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  1. Is there the possibility to link multiple actions? For example you have to fight a HUGE water monster and out of negation and incantation you choose incantation. You fire a wind spell to blow the monster apart and it does. That would be the first part. That is how it currently is. But here is what I mean; right afterwards there is a second event, triggered by the first; Perhaps negation would have been better as now the huge mass off water turns into something resembling a tidal wave and threathens to engulf child who was watching from the shore. Use athlethics to grab the girl and escape to safety? Or use negation to turn the enchanted water mass back to it's original/calm state.
  2. Which is something that slowly starts to bother me to be honest; I don't feel like I am getting out of the game what I can/should. 1) no matter how much I train or do stuff, I constantly run into events that I can't do because I lack skills. 2) there is so much to do that even with studying rigorously, you can barely achieve about 10% 3) Adventures are often so hard you waste more time on them then they reward 4) not enough free time; if you want to explore/adventure/shop/earn money/etc. you don't have enough time to learn and soon will be facing detention as you fail things. 5' There are no goals to achieve, no measurement of progress. Just blindly walking through the classes. These issue's are enough to slowly drain the fun out of the game for me. (don't read me wrong; I still love it, just a little bitter as I keep running into walls) In my opinion a game should be fun, allowing you to do things you normally can´t do. Being constantly reminded of what you can´t do and not enough time to change it all is too much like real life for me. While it is supposed to be a life simulator, I also belief it should be fun. Stimulate everything you do and not constantly remind you of what you can´t do.
  3. My intelligence is 4, my coordination is 10. So according to you I "can" be succesfull. That is great to hear, but why is it colored purple then? Which means impossible to complete. I am now utterly confused.
  4. You got to be kidding me! I spend 2 months on this particular quest and raising the needed skills. And let me correct myself; at coordination lvl 9 it is red, at coordination lvl 10 it turns purple. Still this is something that annoys me greatly. Perhaps add a warning for the quest before you waste half a school year trying to do something you can't. EDIT; don't get me wrong, I am not mad at you or anything. Mad at the game, yes, mad at myself for wasting half a day and half a school year. But not mad at you. I still apreciate your feedback, even when I don't like "it".
  5. Ok I found something strange; For a part of the pirates quest you can choose coordination. So I trained it up till ten. Guess What; still is purple. Is it a bug?
  6. Yeah but can you see my point that there is nothing to be gained by reaching the top level so early? In fact it cuts you short as alot of random events don't give you anything anymore. Just asking if there isn't something that can be done to make it worthwhile.
  7. On the subject; I have been studying a bit too hard and all six of my subjects are 10-10 or above. Even the classes aren't learning me anything anymore. What should I do? Start skipping classes so I can spend more time exploring/adventuring/training? I like being a good student, but I have reached the edge for my choosen subjects and want to spend time on other things. Can you add a feature that once you reach 10's in all subjects you get to take a grand exam and be excused for classes for the rest of the year? Or add something to keep them interesting? Like prestudying for year two? Or helping out the teacher as an assistant? Or at least be labbeled a prodigy and/or genius? So you feel like you accomplished something?
  8. Looks great man! I found a few nice things I didn't know about. I didn't find one thing though; are there tricks you can apply to increase your insight? (read do something)
  9. Well you know what they say; nothing ventured nothing gained.
  10. Allright!!! I have the ambush parenting skill! Thnx alot, you really are the best. One final question, I don't have this part of the game down yet; If I train the skill I have in ambush long enough, will that open other skills in the ambush skill list? Or give me an option to train random ambush skills?
  11. Hmm I don't like failing so I'll try the Joie de Vivre thingie. Can someone at least tell me in which parent group they belong?
  12. Yup trying to do the adventure of pirates. Now here is a problem; in the third part it requires either carpentry or traps to hold of the swashbuckle attack. I don't have either of those so I can't train them, nor do I have any clue how to obtain them and I really want to see the end of the quest. Can anyone give me advice, help me out?
  13. That is a relief and I am glad it is ok. Still I might fiddle around anyway, see if I can keep my relations and items etc, since you hinted several times now they will be used in the second year. Anyway thnx for your quick and accurate response, it helped alot.
  14. Well that kind of is the problem; having more content will mean there is a very big chance I would have done something different with my skills or actions. Thus making me old character not as perfect as I hope I can create it. Though I understand your point of view. Would it be ok if I tried to fiddle around after the modding tools and the patches are out? To see if I can figure out a way to start a new year with an old character?
  15. I am reading up upon all the cool features that are promised to us in the new content package. Now my question is; do you have to start a new character if you already finished the first year? Or would the content patch be something like summer vacation and just continue? The reason for this is that I dread having to restart with every round of new content. That would really make the game boring rather quickly as I like building upon my achievements and not throw them away every time. Would it be an idea to be able to restart the year with your current character, rather then do it over?
  16. It seems the problem is windows 7 related then, or at least something in the files that caused the error. Might I enquire if you have/had the 64-bits versions of windows 7? If so that might be the problem. If not the problem was somewhere on your end as it works fine in the 32-bits version. Perhaps something in the windows setup got changed/altered over time? I experience that quite often as a gamer; I need to reinstall windows every 6 months as windows is so messed up my computer falls apart.
  17. There appears to be a bug in the "turn off sound" option. Whenever I try to turn of the sound it causes a runtime error and shuts down the game. Off course I only do it when the boss comes around, so shutting the game down works as well, but it is annoying to lose the unsafed progress.
  18. wait a second! Do you mean that even with a maximum amount of skill in each subject, we can still get 60's? That would be silly/annoying.
  19. Then I'll wait patiently for it. Thank you very much.
  20. I ask because the typefile is .ams and I can't open that. Is there a trick or a program that I could use?
  21. I am terribly sorry, but what is the problem? Would downloading a file that big really that much trouble? If so, why not contact gamersgate (which sells your game) and ask them to upload it? They often host patches that are larger then your file.
  22. Why do I suddenly get loads of detention and hall sessions? Till now I didn't have a single one and now I suddenly have at least three a week plus the hall sessions.
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