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  1. freespace2dotcom

    A few in game questions

    Just pointing out that the last "monthly" question block is over a month old now. (this quote doesn't include all questions)
  2. freespace2dotcom

    KS Update 123

    I have not been keeping up with this forum. Even reading the link was not super helpful in determining what's going on. Still, if there's a vote afoot, even if I have no idea of the context, I guess I should go for #4. I'm sure that's what miss Avarice would want, with 4 being the number associated with death in Asian cultures.
  3. freespace2dotcom

    Grim News on the Holdfast App

    So about 2079, then? *disappears in a puff of cinnamon smoke*
  4. freespace2dotcom

    A few in game questions

    Who is the current (acknowledged) oldest living mage, and is this person still active, or living like a hermit?
  5. freespace2dotcom

    A few in game questions

    Any news on the questions?
  6. freespace2dotcom

    A few in game questions

    Schwarzbart. Don't forget that the phenomenon that drives the wellsprings also seems to replenish coal right at the seams. While I can agree that there probably won't be a huge amount of cheap coal to go around, I also don't think that there will ever be a critical shortage of the stuff that you are foreseeing.
  7. freespace2dotcom

    A few in game questions

    Well, since we still haven't gotten the answers to the big block of questions, I'll add some more and delay it further! HAHAHAHA!!!! 1. How common are the pointy hats that we traditionally associate with wizards and witches? 2. In this era, does champagne exist and if so, what would it be called? (Also can it be stored safely?) 3. Can Gate's chaos factor be invoked at will? Naturally one would have no control over what happens with the spell after invoking it, and I doubt many would be willing to risk the side effects, but I would imagine some might try to do so for the sake of trying to figure out how to remove it from the equation all together. 4. Are there any girls who are known to dye their hair at the Academagia? Magically or otherwise. 5. Who are the All-Academagia Rimbal team's biggest rivals? 6. Does Girars have a problem dairy foods or with magically created meat? It seems from his description that his big issue is with the moral dilemma of actually killing animals. 7. Who is the pickiest eater of the students of the Academagia?
  8. freespace2dotcom

    How goes the Progress for Y2?

    So what's been done for y2 these past few weeks?
  9. freespace2dotcom

    A few in game questions

    Are class seats assigned by professors or chosen by students?
  10. freespace2dotcom

    A few in game questions

    You know, with all the hijinks one can get up to at the Academagia, it honestly did not occur to me that the #1 reason for expulsion would be something as mundane as academic performance. I guess it makes sense, even though I'm sure there are some who manage to get by with bad grades due to extra *cough* donations being made to the school.... Then what's the #2 reason? I guess it would be a very vague and all encompassing reason like "Disciplinary action"? Even though there could be lots of reasons why such an action would be undertaken...
  11. freespace2dotcom

    A few in game questions

    1. What is the #1 reason why students are expelled from the Academagia? 2. Are most of the peculiarities of Icanicix hall the result of Gates enchantments, or would you say that it is more to do with the aura of Gates magic spells lingering on? 3. Any word on the latest block of questions?
  12. freespace2dotcom

    Paying to Copy Edit Y2

  13. freespace2dotcom

    Paying to Copy Edit Y2

    So, legate. Here's a question about the beta that doesn't involve a time frame: Has the team discussed the checkpoint at which Y2 should be put into beta status yet?
  14. freespace2dotcom

    A few in game questions

    It would be nice to know why things derailed so badly... Grrr... legate, what needs to be done to get a screenie of Y2! :(
  15. freespace2dotcom

    A few in game questions

    The lore writing team is undoubtedly not the same as the programming team. Only one guess as to which Y2 needs more from. :)