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  1. Testing, 1,2,3...

    Oh, Snap, My Gates spell worked!

    Legate! People don't have permission to download this attachment! The forums are a perfect place to host the gradebook. Can you tinker with the settings?

    Academagia Gradebook.xlsx


  2. Possibly that is the case with Briardi. Her in game description implies it is primarily her gender, however.
  3. Ooh, So Exciting! I will warn you, Legate, That I *will* be combing through the new modbase for typos to report, so there may still be a few things left to correct with so much new material.
  4. 1. Can you tell us about some of the old traditions that the Academagia likes to uphold even though it makes little sense to do so in the modern era? 2. Regarding my "Affinity map" idea. Would it be possible to get permission for access to a large classroom for a long term research project using that as a foundation? The whole floor would need to be converted so the odds of doing that clandestinely and getting caught with the work destroyed or confiscated are too unacceptable. Would the private libraries we can pay for have the space needed for this kind of idea? 3. When Y1 was released, the Pace of DLC and patches released was quite fast for the first year of release. Will we see something similar for Y2? 4. Would it be possible to get Jere to mimic Orsi's unique response to absurdity, with someone else mimicking Briardi's facepalm reaction, in front of Orsi and Briardi? Or would that invoke a most terrible wrath? 5. Can you tell us what the major differences are between the Academagia's and Contu's Incantation styles? 6. Why are there a significant number of parents disapproving of Briardi heading college Durand when her immediate predecessor was also a woman? 7. While time travel is [redacted] We know that it's possible to slow time down practically to a standstill. At what point can we do this for a duration of, say, going from a class to another clear across campus quickly? 8. Disregarding the magic part,which as I understand it is mostly just flashy glamours to make it easier to play... Can you tell us how BattleMaceā„¢ is played? The rules and so forth?
  5. 1. While our characters are given pretty hard level caps on our skills, for balancing reasons surely... Can you tell us of lore cases where a student managed to go well beyond the skill caps in their first year on a certain subject? 2. While being in a college surely gives us benefits in learning the field of magic the college specializes in, will that make it harder to get access to classes taught by a rival college? 3. Generally speaking, is the Mallen Star statue guarded at all times? 4. Does the color of a dragon signify anything about their personality, or lineage? 5. While larger Familiars stay in the Menagerie, many smaller Familiars do accompany students to their classes. Does Pamela accompany the player? Or did the Professors revoke that privilege a long time ago, haha! 6. Are there any good examples of how simply being aware of Mastery magic being used on you reduces it's effectiveness? (understandably if that is true at all it would be on a case by case basis) 7. Will Y2 have more opportunities to use Gates and Mastery in random events and stories? Even really bad ideas need to be used every so often, haha! 8. How thorough is Rikildis' fact checking on her news stories? She definitely strikes me as someone with no qualms about telling blatant lies if they were sensational enough and the risks for blowback were low enough. 9. Are there plans to allow the player character have a clique bonus for friends? (not for oneself)
  6. Has anyone ever drawn art (instead of phemes) on a magical Palette? how long coud such a work last?
  7. I'm pretty sure 98% of this patch is just bugfixing. There might be a few player written stories snuck in but since this is the last version planned, typos and other errors have the priority.
  8. 1. Has a literal fountain of youth ever been constructed? (Ignoring obvious issues it would have with effectiveness.) 2. Does the classes you take (and the grades you receive) affect your reputation with the college that teaches the class? 3. I have imagined that Briardi and Von Rupprecht have a long standing war of words and posturing, taking place during class hours, using their students to deliver short letters of chiding and retort once their class ends. Sometimes several times in a single day. Has this happened? 4. Who was the youngest person to get a job as a professor teaching magic at the Academagia? 5. Since I can imagine that Professor Aventyrare's style of teaching influences her students into a similar casting style, I was wondering how often you could look at a given student's way of casting magic and say, "yup, they were taught by so-and-so."? 6. What are some of the hardest "quality of life" spells to learn that are useful enough to want to learn? and typically when do most students learn them? 7. Hehe, If a spell existed to temporarily allow yourself to control another person as if they were yourself while you were unconscious, would that qualify as Gates magic, Mastery magic, or both?
  9. How would a Mastery spell to alter the 5 senses differ from a Revision spell which would do the same? In the Preban era would there be any difference according to magical theory?
  10. Was that really mentioned in 2013!? How long has the Team been holding out on us? Legate, surely the Y2 class list information should be released soon? You do intend to release it before Y2, right? I vaguely remember you mentioning that as well, but it must have been some time ago. Can you tell us if the team has a good reason for holding out on us?
  11. The short answer is no. It's obvious. Y1 still isn't finished being worked on. From the legate's comments, it's fairly certain that there will be an invitation only beta for Y2. If it's anything like the Steam release beta it should last at least a couple of months. We've not heard a thing about the Y2 save converter, which needs to be tested prior to release, and will be the last thing worked on I wouldn't expect anything regarding Y2 for a least a half a year AFTER Y1 is *final^ and that's a bare, bare, minimum time frame. You'd be better off asking the Legate aboiut a particular facet of Y2 that you're interested in than asking it's release date. We've been waiting for 7 years and that answer hasn't changed at all... Except for in the early days when it changed every year.
  12. XP 64 bit was more of a novelty than a serious OS. Very few proper drivers came out for it. I ought to know because I was looking for a 64 bit windows, and preferred the older ones if possible. Besides, even when 64 bit XP was retired there still weren't that many people using 64 bit PCs.
  13. Given how long Y2 has been in development I think that's pretty unlikely. Still It probably wouldn't hurt to plan that way in future years.
  14. Legate: 1. Has a student ever received a diploma posthumously? As in, they died as a student, but completed their studies in a timely manner as a ghost? 2. How long after death can it take ghosts to manifest?
  15. What would the magical significance be of a person being born with the ability to dream while awake whether they wanted to or not? Would Mastery magic be suspected? Would Mastery magic be the only way to keep this person from seeing other people as demons during a bad hallucination?