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  1. Good question. I think it's better to keep all parts of an adventure on one page (otherwise, you'll get ridiculous amount of pages with little substance). The only challenge with this set up is helping people find which storyline their current adventure belongs to. I think this is most easily done by having an adventure "hub" page, which would simply list the parts for all adventures or having a couple of these lists, splitting up adventures by topic (i.e. main quest/student adventures/familiar adventures etc.) Basically, like you have a skill page with lists of unlocks for sub-skills, you'd have a list like this: Main Quest: [Name of the main character of the adventure (or the topic) - Removed due to spoilers] - Llnk to the page for the adventure series. 1. A reward for a job well done 2. A room for the night 3. ... 4. ... ... Reward: XXX Main Quest: Guards - Link to the page to the adventure series. 1. A Meeting at the Tavern 2. Glamorous Thief 3. ... ... Reward: YYY On your secondary question, I think it's better to not post any adventure text apart from a short description outlining the purpose of the adventure series. Otherwise, I am not aware of any unspoken rules... Welcome to the wiki madness, by the way.
  2. Well, sort of. At which point they declared that the combination of 10 Concentration, Study Cubicle, stat-boosting spells and the Improve Negation spell + Phemes that increase Parent skills with no limit is broken beyond belief. Honourable mentions go to the Structure Pheme (+1 Revision at difficulty 2) and the Clarity Pheme (+2 Rhetoric at difficulty 4).
  3. AdW

    Skill-related issues

    Schwarzbart, Legate, *facepalm* This makes a lot of sense! Thanks! I'm still pretty clueless about the relationship between the attributes and the skill steps, so I didn't even think that this could have been the reason.
  4. Yes, it's a bit odd how everyone is apparently a genius in Negation, and for some subjects such as Arithmetic, Enchant and Rhetoric other students mostly tend to score in middling 50s. While I don't like to boast, I'm stupidly pleased with my run through Finals so far (I've got 2 exams to go) for a character that spent most of the year wasting time on exploring areas and training Mastery/Gates. Negation: 280, Revision: 310, Rhetoric: 320, Incantation: 260. Seems not too bad so far, considering that I'm not even trying to push things too much with Phemes because I don't want to reload if spells fail...
  5. AdW

    Skill-related issues

    Hi, 1. There seems to be somethign really odd going on in my skill levelling. I tried searching the forum and can't seem to find it being mentioned elsewhere. Basically, some of my sub-skills seem to get "stuck" at times. They seem to have more than enough skill steps to level up but it doesn't happen. For example, at the moment I have the following: Revision Methods - 9. The message in the skill description says: "Needed for next level: 3 of 1" Revision Phemes - 9. Needed for next level: 1 of 1. Famous Speeches - 7. Needed for next level: 2 of 1. Glamour Phemes - 5. Needed: 4 of 2 Theory of Glamour - 6. Needed 3 of 3. Is this supposed to happen? I take classes in Revision, Rhetoric and Glamour, so my assumption is that the passive accumulation of the skill steps in my classes sometimes doesn't trigger skill level up. However, maybe I'm just missing something really obvious. 2. This may be a really stupid question but the description of the Meteorite says that having it in your posession increases Materials Knowledge by 2. This didn't seem to work for me. I didn't know the skill when I got the Meteorite, so nothing happened, which makes sense. However, even after I became aware of the skill (through casting a spell with the relevant pheme), the item still didn't give any bonuses.
  6. I guess it would be polite to introduce myself as well, considering that I've decided to delurk. I'm originally from a tiny Eastern European country, but I have been living in England for the last 6 years, ever since I came here to study in university. I'm a Philosopher and an Economist by training and am currently working as the latter. I'm also studying for a Masters in Economics part-time, which means that I will have far less time on games when my lectures begin. Which will happen tomorrow. *shudder* I've been playing computer games (mainly adventure games and RPGs) for pretty much as long as I can remember, and I've always prioritised a good story and game mechanics over graphics. This meant that I was naturally drawn to check Academagia out as soon as I stumbled across a review on Rock, Paper, Shotgun blog. Unsurprisingly, I'm really enjoying the game's complexity and the challenge of figuring out what exactly is going on and how the huge number of pieces of the puzzle fit together. I think that the Wiki for the game is a brilliant idea, so I've started contributing it it as much as time and my humble skills permit... Right, enough about me.
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