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  1. And would it be possible to modify the already existing elements to a certain degree? For example, would we be able to add new variables to certain actions in the preparation phase?
  2. I nominate this to be the modders credo...
  3. Yayness! Thank you very much!
  4. Maybe we (and by we, I mean we) could draft a document containing all our ideas (a google doc for example), which anyone could edit, so we would have a base point to go from when the tools arrive... Can I get a pineapple please?
  5. I'm in for both chilling horror that strikes the very heart of the 13 years old and the happy easy-going sunny side stuff. What I would like to see in a mod is: - A more everyday use for spells (I know this should arrive in Year 2, but if we are lucky maybe the modding tools would allow us to create some shortcuts here), during adventures, exams, explorations, etc. For example, I would LOVE to be able to "attach" some (the emphasis is on some) spells to actions when you plan the day... - More items and crafting. I feel that these areas are a bit lacking at the moment, but they have an amazing potential...(I'm a crafting freak by the way...no idea why...maybe I should have become a blacksmith instead of playing video games)
  6. I completely agree with you (and everyone who says that these kind of perma effects would be overpowered), that's why I was thinking of some minor improvements, definitely not something of this magnitude. Now that I've heard what you guys think, I tend to agree with your (and the game's) version on how spells work...but truth to be said, a clearer and more informative casting interface would be cool...
  7. ...and I just wanted to avoid getting hit in the face by potions everyday...
  8. Muffin Man Finally! After a long day of deciphering ancient texts, dodging spells and generally just surviving the day, you can finally sit down and eat something. You take a deep breath, close your eyes and concentrate hard on all the wondrous food you are going to fill your empty stomach with. A tiny smile forms on your mouth as the image of the roasted beef pops into your mind, and soon both your ears are smiling as you finish the daydreaming with the image of a giant ice cream. Academagia is a wondrous place where magic is abundant and can take shape in many forms, but the one you like the most is when it's simply just awesome. You open your eyes and before you on the table are all the food you have imagined. After a few seconds of admiring the beauty of the food you unleash yourself on it, and soon empty plates start to pile around you. You are about to finish off a cheese cake stuffed with more cheese, when you notice a huge muffin amongst the piles of empty plates. That's weird, you didn't want a muffin. You put down your fork and slowly reach for the muffin, when two enormous black eyes and a tiny mouth appear on it; - Hey bro, what's up? This is new...you feel panic slowly creeping up your spine. You've seen many weird things but a talking muffin is deffinetely new on your list... Skill: Cooking Even though you are sure some kind of magic is involved with the little guy, it's still a muffin, so your best chance would be to examine the food part and take care of the rest later. Success: As you hold the muffin closer to your face, those huge black eyes seem to measure you up too; - Man, I love your hair...but I bet the girls don't! Soon it turns out that, you were right on both accounts; the muffin is magical and it's the baking which made it that way. There are a few huge pieces of mandel in its...hair, a rare magical spice that can be imbued with various lasting magical effects. Even though the muffin guy is already starting to annoy you, you realise its extreme value and rarity so you quickly shove it in your pockets. You acquire: Muffin Man Failure: After a few minutes of intense concentration you come to following conclusion: this is a muffin, and it talks. - You are not very smart, right man? - says the muffin smiling innocently. You look into its deep eyes for a while, then you slowly put it back on the plate and leave the hall. Skill: Enchant The muffin is clearly magical, you are guessing some sort of enchantment must have been placed on it. Your best bet is to start looking for clues in that direction... Success: It's clear that very powerful magic was involved in the muffin's creation but you just can't pinpoint it. You are about to give it up when you notice that all the ley lines on the muffin's surface are running into the same points. Recalling one of your lectures about material components for heavy duty enchanting you realize those are not some abstract points on a magical plane but mandels, a very rare and valuable kind of spice that can hold powerful enchantment spells. - Man, this place is boring...let's go to the bakery...if you act cool, I maybe able to hook you up with a pie! Even though the muffin guy is already starting to annoy you, you realise its extreme value and rarity so you quickly shove it in your pockets. You acquire: Muffin Man Failure: The muffin is a mess. There is just so much magic going on with it, that you can't make heads or tails of it. After long minutes of trying to figure something out, you realize you are getting hungry again, and since you already have a muffin in your hand... - Hey, what are you doing? Don't tease me bro! Shoving your ethical and gastronomical reservations aside you devour the screaming muffin in seconds. Skill: Bravery You are sitting in the middle of a school for magic. The muffin is talking. You are hungry. The choice is clear. Success: - Hey, what are you doing? Don't tease me bro! Shoving your ethical and gastronomical reservations aside you devour the screaming muffin in seconds. Failure: You just can't do it. Maybe it's those deep sad eyes, maybe it's that tiny smiling mouth and the funky "hairdo", or maybe you just find it gross to eat something that checks out the girls around you and tells horrible jokes all the time. With a big sigh you put the muffin in your pocket. You acquire: Muffin Man Muffin Man The magical muffin extraordinaire! This mystical piece of delicious dessert with its huge black eyes and tiny mouth is your trusty companion in both good and bad. Annoying someti...most of the times, the Muffin Man is an artifact of great magic, and even though you still haven't found any practical use for it, the very fact that you have found it must give you some good points with destiny...and he's a very good conversation piece too! + 2 pure luck + 2 befriend
  9. I'm not sure the fun factor of the game could be increased without actual magic Seriously, no. The only reason the thought crossed my mind is because my current protege fails almost every spell (it's a miracle he hasn't imploded himself yet...) and when ha actually manages to do something, I feel that the afternoon I spent on that spell could have been made better by adventuring, exploring, chatting up friends, etc. It's not really the rewards spells give you or don't, but rather that when I manage to cast a spell (a great feat for me as I've said) I want it to somehow stay with me. I'm not sure that makes sense... EDIT to this: Yeah, exactly something like that! There could only casting skills which would level up by successful (and unsuccessful) spells, and they would help you in the actual process of casting spells. This way the temporary grand effects of the spells would still play the major role, but there would be also a constant advancement factor...
  10. Oh, I wasn't aware of that! Thanks And by the way, just to clarify, I didn't mean that permanent increases should replace the current ones, but rather to have some "you've learnt how to twist your tongue better during that incantation, so you've increased your tongue-twisting skill by 1" smallish gains next to the true effects of the spells...
  11. (I've searched for this, but I might have overlooked it, so apologies if this has been discussed) I was wondering, why don't spells increase your skills permanently...what was the design idea behind it? Spells are pretty massive in the game, you don't just throw them around (heck you need a whole afternoon to cast them), so why don't they increase your abilities permanently? It would fit in; if you manage to cast some hard spells your skills for that school increase not just for a few days, but for the rest of your life... I also feel (this is completely personal, so I'm not saying that the current system lacks in any way), that the rewards are not satisfactory enough. Sure you get some nice boost, but all of it vanishes after a little while. As a soon-to-be mighty spelllobber I would like to think that my spells have at least some lasting effects on the world around me...
  12. Since this is my very first post, the amount of "respect" I command within these forums lack...force, but I thought this could be the best place to start! So, let's see. I'm 23 (but not for long...), been a hardcore gamer since I was six, rpg's are my favorite (though I'm a sucker for a good strategy any day), I'm at University...wait...do I see a pattern here? Anyway, I'm studying English as my major, Philosophy as my minor and I had a one-year-stand with ancient Latin and Greek too...yeah... So far, this was the fluff, what matters is: - I'm in love with the game - my deepest thanks for it, I think it might very well be my favorite game this year so far... - I really want to see it expanded in every possible way - The community seems (for now at least) very family like, which is awesome = I would be more than happy to join any assembling group of individuals with the common goal of making our stay in Academagia deeper and more fun... Cheers,
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