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  1. freespace2dotcom

    A few in game questions

    I'm fairly sure that all of the colleges have more mundane specialties that go beyond their magical training. Such as Vernin being known as the college of towers, Aranaz being one of intrigue, and so on. Many of the not-so-obvious skills are probably tied to those semi-mundane job paths that a wizard can be engaged in when not casting spells. Honestly, while being the resident spellcaster seems a lot more fun, we still don't know how much extended spellcasting can take out of a wizard's stamina. I can imagine that a particularly powerful spell might require multiple hours of rest afterwards, so having a profession where you don't have to cast magic always might be a more reasonable and respectable goal for the average graduate.
  2. freespace2dotcom

    A few in game questions

    Well, the integers are larger, right? If I'm going to be defending the book of deep shadows from hordes of Mastered undead(?) creatures, I'm gonna need a decent healing spell to spam on me and the undead.
  3. freespace2dotcom

    Steam will stop support of XP and Vista

    If you have xp or vista after the new year,the steam client will not run, which means no downloading or playing of steam games, which includes Y1. I'm going to have to reinstall 7. Truly a pain.
  4. Come the new year. https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?s=d649609391225478209841752ee8f9b8&ref=1558-AFCM-4577 Just lovely. When win 7 meets the same fate, I'll probably be done with PC gaming. Times are a-changing.
  5. freespace2dotcom

    A few in game questions

    Any news on the question block? Also, can we please get an update on y2 on the 25th? pretty please?
  6. freespace2dotcom

    How goes the Progress for Y2?

    Fun fact: When a dam is holding a lot of water, if it lets water over its top, it will surely erode and spill everything. Substitute secrets for water and willpower for the dam, and you have a good understanding of why there is so little word. To be fair, little snippets have been leaked to us, but these have been minor and totally of the Team's choosing.
  7. freespace2dotcom

    How goes the Progress for Y2?

    Oh I imagine I'm about halfway down the path already. It was a semi lucid dream, which is probably why I remember it decently. I also remember being in places where I couldn't tell if I was indoors or outdoors due to the lighting. It was probably somewhere in Icanix hall, if I had to guess at it now. That actually raises an excellent question about how to deal with forbidden knowledge that comes to you in dreams.
  8. freespace2dotcom

    How goes the Progress for Y2?

    You know, I had this crazy dream earlier today that I was at the Academagia, trying to register for the 2nd year, but it was terribly incomplete. It felt like a 3d game map that had not been fully modeled yet, only in real life. In my brain, all of the missing details were supposed to be stuff from Years 2-5 that I didn't know about so I couldn't dream of them. I came across a statue of a cat on a pedestal. Apparently it was a real cat once, and would be again at some point in the future, but the how's, when's, and why's escaped me. It was good luck to rub it, though. I passed through a passageway that was totally empty but had so many hidden corners in it that it surely would have been a great place for bullies to ambush their prey. There was a librarian who wouldn't let me into a small library, There were a lot of glass windows giving an excellent view inside, though. I didn't see any professors, but I think they were watching me. I seriously have been waiting for Y2 for too long. haha.
  9. freespace2dotcom

    A few in game questions

    'Tis what I get for spending too much time here. I probably know more about the setting at this point than anyone but BCS and am likely only tied with Schwartzbart and Metis. I can't even think up many more questions, which no doubt is saving you, because If I could, I'd load another block of questions on the team while waiting for the current one. *hint* *hint*
  10. freespace2dotcom

    A few in game questions

    1. Probably: All of the above. 2. [redacted] On a side note, I did a quest in Fallout Shelter that involved [redacted]. If I ever get around to editing and posting it I'll give a link.i couldn't help but think of this forum, lol.
  11. freespace2dotcom

    Posting Academagia FanFiction Elsewhere?

    https://www.cyoa.com/collections/enchiladas/products/rare-butterfly A complete collection of The Whole Enchilada, The Little Enchilada, The Golden Path, Choose Your Own Nightmare, The Lost Archives, AND the original classic series, titles 1-184 All for the low, low price of $2,895.00 lol
  12. freespace2dotcom

    Posting Academagia FanFiction Elsewhere?

    Ah, I miss the old CYOA books. I really need to get a hard copy of my favorites.. Only problem is there's really too many of them and only the first 40 or so are considered the 'classics' on CYOA.com and reprinted. I don't really remember the titles too well but I know the books went safely over 100
  13. freespace2dotcom

    The Academagia Gradebook (Year 1)

    Mmm... I kind of doubt that the team would be too open about displaying all info like you're thinking. If nothing else, it would be because of a desire to minimize spoilers. I could be wrong, though. Any opinion or fact on this subject worth sharing, Legate?
  14. freespace2dotcom

    The Academagia Gradebook (Year 1)

    ...Yeah, I kind of imagine that when Y2 finally arrives, it will drum up interest in the gradebook. Especially when I release The Y2 version of it.
  15. freespace2dotcom

    The Academagia Gradebook (Year 1)

    Since nobody has downloaded my gradebook over more than the last 100 days, it was deleted from the server. Compounding matters, is the fact that one of my hard drives kicked the bucket. My copy of 1.74 was on it. :( Luckily I am a hoarder and had a copy of 1.72, which I re-updated to 1.74 using the info on this forum, and re-uploaded it. The new link is thus: http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=55774609988905557852 (if I hadn't said anything, I'm sure nobody would have noticed. :( )