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  1. You just need patch 2 and the content patch for now, I believe.
  2. I'm finding myself restarting quite a bit, in order to get the familiar I want (I want that faux dragon, dammit! ), which makes me wonder why I can't just choose the familiar I want during character creation. I know the reason, of course, but restarting 10 times in a row isn't really that much fun. I'm not sure if I think it should be changed, but I'd like to hear what other people think. Do you guys restart a lot, too, to get that special familiar you want?
  3. That worked. Thanks a lot. I'm running the impulse version, and my OS is windows 7, in case you want to fix this down the road. It's not much of an issue once you know what to do, but others might be confused as well.
  4. This is great. However, when I try starting a new game, I'm informed that no mods are available. I checked the mods subdirectory, and there's a file called content.mdm, which I assume is the patch.
  5. That's awesome! That gives me some time to try it out tonight, thanks a lot.
  6. Are you planning to release them in one package? Otherwise, it might be an idea to release the content patch now, so people can start a new game (the code patch is save game compatible, right?).
  7. I'd like it if there was some way to tell if a skill or attribute is being modified in any way, when I select that skill//attribute. To elaborate, I'd like to see what the base skill/attribute is, what the individial modifiers are, and what is causing them. Also, I'd like to be able to tell the max level a skill can be trained to.
  8. Alright, thanks. I guess that must've been what happened with the infiltration skill. I wish there was some way to see if a skill or attribute is being modified.
  9. I think a pop-up might be a bit much, but it would be nice to know beforehand that by doing the adventure, I choose to work for the guards. It's not as if the adventure title gives any hint of this whatsoever. Not that it's that important, really, but still.
  10. Now you've lost me, I'm afraid. Are you saying that it's possible to train familiar skills above the bond level, but that the excess level are wasted? Yeah, well I could be just sitting at home with pee stains on my rug.
  11. Well, in my current game I'm trying to train up my faux dragons infiltration skill for an adventure. My bond is at 7, but somehow I've managed to bring infiltration to 8 (which still isn't enough ).
  12. I'm still not sure I understand exactly how familiars work. You're not supposed to be able to train their skills higher than the bond level, right? Because in my current game, I've been able to do that. Does the parent skill determine the limit you can train their skills to, or is that decided by whichever bond subskill applies to the skill you're trying to train? Also, as I understand it, you get half of the familiars skill level added on top of your own. Does this apply in all situations? Does the familiar get half of your skill level added? I'm guessing no on that last one, but maybe it should?
  13. Alright, sounds good. Can't blame a guy for asking.
  14. I read about it on the Quarter to Three forums, and bought it right away. Kind of a plunge, but I'm glad I did it.
  15. I believe I read in another thread that the patches are scheduled to be released on monday, is that correct? I don't suppose there's any chance that you'd post a tentative changelog while we wait?
  16. Actually, that means you have to raise it 6 skill steps, in order to raise the skill itself by 1. If you just use the train action, you'll have to use it 6 times.
  17. Slightly more on topic, I have a request for DLC adventures: I don't like how some of the adventures are cut off and then continued in another adventure. It's not so much the idea, but rather the way it's written in some adventures. For example, the first adventure with the captain of the city guard ends with you and him sitting at a table, about to start a conversation. The next stage (which I started 2 months later) picks up where the other one ended, as if no time had passed in between. I'd prefer to either have the 2 stages merged into one (which would make it a bit harder, but I'm fine with that), or have it written in a way that doesn't seem quite as odd (a "we'll meet up later, when you have time", sort of thing). Other than that, I don't have any preferences, really, although the city guard adventure is the one I've enjoyed the most, so far.
  18. Glad to hear that the DLC is free, since I'm allergic to microtransactions (fair enough with the artwork, I suppose). You may want to put this information on your homepage. Everybody likes a well-supported game, so it might help sell a few extra copies. Yeah, I guess it takes the time it takes. I'm getting the impression that you're working on a new engine, though. Do you plan to do that for every title, or just untill you have one that you're satisfied with? I guess that most of the work is in the writing and design, but building a new engine must surely take a lot of time, too.
  19. Alright, after having played the game for a little while, I think I'm ready to suggest a couple of changes. I think that the single biggest flaw in the game is the interface, and it seems that most people agree, judging from this thread and a few other forums, as well as that RPS article the other day. Anyway, the first 3 or 4 pages of this thread had a lot of good suggestions (that's how far I read, before giving up and deciding to just post ), but I have a few more, although some of them may have been mentioned already: 1) When you have selected what to do for the day, in the calender, and are selecting locations/people/skills to use and interact with, you can't interact with the rest of the screen, specifically the skill tree on the left. Since that's the case, why not have that part of the game take place on a seperate screen? That way there would be room to give the player at-a-glance info about the skills/locations/and people he's able to choose from, instead of having to go back and find the skill in the skill tree, the location in the lore section and so on. 2) Tabs. This has already been mentioned, I know, but it's really important, in my opinion. Locations need tabs for lore/effects/abilities, people need tabs for background info/classes/skills/clique info, and so on. As it is, there's too much scrolling going on to find the needed piece of information. 3) I really think that locations need to be somehow linked to the skills that you can enhance at that location. Personally I'd like a seperate tab for skills, where I could see which locations I have discovered that could enhance that skill. As it is, I don't use locations at all, except for the Garden for social activities, and the locations that are tied to certain abilities, such as the libraries. It's too much work having to read through all of them, each time I take an action. 4) The report at the end of the day needs to be cleaned up. Someone suggested a separate tab for what your acquantances do, which is a good idea. I'd also like to be able to tick off the ones I don't care about, so their activities won't show up at all. 5) Also, when you gain something from a class, or from studying/training, it's sometimes hard to see at a glance if it's lore, or a pheme, or a spell, or an action and so on. It would be nice if that was made (much) more clear in the report, as well as in the description. 6) Someone said earlier that there are far too many skills. While I like the many skills, and think that the game would become far too easy if a significant number of them were removed, there are some that don't make too much sense, imo. There's an espionage parent skill, but there's also a spy parent skill, for instance. Another example is the competition subskill in the athletics tree, and the compete parent skill. I think some could be merged, or possibly renamed or replaced. 7) This has already been mention, but I'd like it if the random events made a bit more sense. I don't mind that I'm suddenly in the woods (maybe my character decided to take a 20 minute break, or something), but having class-related events on weekends is a bit too much, I think, and does break the immersion a little bit. I'm sure there are differences of opinion, regarding how dependent on other factors events should be, since it limits the amount of events a player is likely to see, and thus increases the chance of repeat events. Still, there should be some dependence, in my opinion. I guess that's it. Once again, I really think that the interface needs to be cleaned up. I've seen a bunch of people, elsewhere on the internet, saying that the game looks like something they would buy, only to be put off by reports of the interface. Personally, I only put up with it because the rest of the game is so awesome, but I'd really like to see it improved.
  20. I have a few questions which I haven't seen answered anywhere: How much do you plan to charge for the DLC, and do you have any idea how many you're going to release? To be honest, I'd rather have you guys working on patches and then the sequel, than on DLC, considering the options and diversity already present in the game. Edit: Also, I believe someone said somewhere that the sequel is about two years off. Is that true? I mean, if each game is two years apart, we won't be able to graduate for the next 8 years.
  21. Thanks a lot guys. Just to clarify, the city guard adventure is the one called "a meeting in the tavern", or something like that, right? If so, I have at least done the first part, which would explain why the pirate one has disappeared.
  22. Ok, so I've been playing this for a couple of days now, and I'm starting to get it, but I still have a bunch of questions. I've read through quite a few threads, and tried using the search function, but there's a good chance some of these have been asked before, so please forgive any duplicates. 1) I still don't quite understand how the rolls work. For example, the compete action says that I have to pass a compete roll versus 12. My compete skill is 0, but for some reason, I'm still able to succeed. Anyway, my understanding is that a roll is the skill in question + a random number between 1 and atritbute*2. Is that correct, or is the parent skill also factored in there, somewhere? 2) Does anybody know a good way to discover the biology subskill? I understand that training that skill leads to a more efficient way of training skills in general, which I'd like to have. 3) I didn't do the pirate rumor adventure, which everybody seems to start with, and having just passed the midterms, I notice that it's no longer available. I figure that it's either due to me being too slow (is time a factor in adventures?), or to an event I had involving a pirate dressed up as a grounds keeper. Does anybody know? Edit: 4) Sometimes, in the report at the end of the day, it'll say something like "learned about tactics SP II". What does that SP II mean? 5) What's the difference between expanding and increasing a skill? Is there a difference? That's all I can think of right now, although I know I have more questions. I'll add them as I recall them.
  23. After doing Neso Ulleri's first adventure, where you have to get him admitted to the infirmary, his next adventure shows up as a blank line in the adventure selection menu. I can still select it and do it, but for a while there I though I was done with him.
  24. I thought that might be the reason, but I don't have any maxed skills.
  25. I have a problem with the Library of Longshade. Sometimes when I study there, I only get a skill step in the skill I've chosen and concentration, but not in the random skill (it doesn't list the random skill in the report, anyway). Most of the time it works fine, though. I'm not sure why this happens, could it be because it tries to improve a skill I haven't discovered yet?
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