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  1. For what its worth I think that study should give perks since otherwise it would be something only done before the exam to secure good scores and not anytime else. I'm not even sure it is such an optimal way and making attribute bonuses more scarce would only serve to make it even more optimal to choose attribute bonuses at start anyway.
  2. Really? I tested with putting Hant Bracelet on and it did not lower the speed of training at all; same with actual permanent bonuses to intelligence not affecting the civil law speed of training (number of required substeps). Edit: And by training modifier I meant speed of training, I have no idea what the difference in the actual formula is.
  3. The Debating Stone action affected attribute is impossible to select; the field appears normally but there are no options in the purple list. Also I'd like to ask about attributes increases affecting training curve, or, rather, NOT affecting it. Was this intended? It has quite a lot of unfortunate balancing consequences in that it makes it almost useless to pick up starting traits other than those affecting attributes as well as making other attribute effects generally meaningless when considering which attributes to pick at the beginning. It has a rather large impact on the game as a whole.
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