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  1. Would it be possible to break up the familiar exotic feature in to three smaller random familiar selections? Like Familiar exotic animals (for the mammals) Familiar exotic creatures (for the birds, reptiles, and fish.) And familiar exotic magical entities (for everything else.) I often find my self creating five games in a row or more to find a familiar I like. Plus having to recreate the world every other patch or so makes it exhausting to get some of the familiars that fit the characters I create. Having a smaller random pool would help out.
  2. I am hoping, beyond hope, you character portrait ages year after year.
  3. My ideas 1) Expanding the usefulness of your clique: For certain random events (like non class room related one or events where you would have friends around) and adventures you can substitute a clique member's ability score and skill level instead of your own, but if there is any skill gained the clique member gets it and not the player. Stress will be shared (it's stressful being the leader) but do not share any vitality loss. 1a) A way to directly (like familiars currently) or indirectly (clique member gains a random skill step in a selected skill) like a study group or clique activity (Play music together, share class notes, help with homework, or work on a crafting project together.) The idea is to be able to send your clique member to learn a skill or sub skill with little or no interaction from the player and over time they develop it to a high level but slower then what the player would be able to do if they were training themselves. Maybe an ability where your chosen clique member gain seven skill steps in chosen skill or random sub skill over a week and have it on a seven day cool down. Allow the use of this ability on each clique member. Or do a group activity where each member and yourself gains a different but chosen skill step but have a 3 day cool down. And ultimately be able to do both. 1b) A member cap on your clique (to limit abuse of other using clique members skills.) The cap can be expanded by increasing a skill (like leadership and/or command.) For example clique size formula is 1 + (charm \2) + (leadership, + command, + Diplomacy + Social Skill \ by 5) The idea is to not have a large group of useless friends but a small group of useful friends you help develop over the years. 2) Forming Rimbal teams. This could be like a sub clique. From in a similar way (maybe using rimbal skill instead of befriend) You put together a team (members don't have to be in your clique) and play other teams in pick up games ( and maybe your own school year student leagues. It doesn't have to be the school's official league. (like hometown basketball tournaments where a group of teams play a one day or one weekend tournament.) Winning will get you glory and random relationship boots. (perhaps increased fitness ability) Unfortunately I don't know the size of a rimbal team nor the rules on how to play the game to know if this is even possible. There is no point if everyone in your school year has to be on a rimbal team to make three playable teams. 3) Add a forth daily selection time period. Call it night time. If you choose not to sleep and do other things (like study, cast spells, or train,) you get sleep stress. Sleep stress with lower your stress maximum by one point and the only way to recover is to sleep at night. Resting will not do it. The amount of sleep stress you gain increases with the amount of time you skip sleeping in a row. Like 1 sleep stress for the first night, 2 for the second, 3 for the third. While sleeping a full nights sleep will lower your sleep stress by 2. (or maybe using a item, visiting a place or taking a potion) 3a) Only allow certain actions to be preformed at night (Like studying, training, and spell casting.) Allow some new activities that can only be done at night (like stealing from the teachers classrooms, contacting forbidden entities like ghost, spirits[ like the spirit of death, the spirit of shadow or the spirit of the stars/cosmos], demons, demi-deities, or intelligent Elementals [for knowledge, skills or secrets {secrets that open up new adventures, items, or recipes.}]) Do allow obviously impossible actions like no shopping, working, or adventuring. Places are closed. Final thoughts: Does anyone else find it odd to have classroom centric random events happen on the weekends. Why am I in potions class on Saturday?
  4. Thank you for the quick reply. I await the fix with bated breath.
  5. I don't know if you can. I am very interested to know if its possible to do. If we need to move the thread into the spoilers forum please do. If I had to make an educated guess, by the lack of replies, you can't cultivate and grow seeds.
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