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  1. How bad can islandquakes get? How often do they happen? Does architecture factor it in or do most people just plan to rebuild if it happens? When was the last notable one in Mineta?
  2. I think naming it after Rikildis' Newspaper would be most proper. That way you can reuse it for all years.
  3. Any news on Y2's progress? Can we get a word as to whether it's possible the Beta will be revealed before the end of the year? That would be super nice!
  4. I guess I should recommend Fallen London. It's a free browser game. Instead of going up like Elumia, Victorian London is now underground. It's a bit darker than Academagia in tone. There are devils and whatnot, but the quirks of the writing and humo(u)r are very similar. There's also a lot of lore to uncover if you're interested in that. You just have to acknowledge that it's a game that takes a great while to play as you only get so many actions to do things with, and you only get one action per 10 minutes. Other than that though, I think it's worth a look Edit: It seems Mikka recommended it too back in 2011, so there's that too.
  5. Rarely means it's possible that some have stayed longer. What's the record? Was said person a slow learner? Did they go into debt?
  6. Since people tend to either stay at Contu's school until either they go broke or feel they have learned all they can, I was wondering how long some of those longer stays have been?
  7. My issues are resolution based, and the team knows of them. I am moderately sure (90%+)that they've learned their lessons for Y2. The reason Y1 was only partially fixable was due to them no longer having the Master images available to them. This was all discussed in the steam beta, and since Y2 will have all fresh images, I don't anticipate a problem. Besides, if it is REALLY going to be an issue, I CAN get a modern monitor if I have to. I just don't want to. I had one, but It broke, and I find my old CRTs to be more reliable, if a bit small for today's era.
  8. Well, it *Sounds* like the team is busy filling up a table of weather effects. Which in turn sounds like they're more or less finished with the game engine (minus polishing, of course...) So I remain hopeful that the Beta will show up some time late this year. It would be really nice to see the progress that's taken so long to produce. From the scraps of info we've managed to piece together, it shouldn't fail to impress once it gets out that door. We just need to nudge the team along some.
  9. Mmm.. Well, informal reports every once in a while would be fine, too.
  10. I would like to ask if the team would consider telling us what progress has been made whenever they have their weekly(?) progress checkpoints. If anything is too revealing, a simple statement of "Sorry, this part is [redacted]" or something would do. I think that would go a long way to driving up hype, and flaring up our imaginations.
  11. So.... to add on to the questions 5 Including researchers, About how many mages does the Academagia Employ? 6. Are there any good stories about any talented wizards choosing to simply become a janitor or other lowly profession at the school, who then proceeds to defeat an overconfident professor in a duel? 7. While obviously school uniform rules would apply almost everywhere else, but at least in your dorm rooms, would it be strictly speaking against the rules to wear a crimson sky-pirate bandana? 8. While Gates items have a tendency to shine in telling colors, and some probably have that 'suck you into another dimension' feeling' when being held, are there any equivalent magical sense associated with the other pillars? (Include Mastery, if you can, please.)
  12. Mmm. You've got an interesting idea there Schwarzbart! Legate, Assuming I changed my mind on omnidisciplinarianism after the end of Y2 to focus on one pillar.... (I wouldn't, but hypothetically....) Would that count as a solid foundation, or would it be considered lacking for jobs that really required flexible skills? Also, Since we can pretty much go through Y1 without hardly any penalty for omni-study, I figure that even if we can't max out all of the magic skills in Y2, we should be able to appreciably raise them, so the difference between an omni and a specialist should not be so large in a single pillar after Y2 that you couldn't catch up in following years if you decided to apply yourself appropriately to a single pillar. (Especially if all future years have level caps!) Is my line of thinking correct, here? Because as it stands, with so much of advanced magic in setting being hidden from us, it only seems to make sense to study as much magic as possible early on so that we can put off having to really choose a specific path until later when we know more.
  13. It is well inferred, but it isn't known whether he is a Master of any, or merely an exceptional Jack of all. I'm pretty sure even he has limits to his knowledge somewhere, and I'd bet it's not well known exactly where they are, except maybe to his closest confidants. And when seeing that video, the idea of somebody drunkenly destroying Monteon in an accidental magic mishap did cross my mind. Still, that could easily have been intentional, too....
  14. Break's over. 1. Since the Academagia is largely staffed by former students, I was wondering about it's policies concerning non-alumnis getting teaching jobs there. While I can't imagine there being too much resistance to the idea, Has not being a graduate hampered many campaigns to become a Regent, or the Legate? 2. On the subject of omni-disciplinarianism, I thought I'd ask if it is public knowledge on whether professors have mastered a second (or more) pillar(s) so that one could potentially ask them for their experiences? 3. Exactly how are Gates and Mastery referred to in official statements? Since most folks prefer pretending that they don't exist, I imagine they aren't even referred to as pillars. (though before the ban most certainly they were, and I know on the forum here we don't discriminate, hehe) I can only imagine that they would have some way to describe them officially if only so that there would be a way to convey meaning without having to actually say 'Gates' or 'Mastery'. If Somebody said, the 'proscribed arts', would anything else be lumped in with it like that anti-magic negation stuff? 4. Regarding the Anti magic Negation stuff, I have a video to share. Please tell me that something like this has been done in the setting of Academagia before. It's too awesome to not write into the lore.
  15. Oh, wow! We're all caught up now! We're gonna have to come up with more questions later, but for now, I think the team deserves a rest.