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    Writing, reading, math, world design, that sort of stuff. Oh! And dragons. Can't forget the dragons.
  1. If you're casting a spell on another person, do they have to be insight or does it depend on that particular spell? If sight isn't necessary, how else do you target a person? Could one of the regions (?) of Elumia decide to legalize, say, Gates magic? In Year 2, how is the create a new student via transfer student going to work? Is when a person on trial says "someone else forced me to commit heinous acts with Mastery through Mastery" when the truth spells come out? Does Elumia have large storms like hurricanes? Tornadoes? Ice storms? What exactly is thought of the people who first learned magic (from dragons)? Who, if known, is credited with the discovery of Astrology? (And is the proper term Astrologist or Astrologer?)
  2. I'd imagine people might be just a little bit wary of the whole "human born with the blood and soul of a dragon" thing, ultimate dragon slayer or no. Are there floating islands that are just to far up in the sky for people to reach? If so, what kinds of mythology surround them? If not, how would someone go about reaching an island that was, say, floating above the current Volnauge wood height (if there were any)?
  3. What are some common ways of denoting nobility in surnames, if any? Do creatures like rust monsters exist? And do they have a way of keeping them out of the school and out of the hands mischievous students? What was the reasoning behind the colors for each of the pillars of magic? (Lore wise or game development wise.) And now my Dark Lady in training has a new role model. Mwahahaha!
  4. Glyndwr

    DLC 13 Bug Topic

    Not sure if this had been reported yet, or if my game's just being weird today, but occasionally when I am playing Character A, and then load up Character B, Character A's portrait is still showing instead of Character B's. (It also seems to think they're in a different college as well).
  5. So I shouldn't bother going through the old school records, then? *totally trusting* Probably, huh? So if his/her parents were extremely rich and, uh, donated to the school, things might be different? Was all of this addressed in the Bat Adventure? (I'll admit that I don't think I've ever (permanently) rolled a bat familiar before.) Was there any update on what the crests for Kazus and Icanyke were? What did Icanyke do to have a college named after her?
  6. Now I just need to figure how to get an eldritch abomination as a familiar.... Not that I would ever, ever even think about using Gates magic. What does it feel like when a familiar dies? How bad is it considered for a mage to kill another mage's familiar (or does it just not happen)? Would the same hold true for a non-mage? If someone cast, say, a Mastery spell, and then someone else cast a Mastery spell on them, would the person sent to track the Master-using person(s) be able to tell? Also, is cloistering considered a worse punishment than imprisonment? Are executions held publicly? If they did find out about somewhere like the Schohanwicht School was discovered and destroyed, I'd assume they would try and track down any potential alumni, but how would they go about tracking them down? And who would be involved in the destruction of the school? What would the Academagia do with a student who sincerely believed they were, in fact, a dragon? Is there a such a thing as a ghost ship, with or without actual ghosts?
  7. In the Legate ousting way? How severe are these punishments likely to be? And how likely are my hypothetical friends to report me for hypothetically teaching them hypothetical illegal magic? (Hypothetically speaking, of course. ) A shame, but completely understandable. The Descended from Traitors background has always intrigued me, especially in conjunction with some of the others. And do we ever get to find out what it was that our ancestor did that was so terrible? (And why does our traitorous ancestor preclude us from being royalty, but nothing else?) Would the reaction be different if a child was born in a city, or if the child was born under a "ThisChildWillDie" sign? How would an Astrologer go about unraveling a fate/destiny? So it would be odd if a stranger were to approach with an offer like that, I take it? Are there apprenticeships amongst not mages, or do children stay with their parents to learn their craft, or are there other arrangements? Was the study of Mastery (and Gates) restricted to its respective college, or was an ethics course required for any student who studied it? With Mastery, could I command someone to do something they didn't know how to do, but I did (like tying a certain kind of knot)? Would it increase in difficulty the more complex or time-consuming the task was? What would happen to a student that turned up with an eldritch abomination or other [insert Obviously Gates Summoned Creature Here] as a familiar? Can dragons shapeshift? Are there colleges that certain parents would discourage their children from entering? What would their reasoning be?
  8. A number of random, semi-related questions: What would happen if a large group of students were to be discovered studying the forbidden arts? Would it be different if it was a school authority as opposed to a legal authority who discovered it? And, would this affect Academagia's reputation? If a school like the Schohanwicht School was discovered, what would be done about it? On that note, while it's been stated several times that a student who used a Gates spell in a dire situation would, probably, be given a stern talking to by a professor, would someone like the Guard Captain be willing to grant the same leniency? How exactly does the familiar link with the doll work? Was the doll always alive, or was there something else at work? Also on backgrounds, will combinations like Descended from Traitors and Descended from Heroes be taken into consideration? And, how seriously are omens taken? Like say, if a baby was born under the sign that meant "EvilOverlordintheMaking!" what would be done about it? Would there be any kind of contract in a mage apprenticeship (if a young mage didn't go to one of the magic schools)? If so, what kind and what penalties might there be for breaking it? When Kazus college was open, was one of their required courses Ethics? Can an Enchantment always be traced back to its caster, or can the caster erase his or her magical trace? What classes might an Academagia student take if s/he wished to become a healer?
  9. Some quick edits, switching PCs from college A to college B:
  10. File uploaded and link sent.
  11. I've been having a similar issue (although I do get an error message). When I try to reload a game from the daily report screen, the game crashes. When I try to reload a game from the calender, it normally crashes, too. If it doesn't crash, the skills/actions have usually disappeared. And *occasionally* it will reload just fine. That said, the game loads perfectly after restarting the game. -currently in the month of Kaliri, but noticed the issue starting in the month before that. -has happened with multiple saves on the same character
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