. While that is correct, I heard from Legate that parts of the game are hard coded, which can't be changed by the tools. For example the days and weeks. While I have not yet made any concrete plans, I think the game could use adding features or entirely new things. I just don't think the tools will provide that, since it isn't in the game. If I am mistaken I apoligise. Also I don't know yet if I need a programmer, but I just thought it would always come in handy to have someone. Still that is great news academagia fan, thnx for telling us. *Steals cupcake* Sorry bout that.
  13. Indeed this is a great event. Love the humor and the effects it grants. I will definetly have to keep an eye out for you.
  14. Vegejor

    New skills

    They are not supposed to, but somehow the skills and research topics got link/mixed together. From what I heard that will be fixed in the new content or the new patch coming out on monday.
  15. I agree. One of the first things on our priority list would be added a bit of "real" life to the game, instead of the honey sweet world it is now. A bit of darkness, a bit more danger. I like it.
  16. Yes that is my point exactly. However I do stand by my idea of a different set of "practical" skills that can only be raised by events or actually using spells. Which is something I am currently looking into to see if I can do such a thing in a mod.
  17. Glad to have you on board then. Welcome to our little clique Ranielle. And I am sure it will be easier and faster, not to mention better an overal better quality, if we pool together our idea's and resources. Anyway once I get a few more people I'll ask legate if he can create a modding subforum so we can start the work. While I'd suggest waiting on the content patch, the bug patch and till they have released the tools, I think it would be great if we could start bundling our idea's.
  18. Then join the team. I am trying to set up a mod team in the Shenanigans sections. I am sure we can arrange for that to get into the game.
  19. Well forum mod is one step higher then the comon folk, one step higher then the veterans (if you are a veteran made into mod off course), thus one step closer to your goal as empress of the universe. Thought you'd like that. Anyway notice how I cleverly wrote you guys and avoided using myself for that position.
  20. A girl with a plan! Anyway I agree with you that eventually the forum will be flooded, but I don't think legate will give up that easily. Perhaps he will select a the best of you guys to help him out as mod at best, but I don't think he will abandon us that easily.
  21. Where is your ambition? Settling for the silver. You guys are weak and you disgust me! Aim for the highest, let your ambition take you to new hights. Without us the makers can't make the game, so we own them! If they beg we might even spare them a piece of meat if they throw in a new feature. Go for the universe Ranielle, I will always have place for an ambitious right hand at my side.
  22. I personally don't agree with that view. While magic is very powerful I don't think it is everlasting. See it like taking a drug; while it allows you to do things you normally can't, the effect doesn't last forever. The reason why it works this way is quite simple; if it were everlasting every sorcerer, witch, anything with magic power would soon be better than an archmage. Why study for something if you can just magically increase yourself? While I agree that some spells should have better effects, I quite like the idea of them being temporal boosters. Otherwise the game would quickly become boring as not only you, but every student would have lvl 10 everything. That is just my personal opinion though, but I have to admit your idea isn't wrong/bad either. However I am going to ask you; do you think that lasting spells would make the game more fun/keep it interesting longer? If so I'd like to hear mor about your idea's for them. (We might be able to use that for the mod.) EDIT: my apologies I was writing while you made another post. That approach is much better in my opinion, all though I do think we would need a new section then in the skills group. Now we have parent skills and subskills, which would become the theory side. Your side would increase the practical skill of such groups. If that is what you had in mind I'd be thrilled to see that worked out. As I stated earlier in a topic that by practicing we should be able to go above 10. This would be a good alternative.
  23. Good enough for me. I liked your enthusiasm and I am certain that you will be able to add very much to the game if you keep that up. And you are right, I get the same feeling from this community. Everyone is very friendly and helpful. I think that is what counts. So why don't you go and meet some of the great guys and girls out there, while we wait for more to join us. Don't worry about the "respect" you talk about though. I don't think we sift people based on their post count and if we do, we shouldn't. Just be yourself, help people out or just chat with them. That is many times more important then respect based on post count. I mean look at me; all I do is spam, but that shouldn't grant me respect now should it. So just do your thing, show the people who you are and let them respect ya for that! That is the kind of respect ya want.
  24. All right as I have noticed from other people and you guys/girls probably from me; once the modding tools are released people will start making mods. I for one will certainly attempt to improve this great game even further and I am certain some, perhaps alot, of you have the same intention. So I thought; since modding this large game would be very time consuming and require a diverse range of talents, why not create a team to work together on a mod? While off course I'd be part of the team, I won't volunteer myself to lead it. I simply lack the modding experience and programming skills to volunteer myself. Anyway I thought it would be a good start to have those interested gather in one topic. I suggest we all start with a little introduction off ourself, perhaps what we want to achieve with the mod and what we hope to bring to the team. I'll start; Name is Vegejor a.k.a Veggie. 24 years old, fanatic gamer since I can remember and a great fan of rpg's. Currently studying so most of the time I'll have plenty of time on my hands, though in some periods I might vanish. (exams etcs) What I hope to achieve with the mod is for me very simple; make it more fun to play. While I don't have the programming or modding experience to make suggestions about the game or the engine, I hope to be able to add to the game with a wide scale of events and adventures. So it would be mostly writing for me. On another note; I am well able to provide with a private server to host the mod and other things we could need the private server for. All right that is it for me. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask them here or pm me.
  25. I don't know the name, but the event in which you are faced with 2 leopards. (the nice kitty's.) You can; Either do nothing Leadership; get the students out of the window to safety. (I'd really want to catapult them away, but I guess that would negate the safety part... still...) Research; see if the kitty's are an illusion or not. The problem is with the last one; while I succesfully researching them "I" noticed they were indeed a spell that could simply be negated by confronting them with courage In my opinion this should probably lead to an Courage option, however it doesn't. After succesfully researching them all the options you have left are; Do nothing Leadership Methinks this is a bug.
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