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  1. Yeah, sounds like fun. I built the Ivory Tower from Dragon Age 2, and then stupid Kefka wrecked it with a tower of dynamite built right next to it
  2. So its really a lost cause? I dont mind so much with the lack of interesting events, I just want as much time as I can to research everything, learn every spell and theme, and collect every rare item. To put it simply.. the game should have been more open ended.
  3. Haha, well that sucks. I quess I'll quit for now. If year 2 doesn't have the feature of being able to start over with your previously acquired skills.. Guess I'll just buy another game instead.
  4. This is one hell of a sweet game.. Its the stuff that keeps you up all night. I was sorely disappointed at the end of it, I thought we would at least be able to start year one over, but with all our acquired skills and spells from the first year one. Is there ANY mod, that like.. allows you to control the calendar? So to set it back to the beginning of the game, or anything similar? Its such a pain spending hours to learn spells and phemes and whatnot, To be able to set the time back, but still have all your skills.. that would be AWESOME! There's so many different skills to learn, Im pretty sure most people wont finish the game more than 2 times, and even then, Its impossible to try each and every skill.. such a waste. Please, if there is anyone able to help me, I would appreciate it!
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