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  1. Skipping Class+Detention Problem I fear I may have stumbled onto a bug. Not sure if it is a bug or if it is reported already, but here goes; When I have a detention scheduled I can't skip class the hour before. If I do it, it always results in another detention for skipping class. All the other days of the week are fine and it seems to be a consistent bug as I tried it through three different weeks. (though always on friday.) Ok there we have it, can we have a referee to see if this is a bug or just a game feature? As I might understand it being harder to skip class right for a detention.
  2. Damn straight, SIR! *Salutes* Ok first event will be up tonight then.
  3. As before I don't know if this has been mentioned before; Would it be possible to make a selectable filter for the lore section? I really don't care about everything I know, but the list is so long it makes scrolling for locations tedious. Not to mention that if the list becomes to long you won't go back to the item you selected, but rather end up in the middle of your knowledge section. It would be a great help if we could select to display or not to display that with the click of a button/icon. Also perhaps it is possible to make a filter for your locations whether they are; * Passive Ability's (temporal) * Passive Ability's (Permanent) * You have to actually do something there.
  4. Then how do you suggest I approach it? I know and noticed in the game a good suspension and hanging time are crucial to keep the reading interesting. In my experience cutting an solid section of text in two is bad, but also putting everything after each other reduces the overal quality. This is no complaint though. I am seriously curious about your professional opinion how to aproach writing for the events.
  5. Legate, could I ask for the average number off words that go onto a single page so I can smoothen out the final bits and pieces?
  6. Ok this one has probably been reported before as well, but here goes nothing; The Balos News-stand. Every time I try to go there I get reprimanded for tresspassing. I even went there on a saturday and still got a detention. Side question; should we even get detention for going somewhere on saturday?
  7. I know Legate and I spend almost an hour trying to look it up but couldn't find it. Would it be an idea to make a true faq with all questions previously asked posted there? I'd be willing to collect all questions asked during the day and pm to you if you are interested.
  8. Ok not a clue how you spell that. (I am ridiculously tired atm.) Anyway what does it do? Can't figure it out? What will be the benefits of spending 500 pims?
  9. Bug Report: Subject; The location Closet Forge Bug; Does not produce the promised metalurgy and forge skill Produced When; 4'th week of Ahtanos; Thursday; Evening Event Doing What; Train Till You Drop; select location --> Closet Forge I believe it should be giving me the points. The Venacalium Library: Linguistics Section does give points when study till you drop. Since I have discovered Closet Forge (it says what it grants) and it is not used in an ability (I believe) I came to the conclusion it is not working properly. Is this a bug or did I simply miss something?
  10. Ok so I picked one of the legacy's to try it out and my oh my, I got a book which should enhance my skill. Now what do I do with them? Do I need to read them or anything? Or do they give the bonus automatically? If so, is the bonus permanent? Can I remove the book without removing the bonus?
  11. I think you need to have the apropiate tools in your item list. Like tongs or a workshop. How else are you going to create the items? This is just a guess though so wait for Legate or anyone who knows before you start on a shopping spree.
  12. Also I'd like a prevention button when deleting a safe game. Just this morning I accidentally deleted a safe game with at least 5 hours of playing on it as I pressed X instead of V. Perhaps the X button should call up a screen and ask if you really want to delete it. Just a thought.
  13. next time remind me not to give the negative options if I just want a count. just kidding While I am sad I lost this gamble you guys have some good arguments and I will accept my fate then. Veggie
  14. Great! I'll get right on it then! Academagia Fan: Who doesn't? Perhaps you can integrate an underwear parent skill group in the game.
  15. Not to mention not having a family or birth sign would be plain weird.
  16. If you have read any Harry Potter books, I am sure people will reckognise it; Could we have a spell added that makes the day begin anew? Like when you use it on sunday evening the game will progress as if it is sunday morning again. Without loosing the skills gained/things done. Off course there are great drawbacks; * Huge amount of Stress * Very difficult to use, (at least 3 classes at level 10/maxed out?) * Only twice a week/ once a week? * With every use your maximum vitality is lowered by 1 for a week Inspiration: I got the inspiration from one of the HP books. In there Hermione is allowed to use an item/spell (can't remember) that reverses time for a day. She uses this to be able to follow 2x the many courses each day, thus allowing her to study even more. This was granted to her because of her brilliance and the urge to learn even more but not having enough time. Thought it might be cool to implament something like that.
  17. Ok this is just a first setup to see if I got the intention right. If this is what you (legate) had in mind and if people like it I will add a few more options and escapes to it, as well as fix the grammer errors and little inconsistency's in the text. However for the moment could you please give your opinion?
  18. Clio I like your suggestion. That would effectively prevent people from using misusing and effectively get's what I want to achieve. Legate, would Clio's brilliant suggestion be an option?
  19. Title: Legacy of the Weeping Wall Main Text: You are lost! "Off course you are lost, it is your first year after all... you are supposed to get lost." Mumbles the ghost hovering next to you. You can't remember where he first started to follow you, but now you just can't seem to get rid of him. Incantation, negation, bluff, deceit... nothing helps against the persisant ghost as it sticks to you like a bad case of Mudion's Disease. Distracted and severely annoyed by the constant mumbling of your involuntary companion, you wander through corridor after corridor when suddenly you find yourself at a dead end. Annoyed and feeling stupid you take a quick look around to see if you recognise anything. Unfortunately you don't. Aside from the strange smell like a graveyard and the almost tastable air of blood (ironey taste), you realise you haven't been here before. Strangely enough it seems as if you are the first to come here for century's. Thick layers of dust are everywhere and aside from your own footprints the dust hasn't been disturbed in it's settling process for a long, LONG time! You wonder if you should ask your companion. After all he said he had been around since the beginning of the school so he might have seen it before it became so dusty. Besides that, ghosts are the only creatures that can go anywhere without disturbing the dust. After considering those and a dozen other options you turn around to ask him. Reluctantly though as you fear giving him attention might cause him to stick around even longer. Just when you turn around to ask though you come to the startling revelation you haven't heard any mumbling since you were here. Sure enough, when you turn around you notice you are all alone in this creepy place. Suddenly fear begins to roar it's ugly head and you feel it creeping up your spine as you realise you are all alone in this place. When suddenly the smell of death and blood becomes twice as strong and rising rapidly the urge bolt and get the hell out of there establishes itself deeply in your mind. When suddenly something loudly starts to wheep and moan behind you can't help but run for your life before you have to put on new underwear for the third time this day. EXIT 1: Curiosity: As frightened as you are, deep inside you know you will never be able to live with it if you don't find out who is weeping. Clenching your teeth and your bottom you turn around trembling so hard your teeth played three famous songs before you see who is behind you. EXIT 1 Role: Luck & School Survival/Curiosity EXIT 1: Succes:[/b] As the weeping grows louder you turn around only to notice there is nothing behind you but solid wall. Still the moaning is definetly coming from the direction your are looking at. Just as it starts to creep you out enough to start the need for a new pair of underwear, you notice something odd. The wall is weeping. You rub out your eyes a few times, but no matter how hard you try you can't change the fact that there is a red substance oozing from the wall. ... A weeping wall... forget fear, forget new boxers. (you will need them afterwards though) Who cares about such trivial things when you are confronted with such curious things? Even the fact that the substance oozing from the wall turns out to be blood doesn't disturb you anymore. You start examing it with as much care and precision as a worthy scientist, when you suddenly hear a voice. Suddenly you realise you are about to make the discovery off the century! With a voice trembling with delight you answer and you are still suprised as the wall enters. A few hours later you realise you are incredibly fortunate and have learned things only very few people will ever know. World fame like you first imagined is not going to happen though. As the wall explained during your long conversation it was created using a special type of mortal. By mixing pig blood in the mortal and using the ancient "Steel Blood" spell the makers hoped the wall would be even stronger then the hardest metal and be able to withstand not only the most powerful spells, but time itself as well. The experiment was deemed a success and they made an entire room out of the mortar, meant to be the vault of the school. To be the place were the most valuable, powerful and rare items of the country would be stored and preserved forever. How quickly that changed when they noticed (too late) that their experiment had a sinister side effect; the "wall" was born and wept so much blood every night it would flood the room. Disgusted by their own creation, the creators and some of the most puwerful wizards of that time tried to destroy it. Undo their mistake. However their creation, while horrible, was also a work of perfection and nothing was able to tear down the wall. In the end all they could think of was create a drain around the edges and seal off the room permanently. While sealing it permanently was as impossible as destroying it, they did manage to hide the room by a bunch of mixed spells. A few of the conditions were to enter the room; to enter the person had to be completely and utterly lost. Be so annoyed for a reason they walk into the wall without ever seeing it. The person can't have any knowledge of the room. Those and a dozen other rules would effectively prevent anyone from entering the room. As you leave the room feint by hungry you realise with sadness you will never be able to find the room again. So much for world fame. It is not like you to be a pessimist though and you quickly realise something. Not only are you the only living thing who knows about it, you have learned a great many things about a number of subject. That alone would have been worth soiling every pair of underwear you own, you also gained a memento of your discovery. With a tender gesture your fingers brusg around the blood red amulette hanging around your neck. When someone in your dorm asks why your amulette seems to be weeping you can barely supress a smile. This will stay your little secret. Rewards: + 1 courage +1 Curiosity + Added: Amulette of Bloody Tears + Added Spell: Steel Blood Amulette of Bloody Tears: Given to you by the Weeping Wall, the amulate is made out of actual blood wept by the Weeping Wall. Using it's ancient magic it formed and hardened the blood into a beautiful red amulette. Inside it keeps moving as the core, a fragment of the weeping wall itself, keeps weeping new blood. +1 Steel Blood (if Equiped) Steel Blood: An ancient spell long gone that was used in the wars against the dragons. In the battle with a dragon even a minor wound quickly was infected and often fatal which promted the development of the Steel Blood spell. It effectively turns the users blood into a substance that is as hard as steel the moment it comes in contact with oxygen. Hence the name. This prevents minor wounds from bleeding and safed countless lives. When Cast: -1 damage per action is received for 3 days.
  20. That is also not my intention Kipper, as I agree that would make the game unbalanced. No what I mean is giving us enough points so we can at least select a skill from each group. So I won't have to give up my familiar for something else.
  21. Amen to that. That does indeed sound like fun. Quick question for you personally; I did send you a pm, but off course I was logged out when I tried to send it. Did login again, but I am not certain if my pm was actually send. Just wondering as sending it twice would be rude.
  22. Just as it says. I don't mind having to choose for my character, but I'd like to be able to select at least one option from every list. I suggested this and while not agreeing, Legate of Minate was interested in seeing if more people were interested in this. So I thought I'd make a poll to see how people feel about it. While no promises and garantuees have been made, I believe it might help the good folks of this game to decide what to do. Please feel free to state your opinion on the subject with your arguments, but please try to keep it pleasant. (not that I need to worry with you guys, you are all great so far.)
  23. That actually got me thinking; I have been playing Space Empire 5 today and they have a really interesting feature in the race creation; Aside from things like lucky, you have unlucky. Strenght and weakness. Almost for every strong point they have a weakpoint. That is really not the interesting part though. What is interesting is that while positive attributes cost you points, selected a weak point gains you a point. Like a natural balance. Like if you select fragile/weak, you would probably be extra smart. I thought this might be a a nice addition to an already great game. And I have been thinking a step further; let's say each negative trait will take 2x as many steps/the effort to upgrade. HOWEVER if you somehow manage to get it to level 10, to overcome your born weakness the reward would be greater then if a prodigy would reach it. EDIT: I just discovered you already use such a system by adding the Black Sheep family life. My deepest apologies for wasting your time. The second suggestion still stands though.
  24. Could I request more points to be given in the character creation skill? I don't mean tenfold it, but at least enough points so we can select one thing in each group? I like to choose, I spend an hour the first time trying to read and making the decisions. Was alot of fun. But even if you select a single option out of every list of 10-15? options, you'd still miss out of at least three lists. That is something I regret. As said I don't mind making choices, it is all part of life, but why do you have to give up a birthsign to discover something? Or give up a familiar to be a sports prodigy? My suggestions to give just enough points to select one from each list. That still gives AMPLE options for the next hundred characters you create.
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