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  1. Been a while, so I check back, and I see questions being answered! SB; Odds are it would not be powering anything. It would just be a demonstration for the masses. Kind of like here: Legate! How is Y2 Progressing? It's gotta be pretty close to beta now, right?
  2. Yeah, I've taken to coming back after a week, or a month. Barring the Apocalypse happening, Y2 will release sooner or later. I find other things to do to kill time. I'm actually more worried about about Y2 causing more questions than answers, and the Legate's infamously [redacted] comments are unlikely to change, even if many more subjects can be broached on a surface level. Legate: Did that class list of what the 2nd years had available during Y1 get released yet? Don't be a tease! >:(
  3. Ohh, That's more than acceptable. At least it will give us ideas and more understanding without holding you all to commiting to anything. It does mean we're getting closer to that mythical release, doesn't it? Hehe.... I still think that Rhialto is a little too optimistic and we're going to wait a while longer than next year with all that still needs to be done. ...Still, I expect that when progress finally does strike it will come sudden and unexpected.
  4. I'm sorry, I must have gone blind and stupid from having not been on the forum for a bit. Legate, can you reconfirm what I *think* you said, or am I somehow taking things out of context? That there might be a chance for the Y2 class list to finally be revealed, that's almost like someone telling me that Santa is coming to town at this point. 😂
  5. You know, I think you're right! Sadly, I am not in "Academagia Hype" at the moment so my memory on certain details of it are fading to an extent. That we've went 9 years without a new game has absolutely nothing to do with it, I'm sure.
  6. It's been a long while since I did a list of questions here, hasn't it? 1. Does Gates magic allow for opening mundane gates, like, say, the main gate of the Academagia? I admit, simply rending a Gate to bypass the gate would be easier, but.... 2. What are the largest cannons used, at least in Mineta's military? 3. What is the record for the longest duel between two spellcasters? 4. Can you give us the history on one of the more commonly used, well documented, spells that are used by the students to increase their quality of life? (Who made it, who altered it and why, that sort of thing.) 5. Are golems still used in the military? (Naturally, the non-illegal type of golems)
  7. Honestly, I wrote myself into a corner and it took some time to think on how it was going to go from here. I absolutely will finish this, Eventually... But at my pace. Feels nice to be working on it again, even if I'm just going to go on hiatus again... Interlude 1 (Part 10) -------------------------- About the time that Valentino was discussing matters with Twippy and Orso, a meeting was taking place in the Office of the Legate of the Academagia. The Legate, along with his most trusted professors, had grim faces as they discussed the events that had recently passed... "...Oh, I assure you, it goes much deeper than simply using an old forbidden parlor trick. This time, the magics used were so advanced we don't even really know what truly happened." A female professor stated authoritatively. A male professor added. "I suspect the only way we will ever know at this point will be to contact one of the surviving cloistered Alumini of..." "That's absolutely out of the question!" The Legate quickly interjected. "That is the last thing that the school needs right now... A full on inquisition is probably right around the corner. They will be looking for even minute details of corruption. We do not want to have to explain why the school is consorting with Gates masters right after this nightmare." The Legate, a man by the name of Palo Cantrell, was certain there was a conspiracy about. Too many things were falling into place too quickly and too perfectly. It was one thing to deal with that attack by Mjolnir. But this was another thing entirely; A student he trusted implicitly, Orso, was suddenly on the hook for an unexplainable event. Professors long neutral in school politics suddenly shift overwhelmingly to bring down the law. A special convening of the Praetexta court and the Legate of the school only learns of it at nearly the last hour with no time to prepare? Legate Cantrell's options were limited at this point. It was almost as if a script had been placed in front of everyone and they were all compelled to follow it. At the rate that things were going, he was going to have to follow it, too, or face inconceivable consequences. Rubbing his temples, the Legate asked: "Is the Venalicium open yet?" The librarians had been extra cranky for the past few days. Not only had they been required to close the library, but they were also forced to leave a large chunk of it in disarray as the investigation of the Vampire incident dragged on. The vast majority of their displeasure had fallen on the Legate, as the person who must obviously must be to blame for their work being disrupted. He had elected to not visit the Venalicium personally while it was still closed so as to avoid unnecessary conflict with them, but it was looking like he was going to need to visit there very soon. "Not yet." A professor said. "But the so called 'double-dead undead'..." (He winced at having to say the term) "...Have been moved. You can see them now if you want without having to disrupt the librarians." The Legate's face brightened. "Let's go then, we haven't a moment to lose."
  8. Amazing how time flies, isn't it? Over a week and nothing to show for it. To be fair, I had some questions for the Legate. They still haven't been answered yet, but I'm being proactive on giving giving the team time so we don't go a month with no part. :) But honestly it's mostly me being lazy... Part 9. ----------------------- "That's not it at all!" Valentino practically shouted out. "I really appreciate everything you've done!" This seemed to calm Twippy down a tiny bit, although not enough for either Orso or Valentino to relax. Valentino started to think about what to say next, when suddenly time stopped again. It was more natural this time, though it still caught Valentino off guard. It seemed as though Twippy's tantrum had allowed Valentino to use his ability to focus much more smoothly than last time. Probably an indication that the danger was much higher. Being not a total stranger to the concept, and unsure as to how long this state of frozen time would last, Valentino quickly gathered his thoughts as how to best calm Twippy down. Finally, after several "minutes", the pain in his head grew strong enough that he decided that he needed to execute a plan, even if he wasn't fully ready yet. He ultimately decided to try to appeal to her ego. Valentino braced himself mentally, and then after a little bit of coaxing, was able to unfreeze time. Here we go. He thought, while quickly putting his palm on his forehead to try to manage the pain. "You defeated all those vampires by yourself! You're really amazing, twippy!" Valentino said with as much earnestness as he could muster. "I'd have been in big trouble if you hadn't been there to save me!" Twippy calmed down instantly. She had a look of surprise, then a knowing look as if she recognized something, and smiled deeply. "Well, as long as you understand, Wonderful Valentino." Twippy said. She actually blushed. "But you shouldn't use the Fun I gave you so quickly. Improper use can kill humans, and we can't afford to lose you." Well, that answered a few questions that Valentino had. Honestly, after learning that, he wasn't sure he really had wanted to know the answer to those questions now. Still, he had calmed Twippy. "Anyways..." Valentino Started. "I really, really, REALLY need a favor."
  9. Technically, it wouldn't count, as it obviously hasn't started development yet. Any reasonable assumption would be that y5 wouldn't be started until after y4 releases. I'm about 95% sure (I could be wrong, I admit) that at some point the legate admitted that y2 started development shortly after Y1's release, though it probably wasn't on the day of, which would give the Team a little bit more time than the deadline I've arbitrarily set. Still, l think it's a good far-enough-into-the-future date so as to get the team to be motivated to aim to beat. Hopefully by quite a bit of time, but if they don't... Well, I can only wonder what my next sigi will be. :)
  10. It gets better than you think. Since Y2 was pretty much announced as soon as Y1 was released, and we know when Y1 was released... (August 13, 2010) We now have a tentative no-later-than release date of Thursday, September 26, 2024. 😎
  11. Quoting wikipedia there... That's effectively 14 years. So the Team still has a little time to burn, yet, if they're trying to go for a record...
  12. It looks like this story is going to be longer than I expected. I still haven't gotten into the actual intrigue part yet. Getting to the chase will still take several more parts yet, I think. And who knows how long that will take, as I am not sure exactly how it is going to go, yet. I've managed a decent pace up til now, but I might blow off writing for a while if I get writer's block. Part 8 ---------------------------------- Orso regained his composure pretty quickly. Valentino wondered about some of the rumors that were floating around the school about him, and figured that they must not have been all of what what he had been getting up to if he could recover from this so quickly. Even Valentino had taken a few days to calm down from his ordeal. Suddenly, the bells rang, and it became clear that classes had started. It was a stark reminder of how little time was available until the unthinkable happened. Valentino resolved to skip his remaining classes to help Orso. "I'm afraid not today, Twippy. My friend here is in trouble, and I need to help him." Valentino said. If he was going to have to hunt slobins today as well, he might not survive the stress alone. "Is that so..?" Twippy said, nearly pouting. However, she quickly bounced back into her bubbly phase. "Well, there's still time. The elders are still feasting. There has not been so much fresh Fun in quite some time." Orso got confused at that term. Valentino just shook his head, to indicate that he would explain that later. "So, why did you call me then?" Twippy asked. She was getting bored. She was also making it pretty obvious that the Dreamers had very little interest in helping Valentino beyond obtaining their 'fun'. Valentino, however, was determined to get a small commitment of help out of Twippy. Even though strictly speaking, that was not the best idea, honestly the situation seemed desperate enough to Valentino that any problems that she might cause would be minor to being discovered as a Gates mage. "You see..." Valentino started. "My friend here is in trouble because people think that he... Defeated the Vampires that you defeated back then, remember?" Twippy entered into a long, drawn out thinking pose. "Do humans like Vampires, then?" She asked, inquisitively. "Um, no. Not especially." Valentino replied. "It was more the way they were defeated, I was told." Orso interjected, helpfully. Twippy did not like hearing that at all. Her temperament flash boiled quickly, even to the point that she did not seem very human at all. Her eyes were glowing red, and her voice attained an ethereal quality. Her aura also darkened, and became strong enough to form a kind of soft wind, which was not enough to knock anything in the room over, but all the same it was obvious that everything in the room was being influenced by it. "Are these humans so foolish as to not appreciate our helping them?" Twippy practically demanded to know. Valentino realized that it was probably a mistake to have called on Twippy, still... What was done, was done. Fast thinking was required here.
  13. I feel obligated to say something here. In the end, this is just a story written by me. I've taken the time to really consider Orso's character, and decided that he would be lax toward Valentino. I don't think this is unfair given that in Y1 he associates with IIaro, is stern with a Gates/Mastery user in a Vernin adventure but is still willing to consider the Gates plan offered. To say nothing of whatever Gates artifacts he might have on hand to skirt the law. Orso strikes me as a person who is willing to bend the law (probably even high law) if it is for moral reasons, whilst he simultaneously has no qualms of hammering those who break the law for petty and immoral reasons. (As the School Mastery dating incident shows quite clearly.) This, combined with the fact that he is younger, brasher, and most importantly NOT the school's legate in this story, gives me a little more leeway than I might have had if I had written the story in the present day. Even so, the decision to reveal all this to Orso will have... repercussions. Just probably not in the short term... Assuming Val can get poor Orso out of the Hangman's noose! Too bad for Von Rupprecht that he neither knows the full story, nor realizes that there's a wild card in play at the moment.... Part 7 ------------------------------------- Orso, for his part, was a good listener. Despite looking doubtful over a few parts, he didn't interrupt Valentino until his story was over. When Valentino finally finished, there was only one question. "Can you prove this?" Orso asked. Valentino sighed. While proving it was true was going to be easy, it required reopening a can of worms that had mostly been sealed back away. Valentino had hoped that he would have had a little more time before having to deal with it again, but it looked like there was little choice but to reveal his 'proof'. "I can, if you require me too." Valentino replied. "Show me... But don't cast anything." Orso quickly added. "Technically, I really don't have to." Valentino rolled his eyes and silently prayed that nothing went wrong. "But you should still be prepared for this first." Valentino then lifted his sleeves to reveal a coin hidden within. Actually it was more like a coin blank as there was nothing stamped on it. It had been given to Valentino, and would work only for him, so there was no danger of it being used inappropriately. It was enchanted with a certain ability to allow Gates spells to find it. Valentino then activated it's ability by tossing it in the air in a spin, as if he was doing a coin toss. The moment the coin hit the ground, a being materialized out of nowhere! "Valentino~! And a new friend, too! Are you ready for hunting another Slobin already?" said a cute, bubbly voice. Although the being looked older now, closer to Valentino's age, there was absolutely no denying that the being was Twippy. She was emanating a much more noticable aura than before. That worried Valentino, but when he looked over at Orso, he noticed that Orso had lost a fair bit of color in his face out of sheer fright. Valentino actually chuckled in his heart at that. What a wonderful thing it was to already be used to deadly extradimensional creatures, and also a beautiful thing to share the misery of encountering them with others. Of course, Valentino said nothing and had only the most serious of faces. "Twippy, this is Orso. Orso. Twippy."
  14. Part 6 -------------------------------------------------- Orso took a look at Valentino, and his face softened slightly. However, his gaze was penetrating enough that it caused Valentino to wince slightly. "So, um... How are you doing?" Valentino asked, in an awkward, somewhat pathetic attempt to break the ice. "Well, apart from being accused of using Gates magic, being magically confined to my room, finding myself facing expulsion, and possibly even execution... Not that bad, honestly." Orso replied tersely. Orso continued. "But now that I think of it, you've got something to do with this, don't you? I can't imagine it's coincidence that you show up here, now... Right after Von Treacherous shows up." "Von who?" Valentino asked quizzically. Orso obliged. "Sorry, just feeling a little spiteful. Sixt Von Rupprecht. One of the newer Aranaz professors. He's an ambitious snake. I've crossed paths with him before, just... Not to this extent. " Valentino instantly was able to put the face he had seen with that name. Orso continued. "He was lording it over me how he was going to get back at me for upstaging him last week. As if it was some sort of game..." Orso frowned bitterly at at last statement. "So... Are you going to tell me what your involvement in all this is?" Valentino realized that if he was going to have a chance to get Orso on his side, (which was the only way he had a chance of escaping a disastrous fate himself) he was going to have to tell Orso everything. It was kind of a long shot, but there wasn't any alternative. They were both in the same situation. If Orso went down for this, Valentino was going to get dragged down for it as well. Being from Rival colleges, and also being two years separated in their schooling, meant that the two students only really knew each other from reputation, and their slight occasional crossing of paths (including last week.) It was safe to say that they weren't friends, but yet their shared situation caused Valentino to feel a faint bond of friendship with Orso, so he decided to tell him everything. About his knowledge of Gates. About the Dreamers of the Void, About Twippy massacring the Ancient Vampires. About the death world he visited. And of course, about nearly getting torn to pieces from the slobins. Valentino only kept quiet about Patricia Whittaker. It seemed prudent to keep that little bit a secret.
  15. It would be pretty badass if Val made an appearance in the games, but... Then it would also mean that the Dreamers are canon... >_< I wouldn't put it past the Team to do this based on the Legate's comments, but I'm content just writing the story. Thankfully, I'm toning the Gates-ness of this particular story down a notch or two. I don't want to desensitize everyone to the horrors of it should I ever write a threequel. (and I do have an idea for a 3rd story, mwahaha!) That said, I'm not going to ignore Gates entirely. *chuckles evilly* Oh, no. Not ignore it at all. :) The hardest part of writing this sequel is going to be handling Orso. He only really had a small part in the first story, but this time, well... You'll see. Part 5 ----------------------------------------- Valentino looked all over Vernin hall for Orso. He even went into places that he, as a Morvidus student, strictly speaking, had no business entering. (Luckily it seemed the professors were preoccupied by something else!) Everyone he asked didn't seem to know where Orso was. He was just about to give up, and head to his next class in order to plan his next step, when he saw 2 professors guarding a door in the dorms labeled: "Quarantine zone. Plague victims inside. Inspections not recommended." Instantly, Valentino knew he had found Orso at last. The problem was the professors guarding the door. They hadn't spotted him yet, so Valentino was able to hide, observe them, and try come up with a plan. Before he could come up with anything, however, the door opened. One of the newer Aranaz professors came out of the door. Valentino recognized him, but could not recall his name, as he had not had any classes with him. The professor had an extremely confident smile on his face as he left the room. As the professor left the room, he looked back, and said. "There's no escape for you this time, hotshot. Your antics are finally over. Accept it and you merely face expulsion. Fight me on this, and you WILL regret it." The grinning professor nodded to the two others, whom Valentino also recognized as Aranaz professors as well. Then all three professors quietly left the hallway, leaving Valentino access to the room as well. After giving the door a quick knock, Valentino let himself in, only to find intense anger and focus on a face that he had only known to be smiling and carefree.
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