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  1. I'm interested in what the team is going to write for Mr. Pebbles. It will be humorous no doubt.
  2. If you like something, then you ought to support it. The devs haven't abandoned Y2. They are just a fairly small team, working on a project that is quite enormous in scope. I think that the team have come upon a lot of unforseen obstacles. Over the years, despite the team's secrecy, bits and pieces have emerged which show that the team have been working toward Y2's completion. I would wager that Y2 is about 95% done at this time, with a few details still needed to be implemented, and lots of polish and bug fixing remaining.
  3. In pamela's adventure, it is actually the player that casts that particular spell, on that particular path, at cobo's reccomendation. That particular adventure step it feels as though he found it in one of his skulk sessions, but didn't have the nerve to actually use it himself. Casually passing it to the player in hopes of seeing it without having to actually cast it.
  4. Ten years. How time flies... I hope years and beyond will be able to use the same engine( With modifications.) rather than having to be built from scratch. Can you tell us what the tabletop session was about, or does that involve spoilers?
  5. That was the one specific one I had in mind, yet it is possible he knows it too.
  6. Can you give an example of an influence the forum has had on Y2's development?
  7. 1.Can you tell us about some of the precautions wizards take when attempting to cast spells with newly discovered phemes? 2. Since it can be possible that a student can self teach themselves basic magic in a pillar, shouldn't it be theoretically possible for a student to teach themselves a minor Gates or Mastery pheme without even realizing it? I mean, you've said that there are spells outside of those pillars which contain a forbidden pheme which incidentally caused the whole thing to be banned. If an advanced student already knew the legal phemes and was trying to (Re)discover the Spell due to wanting to make use of it's effects, I'd imagine it could happen, especially if the student in question might have some unknown affinity for banned magic due to havin grandparents involved in it many generations ago. 3. Can you tell us what one of the weakest common monsters might be that would still have a high chance to wipe the floor with even a talented first year student? 4. Can you tell us about any still existing saltwater sources in Elumia? I would imagine even a small pond might be highly valued as a salt source if the water is replenish with salt same as with coal seams and freshwater lakes, to say nothing of rare fish that might be found within. 5. Out of curiousity, is there even a single pheme in Y1's repertoire that Orso would admit to not knowing how to draw? I think given the history of some of them, the odds are that there might be a few, though as experienced as he is, I'm sure he would probably have heard of them all, right? (Let's keep the illegal stuff out of this discussion for obvious reasons. Yes, including sync related stuff, too.)
  8. 1. In the past, you've said that an ideal career path for an omni disciplinarian would be a court wizard. Why is that especially likely? Since you have implied recently that at least in some cases, further education in a pillar can well be had with on the job training after graduation, I have to ask about opportunities where a jack of all trades could continue to grow. The primary worry is avoiding getting stuck only doing all the 'easy magic' that the Masters can't be bothered to do anymore. 2. Can you give an example or two of the limits of generic Negation spells against exotic magic? I suppose a simple way of looking at it is probably to compare the relative power of both spells, but I also imagine that there's a limit to raw power in negation when the spell to be negated is sufficiently unexpected and unknown. Can you give us a better picture?
  9. Wow, dumb blondes? Stereotype much? Just kidding. Well, there are plenty of blondes also, and I'll point out that s school like the Academagia would naturally have a population with a higher IQ than normal.
  10. I think some questions are in order! :) 1. What's the record for longest amount of time to cast a spell? In theory, How long could you keep a palette up to work on if you wanted to work on a powerful and complex spell? 2. Since the Wall is quite obviously in disrepair in certain segments, a part of me has to ask if tiny bits of it get taken illicitly and sold as souvenirs or research items? How is this combated? 3. How is the Academagia's magic refuse and rubbish dealt with? (After it finally piles up so high that they can't ignore it any more of course...) 4. While Professor Briardi is a very prominent member of the Academagia, seen in many adventures, how much of her influence is due to her position, and how much is from her relationship to the current Legate? If a certain daring Aranaz regent became Legate, wouldn't her influence in the school plummet? Does her present influence inspire some of the malcontents ired by her position t speak out against her more strongly than they might otherwise?
  11. I really do hope that I get to see all that extensive history someday!
  12. Been a while, so I check back, and I see questions being answered! SB; Odds are it would not be powering anything. It would just be a demonstration for the masses. Kind of like here: Legate! How is Y2 Progressing? It's gotta be pretty close to beta now, right?
  13. Yeah, I've taken to coming back after a week, or a month. Barring the Apocalypse happening, Y2 will release sooner or later. I find other things to do to kill time. I'm actually more worried about about Y2 causing more questions than answers, and the Legate's infamously [redacted] comments are unlikely to change, even if many more subjects can be broached on a surface level. Legate: Did that class list of what the 2nd years had available during Y1 get released yet? Don't be a tease! >:(
  14. Ohh, That's more than acceptable. At least it will give us ideas and more understanding without holding you all to commiting to anything. It does mean we're getting closer to that mythical release, doesn't it? Hehe.... I still think that Rhialto is a little too optimistic and we're going to wait a while longer than next year with all that still needs to be done. ...Still, I expect that when progress finally does strike it will come sudden and unexpected.
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