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  1. Haha, a chapter a day, eh? I don't know if I could do that even if I was only doing it for a few posts, let alone until Y2 releases a few decades from now. Still, we'll take things one day at a time and see how things go. Part 2. Valentino awoke in a dark room. Instead of there being singular light source illuminating everything, it seemed more that everything around him was enchanted to give off a soft ethereal light. The room itself was relatively normal otherwise. The room looked as though it gave off the aura that something wasn't quite right, as if someone had put a Glamour on it in order to give it the appearance of a richly decorated room in a mansion. Given the scope, and unusual nature of what had just happened, however, Valentino was unsure of what to make of everything. Just as Valentino was getting his bearings, The little girl who had whisked him here arrived through one of the doors leading into the room. "We're soo glad you've adapted to our home!" She said. "Truly, you are a remarkable specimen! We can't wait to see what else you're capable of... But knowing how curious your kind is, we feel now would be a good time for questions. There won't be any time for those later, when you've been... Introduced..." The way she pronounced that last word, it was fairly obvious that there was some hidden meaning behind it. Exactly what it was, Valentino could not say, but he knew that being in such a situation as this, it was critical to ask as many questions as possible. Knowledge is power after all. "W-why have you brought me here?" Valentino asked, trying not to sound too scared. The girl laughed an innocent laugh and replied. "Why wouldn't we bring you here? Humans like you that can see us and hear us are sooo rare! We wanted you to deveiop more, at first, but we were just too excited when we found you! It's been so long since we've played with one of you.." The girl frowned in an exaggerated manner. Valentino shuddered. It became crystal clear that he was in a serious amount of trouble. There were many questions he wanted to ask this creature which had taken the form of a small child... Sadly, though, based on it's apparent personality, he reasoned that many questions would just be deflected. He didn't know how long it would allow him to ask questions, so he had to choose them carefully. "Who are are you?" Valentino tersely asked. "It is not possible to say any of our names with great accuracy in your way of speaking." She calmly responded, but then added with exuberation: "But, in the past, others of your kind have called us 'Dreamers of the void.'" "Oh, Although we don't dream, and only go to the void to play." She laughed, while correcting herself. "That's one of the reasons why we find you humans so funny!" She smiled heavily at that. "Still, if you are looking for a way to address this one, you can call *me* 'Twippy'." "Twippy..?" Valentino asked, exasperatedly. "Yes, Twippy." The girl beamed. "We have been been observing humans for such a long time. Names given in such a manner are a sign of close affection, and it has already been decided that an address such as that will cause such affection toward us in time." Valentino was able to relax his guard a bit at that. It did not seem as though he was in immediate danger. Still, it did imply that this Twippy did not intend to let him go. This was unacceptable. Perhaps this Twippy was sensing what Valentino was feeling, but it was also possible that this whole conversion was premeditated down to the tiniest detail. In either case, she simply smiled, tilted her head in a cute manner, and continued her explanation. "We only wish to interact and play with you for a bit. Once that is done, if you wish, we will certainly return you to your own home so you can develop more." This was getting to be very bizarre. Valentino was struggling to make sense of everything. Everything was happening too fast, and he wanted to reject it outright. This did not seem to be a wise thing to do, so he forced himself to bite his lip and play along. "Then... How did you find me... Twippy?" Twippy looked positively excited at this question. It contorted her face to a level that bordered on the unnatural. The explanation came quickly, no doubt due to this excitement. "You used it!" She literally squealed in excitement. "Some of the old magic the first humans who played with us used! We knew right away that you would play with us! It allowed us to find you!" Just then, Twippy's face became sad, and her voice became sullen. "It's hard to find humans that use the old magic, and it's even harder to get those we find to play." "It's almost as if they don't want to anymore." Twippy said quietly. Although her face did not betray any real emotion with those last words, Valentino absolutely shivered in fear because her voice clearly conveyed an intense, if restrained, anger. Though he could not say with certainty, he also felt as if for a split second, a killing aura eminated from the being calling itself Twippy. It was enough envelop him in a cold sweat. Many things became clear though. Valentino was in this mess because he was fooling around with Gates magic. The 'Old magic' twippy was referring to had to be that. Valentino was incredibly angry at himself for not heeding at least some of the warnings the professors had given. If he lived through this, he resolved himself to learning everything about these 'Dreamers of the Void' and how best to protect himself from them and other extradimensional beings like them. "Not that *You* are like that, human Valentino!" Twippy gushed, instantly reverting back to a bubbly, cute personality. "Well, That's enough questions for now, don't you think?" Twippy remarked. "I think it's about time for you to meet the others~! They're sooo excited to meet you!" Unfortunately, everything else would have to wait. Being friendly with this Twippy and whatever else she had to introduce him to was going to be top priority for the time being... "I, uh... Can't wait." Valentino sheepishly responded. Twippy calmed down and became serious for a moment. "There's just one thing you need to keep in mind first..."
  2. Because I am tired of waiting for Y2 to come out, I have decided to start writing a story for the sake of lore, as opposed to writing something that would fit the format of the game itself. This is just part one. I don't know how long it will be, but I promise it'll be good if I can ever get around to finishing it. Part one. It was nearly dawn in Mineta. Although the sun could not yet be seen, twilight could be observed. The aftermath of a powerful storm could be seen outside everywhere. A portal opened up inside an empty classroom inside the Academagia. Only darkness could be seen through to the other side. A single boy emerged from the darkness in a single leap, slightly wounded and clothes torn. He hit the ground hard. Voices could be heard coming from the other side. Not human. Although there would be no way of understanding these voices normally, it was clear from their frenetic pitch that they were filled with anger. Anger at the boy, no doubt. Knowing he would have little time, the boy, a Morvidus student named Valentino da Caccia, rose quickly to his feet, and readied his wand. A Thing emerged from the darkness emanating from the portal. It moved too fast to identify but it was ethereal, dripping slime, and most importantly heading straight for Valentino. He was ready. Although Negation was not his strong suit, he had managed to erect a simple barrier. The barrier had shattered on impact with the being, but doing so had stopped all of it's forward momentum. Valentino got a good look at the creature, and nearly gagged, but held it in. Now was not the time for such things. Valentino quickly revised the entire room to give off light. Lots of light. So much light that even though he had closed his eyes prior to the casting of the spell, he thought that he might go blind. The creature shrieked, but, unfortunately, the room quickly grew dark again. The revision was completely negated. The creature was expecting pain this time. He thought. Another creature tried to pass through, but it was wary due to the recent flood of light, and it was too slow. the portal finally closed, preventing it from doing so. With the last reserves of his strength, he cast a Gates banishment spell on the creature in the classroom. It resisted, for longer than he would have thought he was capable of keeping the spell active. Finally, just a moment before he was going to collapse, the creature disappeared in a puff of smoke smelling of cinnamon. The classroom was trashed, but it looked like it was an abandoned one. Cleaning up the evidence of this struggle would have to wait for a day or so. Valentino was far too exhausted to consider anything but sleep. It was a small miracle that he could even find the strength to limp back to his dorm room for some sleep. It had only been a few hours, but in that Brief span of time, Valentino had lived a lifetime. Gates magic was... Is, illegal. It's been that way for a long time, but that really hadn't been much of an obstacle for him. It was more like the old wives tales his mother used to badger him about why he shouldn't play in the old abandoned tower that he always used to play in as a child. "There's devils in that tower!" She would hiss at him. "They'll kidnap you and drink all your blood! Down to the very last drop!" Valentino had avoided that tower for years, until one day he entered it to find... Absolutely nothing but lots of rubble. Once you get past the initial fear, and find out that the truth isn't always what other people had led you to believe, it changes the way you think. In valentino's case, he had become a terribly rebellious boy. So rebellious, that when his parents received a surprise invitation for him to attend the Academagia, they jumped at the chance to offload their problem onto someone else. It turned out that Valentino was a natural prodigy in Revision. In his very first day of classes at the Academy, he stunned the professors with his aptitude for it, as well as his aptitude for getting into trouble. In many ways, his introduction to Gates magic was identical to the varied and inaccurate ramblings his mother had often told him. A 5th year student had been recently caught using Gates to summon pixies to simultaneously cause large bouts of pranks in order to hide the fact that he was also using them to cheat on nearly every test he took. As a result of this incident, which caused no small amount of consternation, the faculty of the Academagia obliged themselves with warning about the dangers of Gates magic after every class for weeks on end. "Gates magic is unsafe. Don't even think about it." Said one professor in a monotonous rambling voice. "Gates is only capable of bringing death and destruction!" Lectured another. "Nothing positive has ever come from using the magic of Gates." This professor didn't even sound like she believed that. It came as no surprise, then, that with the knowledge of Gates' existence, came too the temptation of learning exactly the truth behind that existence. The opportunity arrived when Cassandra Ghileni, a 2nd year Glamour student, was gathering a few of her closest friends to do a small scale version of the earlier, now infamous pixie summoning, just to see for themselves if all the infamy and notoriety was deserved. Valentino was not one of her close friends, but managed to wheedle his way in by eavesdropping in when she was doing her inviting, and applying a little blackmail. The summoning was ultimately quick and simple. A single pixie appeared, and in a bout of fright and/or anger, laid a hex on Casandra that had frizzled her hair. "Take that, you undersized troll!" it had yelled while doing so. Something about the whole event was so funny, everyone present had started laughing. Even Cassandra. (Though she lost her sense of humor after the frizzled hair turned out to be more or less permanent.) In any case, it was clear to Valentino that he was the victim of yet more adults lying in order to manipulate him into doing what they wanted. While Cassandra and her friends, their curiousity fullfilled, wanted nothing more to do with Gates magic, and told Valentino so in no uncertain terms... (which he could completely respect) He had only gotten started. Like with his mother before, there would be absolutely nothing capable of stopping him from learning everything he could possible manage while keeping things a secret. It was surprisingly easy for Valentino. Poking around in various places where he wasn't allowed to be had long since become a pastime of his. Gates magic is demanding, however, so soon most of his energies were spent on learning magic, and not Revising the lunch stew to have the consistency of taffy. His professors Came to the opinion that Valentino had finally started maturing, and so stopped keeping as sharp an eye on him as they might have otherwise, and so it went. Before the end of his third year at the Academagia, Valentino had become quite impressive with his skill in Gates. Of course, he had to be careful. It was no secret that in the worst case scenario, he could be executed for knowing what he knew, but he ultimately brushed it off. He had learned to evade punishment from being in forbidden places from his mother's spankings. Armed with Gates, there really didn't seem to be any problem in running away should his secret ever be discovered. One night, however, during a dreadfully powerful storm brought in by the Current of Embers, Valentino was shocked to find a little girl, seemingly no more than 5 or 6 years old, instantly appear into his dorm room! This was no ordinary girl, however. Her eyes beheld power and wisdom that even none of his professors could hope to match! "We've been watching you, boy." She giggled innocently, as if she had just found an amusing cat to play with. "Who's 'we'"? Valentino asked, his mind spinning, not really comprehending the situation that he had suddenly found himself in. She shook her head playfully and responded. "First, allow us to apologize for taking this form. We feel that seeing our true form suddenly would likely kill you." Valentino gulped. He did not like where this conversation was going. The girl continued. "Therefore, we sought a countenence that was as least threatening to someone like you as possible. We ultimately chose this one~!" She even winked at him. The girl's voice seemed have nothing but a playful innocence to it, however, that stood in direct contradiction to valentino's instincts, which were howling out to him that he was in the presence of an apex predator. It truly felt that a common housefly would have a much better chance of escaping a spider's web, than he did, of escaping this little girl. The girl did not stop talking. "You are hereby formally invited to our home." She smiled while closing her eyes. "Regretfully, your ability to perceive it is very limited, so we have decided to alter your perceptions in order to prevent accidents from happening." The girl did not elaborate on exactly what kind of accidents she was referring to. However, he did feel like his mind was under some kind of heavy strain. It wasn't unbearable, but it did feel as though if it continued for a while, his mind would shut down completely at some point in the future. He did notice, though, that time did seem to be slowed down some. He could not say if that was the result of some magical spell, or more likely, the result of the great fear that was steadily rising in his stomach. Before he could even respond, or ask a single question, the girl opened her eyes, and he could see her working a spell in her mind. "Let's go!" She happily exclaimed. "We are all going to have so much fun!" Valentino could not even protest. Instantly, he felt as if a million tiny needles were pricking against his skin, and then darkness overtook him.
  3. Since multiple generations of wizards can all wind up going to the Academagia, I was wondering if there are families who have sent their children there for so many generations, it's difficult to keep track of, and if so, how many consecutive generations would the record be?
  4. Will the import tool be nice enough to tell us how many times we used illegal magic instead of keeping that a hidden variable? Also, since it's been said that actual practice drawing the phemes and such is required to get good at magic, how is the game going to treat someone who may not have cast any spells in the wild so to speak, but still trained to get to a high skill level?
  5. That sounds pretty incredible! I didn't realize it went as far back as '85. I suppose It makes sense, though, given how detailed Can you tell us more about that original campaign or would that invoke spoilers?
  6. When did the inspiration to create Academagia happen and how how long did it take to hammer out the background lore and history?
  7. I am very interested in learning more about the previous regent of Aranaz, Professor Strom, Unfortunately as he is tied into the main story somehow we are a lot less likely to learn anything about him until the team chooses to reveal such info. Since many stop teaching at the Academagia before they die, I would like to ask if there are any rules set in place to prevent such former staff from returning in a limited capacity for a single or small group of students.. My thinking is, even if they were booted out due to politics or bad blood with a current administration, unless they are considered a full criminal the School itself would be neutral to such an idea, though the individual regents would probably attempt to stop it if they could, leaving it up to the students to really want it.... Legate, are all aspects of Gates research considered illegal, or merely the magical spellcasting aspects? When the bans went into place, would a Gates master who wished to comply with the ban be able to travel to ghost-infested regions in order to study them without hassle? Also, for those who have a ghost or shade as a Familiar, is there any danger of being mistaken for a Gates mage, especially if seen casting spells on said Familiar?
  8. Someone's got to keep the cheeky ones in line.
  9. Of course, there is history before the dragons came, but am I correct in assuming that it was so long ago, that it is not well known anymore, especially since draconic influence (and magic) literally reshaped the world? What is the pre-captivity era of history called?
  10. Bump #2! Just interested in this one. 5.This is kind of a big one. I've been trying to order all of the history in the game for a while. Given that we only ever get pieces and there is no official timeline to reference outside of your internal documents. Can you look over my understanding of the proper order of history and make any corrections and notations you feel are needed? I'm aware that it seems the periods overlap a bit, so I've tried to make as much sense of everything as I can. The First Captivity: Dragons show up rather suddenly, make a show of force taking land, and cohabitate with many native races through feigned goodwill, which quickly deteriorates into outright slavery, probably taking about a generation or so, and lasts for a good while, This is where most magic was first taught to humans, even though Astrology is older. Eventually, a rebellious army was created, by the mythic kings and queens who today are the namesakes of the Academagia's colleges. This coalition eventually succeeded in defeating the dragons, although due partly to choices made, the final blow to the oppressors never came... The Exile: Having lost the war to put down their human slaves, the dragons apparently chose an extreme course of action was necessary to save themselves. Although due to the catastrophic ramifications of the event, it is not well understood outside of the obvious, whole chunks of the world were rended skyward, with great violence. The chaos that ensued caused the collapse of most kingdoms, as the map literally needed to be rewritten. Making matters worse was it became impossible to return to or communicate with the surface. The aftershocks from this event continued for centuries and can still be felt in a subdued way today. Travel was impossible to and from all of these newly created sky islands, which allowed the dragons time to recuperate, and since they could fly.... The Second Captivity: The dragons reasserted their domination one island at a time. As the humans were separated, they could not band together and were easy prey. Although due to this separation, there were many islands which did in fact live free from the tyranny that many ultimately suffered. Eventually, though it seemed that this period might have gone on forever, eventually the new gods appeared, These beings organized humanity, and gave many gifts of knowledge to reignite the rebellion against the old masters, and were powerful enough (with the help of many other races once subservient to the dragons decided to join in the rebellion, although that is not well known today and is a bit scandalous) to eject them from what is now considered Elumia, partially by the forced dissolution of their main ruling body. They also set up the defenses against the dragons, which ultimately lead to.. The Early Empire:: Even early in the second rebellion, it was clear that a unified front was required to face the dragons. A powerful imperial government was set up, (which is the foundation of the modern calendar) as well as a centralized school for teaching the magical arts that were so critical at having a chance at defeating dragons in combat. The descendants of the new gods were the ones who were most involved in this. Since the dragons again were never fully defeated, a powerful force was required to meet them in battle during their inevitable return. Many battles have been fought successfully since. The Middle Empire: After several centuries of self rule, the Empire of Man begain to truly prosper. airships became common, reestablishing trade and communication with the disparate islands had a very powerful positive effect, although things eventually started to slowly turn downhill. Gradually, the threat of the dragons started waning, and as that was the glue which formed the very fabric of human society up until that point, individual regions gradually started becoming more autonomous, and infighting started occuring amongst certain regions. This, and the abuse of certain magics for more petty endeavors led to both corruption and disaster, causing said magics to be repeatedly banned and unbanned, causing a loss of knowledge on how to properly deal with them. Some even dared to challenge the imperial rule, (the story of enlightenment) although that is a story for another time. Eventually, though, an event happened which dealt the Empire a grievous blow... The Calamities: Due to the dying out of several bloodlines of royalty who were elected to the position of the Emperor, there were only a handful of candidates worthy of being considered. Eventually, the island from which most emperor hailed was suddenly overcome by an incredibly devastating event which saw that vast majority of it collapse back down onto the old world below. Although a few people were saved in time, the island, which was one of the largest, was simply too large, and the collapse too fast to even think about a proper evacuation. The event was not a clean collapse, either, which caused massive amounts of floating debris and powerful storms to wreak havoc on the whole region surrounding the area where it used to be.The loss of one of the last main Imperial bloodlines caused the seat to become vacant, further accelerating the decay of the government The Modern Era (To be named later no doubt): While the Imperial government still stands, and most regions of which it is made up have never openly revoked it's claim of power over them, in practice it is a shadow of its former self and all islands except for the one which holds it's capital practice a very large degree of autonomy. It's presently unknown exactly how much stress the current political system can take, should a serious event happen, but as it stands most are still interested in maintaining the status quo. Unfortunately this also includes resistance to the idea that reforms are needed to even patch together and repair the now ailing millenial-old defenses against the dragons should they ever decide to return in force, which has not been seen in centuries.
  11. Considering that they have never released such a progress report, ever, I doubt the team will even formally acknowledge this request. That's not a diss or anything, just an educated guess based on past observation. The Team is notoriously secretive, after all.
  12. Mastery is not just for wimps and losers. I feel that Control is not the only thing Mastery is used for. The positive uses, while underwhelming and overlooked, are worth looking into. Though to be sure I agree with the slippery slope bit Incantation can be used for a whoooole lot of things outside of battle. The ability to conjure up anything you absolutely need in the here and now is quite desirable. Only Revision and Gates offer similar power, albeit with some drawbacks. Glamour is very useful in certain situations. No doubt the illumination spells in the venalicium are wholly Glamours. I also feel it's a very handy shortcut magic to lessen the diffilculty of various tasks. It requires a powerful imagination and out of the box thinking to be used at maximum effectiveness however. Revision is useful for repairs, and for adapting the world to be of higher utility, at least for a time. Revision is about perfection, although in a more subjective sense based on the users wants and needs. Gates is about breaking down barriers. I wouldn't be surprised if there were Gates spells that allowed one to bypass the wall around a person's heart (spiriual heart) in order to form a strong bond between the user and the target. Of course, if so it's [redacted] but the schohanwicht special summoning tells a lot. I don't especially like Astrology because most of it is very bizarre and unorthodox. Most of it doesn't revolve around traditional spellcasting, and I suspect a lot of it requires you to do things like dance around in a geometrically aligned circle for 3 hours. Even so, it has it's uses. Do you want to find something? Good luck using another magic. Negation is not only useful in magic intensive activities and battle. As it is technically the school of understanding and manipulating forces, it can be used physically as well. There are many forces which can be manipulated. Light, gravity, and electricity are the big ones in the physical world, but you can even use Negation to do things like cut off oxygen to a fire. Even air pressure is a force. It is probably my favorite of the legal pillars because it has perhaps the most raw utility of all magic. Enchantment is just adding long durations to the above, imo. That's oversimplified... its ability to combine the physical with magical is worth it's weight, however.
  13. There are other reasons to play DLC 16. But that aside, it's very unlikely anyone has V1.0 of Y1 anymore. I made a thread on how to download through impulse if you were having issues with verification, and that is DLC 9 or 10. That's about when everything slowed to a crawl, and so I think some folks will still have saves dating back that far.
  14. I don't see any real benefit to raising your skills past 11 in Y1. Not only do you not have much real benefit for specializing in one skill so far, but surely Y2 will have more effective tools for raising skills to 20+ Even raising skills from 10 to 11 is pretty timeslot intensive in Y1.
  15. There exists a chance of failure roll to many tasks. If you choose Mr. Pebbles as a Familiar, you receive a blanket 1% chance of failure to all spellcasting.That adds up over time...