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  1. Would you object if I arrange a private server for future issues? It would be open for everyone on academagia, but only through you. (In the sense you determine who uses it or not. I don't want random people abusing it.)
  2. o.o that must really be a bad connection. I thought only the uploading was that slow, but guess I was mistaken.
  3. Hmm ok. I'll have to try it on monday than. No harm in that. btw, did you succeed downloading as right now the file is wide open for anyone to pick up if they want.
  4. Legate did you mean you have all the locations under review or just the one? Since the block puzzle room doesn't work either. I tried 3x (in one day, a sunday, you know the one from the safe with the vendetta) and while my war and research skill are both 10, they all failed.
  5. Yeah that is how I did it the first time; unpack the files and copy them into the folder, overwriting the old files. Still I always prefer an installation package as then I know for sure I didn't do anything wrong. (or if something goes wrong I can blame you guys. )
  6. Ok I am actually wondering how both patches should be installed. As the last version I failed to find a setup or anything.
  7. Ehm what? Do clique members lower subskills? As in passive/permanent lowering or merely when trying to use their skill?
  8. 0.o main adventure? ok that is a new term, but still; I didn't do no quest for the guards. I merely helped out the headmaster with a quest. Besides even if that is so, would it be possible to make a pop-up message to notify that user that a certain course of action will block another? As I was caught off guard and I can imagine others will be as well. Especially since I didn't even know it was a main adventure. Third question; what makes an advanture a main adventure?
  9. Ok makes me wonder; will patch 3 also fix the bug about ... dunno the word. Here is the scenario; sometimes after lvl 10 the game suddenly says a skill isn't lvl'd up to maximum anymore, but rather it can needs more steps to reach the next lvl. Don't know how or why it happens, but I suspect bonuses of events or locations. However when I try to train them nothing happens. Neither the skill nor the number of steps will go up. So... will patch three fix that problem?
  10. Would you mind explaining that? Why was the decisiom made that certain things would shortcut adventures? I am confused as I see no reason why one thing would block the other. As well; could we have a list of things that make other things impossible? As it is almost impossible to figure out which on our own.
  11. Ok I managed to get the game crashing around me. Not sure why or how, which is strange as I spend hours trying to <.<, but it is consistend. Haven't explored other times or setups, but when trying to declare a vendetta on a person the came crashed. Detailed; happens on sunday, the third block. The first two are spend researching revision in the puzzle block. The person in question = Avita College --> Cosette RE Relationship = -9 EDIT 1: tried it with different actions before the crash, nothing changed and it is still crashing. Am going to try a different momentum of the day for the vendetting EDIT 2: tried it in the morning, causes the game to crash even faster. Aparently the bug is really located around the vendetting or the girl I try to vendetta. Going to try different people. EDIT 3: tried it on monday against Durand de Thermiones? Relationship lvl -5. Crashed again. Final test --> lower relationship lvl --> -10 EDIT 4: Tried it with level -10. Game still crashes. Ok so I located the problem as best as I could: --> It really is the vendetta ability that causes my game to crash. I can't explain why, but that is up to you. Or is there something I missed?
  12. Well I don't know when I learned it, but was curious about mimicry. I had it listed under the Parent Ambush skill group. I even have lvl'd it up to ten through some weird location probably. (It wasn't done on purpose by actual training at least.) So I thought I'd click under it, selecting it from the parent skill group tab. Then it showed nothing. Only the name and the number of steps required. The actual description is missing.
  13. For the answer about the third question; No I don't think so. I have the same problem and I only did three quests; the one for the headmaster, the one with the mentor and the follow up with the mentor. Still after the mid terms the pirate quest vanished. *cries*
  14. actually it may be both; While it is an ability you have, it would require an action to actually do it right? However it would be impossible to throw anecdotes all the time; you'd run out faster then you can wave your wand. That's why the action can't be used all the time, but instead only once every 7 days. Let's say that is the time it takes you to learn a new anecdote and a good way to tell it.
  15. Allright I am finally at the point I want to get a rival and duel it out. Problem is; not only do I not have any negative relations, have a few at 0 though, I have no clue what would be the best aproach. What is the most effective way to make a relationship decline? I have bully, which seems to lower it by one point. Can someone confirm if bully is 100% certain to lower a relationship if the action succeeds? Secondly; is there a better/faster way to make someone hate you/get a rival/get into a duel? Thnx, Veggie
  16. I agree with ya on the subject; There should be something added for the kids who are top off their class. Simply sitting in a classroom would only bore them and make them lose interest, which is the oposite of what the school "should" want. I also mentioned my preferrence for this before and thought of several things that could be set into motion upon reaching a 10; 1) Special testing; if you succeed the maximum skill is raised till 15, which could be explained as getting more advanced material to process, while still having to sit in class. (you'd have to be able to ask the teacher for help right. ) Off course lvl 11-15 would be at least 2x as hard to reach the new lvl. You are after all trying to learn stuff you shouldn't be able to learn at your age. (off course this would still be influenced by the attributes. So with an intelligence 9 most steps would still only take 1 step, but hey you are a freakin genius. ) 2) Special Leave; If you raise the maximum skill till 10 (of at least three subjects), you can conver with the teacher and the headmaster. If they agree you will be allowed skip the afternoon classes so you can spend your time studying more efficiently in the library. (yeah right! ) This would also lower the chance of being caught somewhere out of place as the rumor of an exceptional scholar spreads quickly and people are more curious then angry/scared/annoyed of you. 3) Will come later, I will be picked up in several minutes. Sorry.
  17. Academagia Public Practice Room #4. While it says there is a 50% to an expension to all primary instruments, I tried it at least 15 times and got nothing, nada, noppes, zilch, etc. This might be a case off simply misunderstanding though; is there anything I should know about this place? Am I looking in the wrong place?
  18. Same goes for Mimicry. (A subskill of the Ambush Parent Group.) When clicked upon for a description it only states the name and number of steps required for the next lvl. Just blank afterwards, not even a vowl joke is to be spotted.
  19. Upon reaching LVL 6 of the Filing subskill, of the Research Parent skill, I learned about several things including Violin. However when clicked for a description it is totally empty aside for the name in the upper right corner.
  20. Probably already suggested, but here goes nothing; Can we have a forwards/backwards button added? That you can go to the next subject with the click of a button, instead go back to the main group and then select the topic you want. It would be very useful in magic spells/actions/ability's/ but especially lore. I don't think there even needs to be a new button. I believe we already have a backwards/forwards set of buttons that are frankly not really important as they are hardly used. (by me, I don't speak for others in this case.) Aside from all the other improvements you are making it would help alot. Going back to the mainpage and then selecting the new topic is always alot of unnescecarry work in my opinion and such a button would allow you to systematically search the list till you find something you like.
  21. Gamersgate to be honest. Had been doubting to buy the game for a while and finally decided to take the gamble when I had nothing to do and too much money at the end off the month. One of my finest gambles I might add.
  22. Allright why not. Since I belief I will stick around to annoy you guys till no ends. Name is Vegejor and coming from the little country in witch Dutch is the main language. Aside from a lunatic and rather annoying at time, I am also very passionate about games and enthusiastic about helping with things I care about. (read academagia.) My goals for academagia are as followed; 1) help with the testing/bug reporting/making suggestions. 2) writing events. (ok this one is really for me ) 3) find or join a modding team to help create something "different" from the "normal" academagia world.
  23. To be honest I can't wait till year two now with all the added features and promises. (almost makes it look like year one was an alfa version that was shipped due to financial pressure) j/k Just kidding there, but I am absolutely sure it will lift an already great game up to new fantastic heights. Just a short question; how many years will there be and will there be something to do after the school years? (parts of me hopes this serie will continue forever)
  24. About the events; While they do add things, they won't if you already have mastered the skill. Which is a waste and a shame in my opinion. Events could be made all the more important if they allowed an increase beyond ones maximum capacity to train. It also makes sense; with study and artificial practice one can only learn so much till they reach their maximum capacity. (which is well simulated by the cap in the game.) However by trying it out in real events, being pushed to the limit with no time to carefully think or prepare one "should" learn new things. Like a way to short cut the spell time, etc.
  25. Allright found another one; Study at the Library of the Mantle. I trained there for over a month now to get my atrology up. I learned two things, one I find strange but is plausible, the other is a bug; 1) this is the plausible one; while it says it will increase a subskill with two steps I only get one. The reason for this is probably because all skills require one step. (high master attribute). Is it supposed to lose the other step or is it supposed to raise it, level up and then raise the second point? Which would be better in my opinion otherwise the library kinda looses it's function as I have other places that do such a thing and better. (I found a place with one step to choice, a random step and a random step in astrology.) 2) it constantly keeps saying I have lost it, but it never actually goes away. (it did actually vanish once, but was right back the next day.)
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