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  1. Since we know main writing is done.. (barring continuous editing) And we know that Y2 has existed in a playable state for years, now. I am suspecting that most of the remaining work revolves around making sure all the massive tables of information reference each other properly. And possibly optimizing said tables since they are the heart of the game and it would be just a bit annoying to have to wait for all those obscene files to load. There's bound to be other things, but that would take the longest for a small team to accomplish. Especially a small team working on it as a hobby.
  2. When that former legate who stole days of life from the academy's students every year had the spell go bad, did the students ever feel the effects of the backfire? It would be difficult to tell, but did they get any of their life back? I can only assume that the backfire was... Unpleasant... for the poor former legate, but is it known what likely caused the backfire? Too much life for the contraints of the spell?
  3. What is the record for most spells cast/maintained by a single mage at once?
  4. Is there any extra danger beyond mundane fire hazard should one of the pieces become unsealed?
  5. Something tells me that while life extension magic is common enough to be readily accepted, all those folks trying for the more exotic and unorthodox permanent solutions over the centuries has been something of an awkward talking point for magic users having to deal with large numbers of pitchfork wielding peasants. Which brings up another question. We're all well aware of the usual shenanigans that students do in the city that requires constant placation efforts by the faculty, but when was the last time students from the academagia really bungled up something awful that had the whole city up in arms?
  6. Legate, please tell us about a pheme that has been used in spells from all pillars, as well as a bit of it's history, how difficult is it to draw, and present obscurity.
  7. Just how advanced in Mastery would you have to be if you wanted to focus on learning the mostly benign spells and defensive techniques? And can you tell us of any practical reason why Mastery would be preferred in something like killing pain over a Glamour?
  8. Can "knowledge of a (noun)" (Or vice versa) be used in order to select specific targets of a spell or to exclude them in a group setting? Say if there was a masquerade ball infiltrated by vampires, and your goal was to use a glamour to knock out bystanders before hunters spring an ambush to minimize casualties... But you don't want to target others present that are aware that vampires are present and would make useful allies in the fight?
  9. Since Mineta has lots of magical schools hiding under the shadow of the academagia, I was wondering if there were any such lesser schools for Gates and Mastery back before the modern bans.
  10. In regards to Gates magic being used militarily back in the day, was it only monsters being created/summoned? Or were there Gates masters that specialized in more direct applications in war? I know we're close to [Redacted] territory but surely some amazing stories must have survived the censors if they didn't explain how it was done. Also, can you tell us more about the last researchers into that branch of Negation that is supposed to negate magic itself before it was banned? Does that magic have some semblance of permanance?
  11. What is the oldest known existing enchantment?
  12. So the calomantia gym has a library? Tell me that it has nothing to do with the place's old connections to College Kazus...!
  13. Honestly, even attending classes, there are enough timeslots to generate a pretty powerful character. Knowing this, I'm hoping that the list of y2 characters aren't only 'balanced'...
  14. Really i don't expect a change until y2 releases, but for y3, even just yearly updates ought to be considered.
  15. I'm interested in what the team is going to write for Mr. Pebbles. It will be humorous no doubt.
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