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  1. Thomas

    Cheat Mod

    Thanks, dannae!
  2. Thomas

    Academagia v 3.0.8

    I'm just going to buy it again. It's not too pricy and I want to support you guys. THANKS!
  3. Thomas

    Scheherazade on Steam

    Ha! I just came here from doing so.
  4. Thomas

    Introducing Scheherazade!

    It looks pretty cool!
  5. Thomas

    DLC 13: A Most Difficult Number

    Awesome! A weekend of play awaits.
  6. Thomas

    DLC 12: Finals and Ordeals

    Woo-hoo! Just in time for a new game.
  7. Thomas

    DLC 10: Under the Eaves of the Wood

    I just finished a game! Perfect timing. Thanks for another awesome looking update.
  8. Thomas

    DLC 9: The Cultures of Elumia

    Whew, I check in and you're already up to DLC 9? Time for another play through!
  9. Thomas

    How to use unequippable items?

    Awesome news on the DLC. I plan on taking my laptop on vacation and playing a ton of Academagia.
  10. Thomas

    Patch 18 *Delayed*

    Hope you guys feel better. I hate getting sick.
  11. Thomas

    Consolidated Patch 15

    I really like the color coding. It is awesome.
  12. Thomas

    Tower of The Cold Forge

    This was a really fun quest. I searched for the next step, but alas! Hee.
  13. Thomas

    Consolidated Patch 11 and DLC 2

    Yeah, I was able to grab everything but that. Is there anything I can do with just the Mod Tools and the Mod AMO?
  14. Thomas

    Consolidated Patch 11 and DLC 2

  15. Thomas

    Call for Impulse users

    Just rated it 5 stars. I only open Impulse to buy new games.