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  1. I don't mean to sound abrasive but when I first saw screenshots of this game, my impression was "wow, that's a lot of words." Even the non-textual aspect of the game looked overcomplicated. Nevertheless, I am pretty open-minded to games that try something unusual, and I like simulation games a lot, so I used google to find this website. Then I read the page and laughed when I saw "intended for audiences ages 9+." It almost looks like the writers for this game went out of their way to make their words more complicated (they might just be too educated to be able to use a simple vocabulary, though), yet it says "9+." I just had to show my friends. Nevertheless, I wanted to try out the game. Character creation was a hilarious and infuriating experience. So much negative space and so little functional space. My screen resolution 1366x768 so some of the unnecessary space is cut off, but oh man! There is no need for the logo to be that huge, whereas the lists, the most important part, is so tiny. On my screen, the logo took up half my screen vertically, and the whole time I was thinking "why?!" I appreciate that there is a back button as well as the next button indicating how many more "options" I can pick, but as far as I could tell there was NO indication of how many pages of lists I had to go through. On the first page I filled my list, and then I clicked next and went, "Oh, another page?" and I went back and took some off. Each time I thought I had hit the final page of lists, and each time I would be wrong, and I would think, "This is ridiculous," especially since there was no scroll bar (can't tell how long the lists themselves were) so I had no idea how long this crammed little listbox went on for unless I scrolled all the way to the bottom first, then went through them. (edit: in a similar vein, the half-dome shaped scroll buttons in action selection aren't obvious enough. I didn't know they were scroll buttons for quite a while, I didn't even notice the text on it because it was so light.Try turning the text black or just plain making it arrows? Pictures "speak louder" than words.) It would be much more sensible if there was a bunch of (non-clickable) tabs to show you your progress through character creation. Smaller logo, smaller flavor text, more room for what's really important. I also disagree with the suggestion on the first page of this thread. I don't want the "flavor text" on top, I want to immediately know what boost it has on my character. Maybe it would be better if you put them in two different boxes? I can tell that this isn't the most mainstream game and that a lot of work was put into it, but the game, in all aspects, really seem overcomplicated and not all that intuitive. I might even go so far as to suggest that the calendar only list one day at a time, as when I first started I thought I had to plan the entire week, and then I wasn't sure if that brown button at the bottom did anything, as there was no text or hover animation for it like the red VERIFY button. I would definitely recommend putting a GO! or some kind of explanatory text around it if you're going to keep the text near the red button. Also, an explanation of the holidays by clicking on the day's name would be nice so I could, for example, train practical jokes in preparation for that day of pixies or what have you. Furthermore, I admit I didn't check to see if I could do it, but being able to close some of the Daily Feedback categories, or one of them in particular: the rumors one. I really could care less about all the classes random students have been attending, it's just a bore to scroll through whenever I want to see the current merit point score. Other small trivial suggestions would be to be able to generate a random name and surname and also those white "shine spots" in character portraits... I rarely ever realize that they're supposed to be shine spots and I either go "why is there a strange white feather on their head" or go "what, a maggot?" The character portraits are like, one of the best visual aspects of the game, the white blobs don't really do anything but detract from them. I don't suppose much can be done about the massive amount of phemes and skills without changing the entire game, so I will leave this post at that. I'm not sure what made me play long enough for me to get to the point to start to enjoy it, but by reading posts on this forum is looks like you have some very nice people who actually do like the game and it would seem that the staff is also very nice. As such, I wish you luck in your endeavors.
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