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  1. 1. Can you explain what might happen if two or more mages tried casting varying Mastery spells on a poor victim simultaneously? Would the more powerful Caster win in the end, or is it possible for something REALLY BAD to happen? 2. Is it possible to cast a line-of-sight spell on one side of a Gate to affect something on the other side? or do you need to be on the same side? 3. Are there any good armchair theories in setting on what kind of spell the Dragons used to start the Exile? 4. Why is Orsi's assistant get a job helping the headmaster of a magic school while being deathly afraid of magic? 5. How often do omens like shattered mirrors happen in setting? Can you say who the last person was that had it at their birth, outside the possible cast of the PC? 6. What or the odds of accidentally running afoul of some dangerous counterspell while using divination magic at the Academagia? (While doing innocent things and not peeking into the girls' dorms or something, haha.)
  2. Due to a dead monitor I'm still rocking 1024 X 768. Old version is still superior for that. Even when I had my lcd I never felt a need to crank it that high, but to each their own.
  3. Can a Gate be designed to reopen with Astrological factors even after it was forcibly closed with Negation, Revision, and a rock?
  4. I still prefer the overall look of the pre steam version... But mostly due to issues I've mentioned already. When the final cp comes out I may change my mind depending on what gets fixed. I must confess though that aesthetically speaking the steam version feels awfully brown to me. Not that that's a bad thing, but I do like the more neutral palette of the old version. That and the transparent windows kind of stand out as differences I still prefer on the older version.
  5. I would hope Y2 starts laying the ground work for giving us jobs for our characters to aspire to, along with general descriptions of what kind of knowledge is required for them, even if you don't get into specifics. Then over the next years you can add more jobs with more minute requirements, with professorship requiring not much skill but lots and lots of connections, haha!
  6. So, if Briardi would admit to professors supposedly needing to be well rounded, I would like to ask if Briardi's desire to keep me away from the path of the omni disciplnarian is grounded on the belief that learning multiple pillars is dangerous? Or is it more on the issue of mixing magic from the pillars? OR, is it that students not satisfied with just one pillar tend to find their way to... Less than legal magic?
  7. Whether it's improbable or not is still up in the air though. I agree with the Legate in as far as the forum here goes. If the forum was dead, we wouldn't have stuck around over this massive Wait Trekā„¢. I continue to feel that Y2 will be worth it, but, I do question if the Team hasn't painted themselves into a corner due to the long wait. A lot of people are undoubtedly going to be expecting a Master Work after the wait. The massive secrecy over Y2 doesn't help define our expectations either. I don't even think that the long wait is the worst aspect; I think a lot of us want to know why Y2 went from being "just around the bend/ Next Year" to complete silence. Because that alone is pretty disheartening. Y2 will come eventually, but the old saying about a watched pot rings true here as well. Find something else to do and when you come back, you might be surprised. I've started collecting Game Boy games (in addition to all the other old retro stuff I have) to help my gaming itch and kill time because there really aren't many new games out on the horizon that I'm interested in. Unfortunately pretty much all of them require new batteries in order to save due to their age. It turns out that pokemon red is over 20 years old now. Gotta collect, though. most original game boy games are still pretty cheap.
  8. 1. Has anyone been able to reverse engineer some level of Mastery or Gates knowledge from the Defenses taught against them? 2. Can you give us an example of how an advanced Glamour might break down over time, before its duration ended? 3. In Magsa's extra credit assignment, the final stage where Briardi turns the poor fellow into a girl, the adventure states that the spell is an incantation and not a Revision. Can you explain that? Also, I think this is the only time we've seen Briardi use something other than a Negation so I am curious if the player asked her about that "trial by fire" and her skill with magic outside Negation, what her response might be?
  9. I'm sure #3 is possible, but.... There will always be someone who slips through the cracks of your defenses, or a mage who will be powerful enough to not be affected, in which case....
  10. 1. Are there any social norms for hair length? Most boys seem pretty much on the short end, and even girls seem to rarely have anything longer than shoulder length hair. 2. Is longer hair common on sailors (and pirates!) of both genders? 3, While Graduating from the Academagia surely opens connections for employment, even for the less talented, have any wizards chosen to become pirates immediately after their education? What is the most famous of those who might have? 4. How effective would Revision be at Curing blindness in a person who was born that way? As opposed to healing a recently blind individual? 5. Are there restrictions on free use of healing magic in Mineta? Do hospitals or healing temples have enough sway with any governments to enact that kind of restriction on conscientous mages who might charitably help others for little to nothing? 6. What is the legal situation if a passing wizard finds an ancient, but harmless Gates enchantment that a small village had been relying on for centuries, perhaps even unknowingly, and decides to negate it, thus severely impacting the quality of life of everyone in the village? In theory, could a master Negator Negate the Negation and not get in trouble? 7. Can you give us an example of some of the actions one might do in order to cast a non-pheme based Astrology spell?
  11. __ ___ ___ ___ _ ___ _____ ___ ___ __ | _| _ \ __| \ /_\ / __|_ _| __| \_ | | || / _|| |) / _ \ (__ | | | _|| |) | | | ||_|_\___|___/_/ \_\___| |_| |___|___/| | |__| |__|
  12. so I wanted confirmation
  13. 1. Are there any physical differences between male and female Dragons, at least as a human might observe? 2. Can you tell us a little bit about derivative phemes and permutations of existing phemes? How does one draw the Chaos pheme correctly, and how do the differing variations affect spells? 3. Mmm. In Y1, I followed my heart in my omni-disciplinarian ways, but I get this feeling that it won't be possible to take 4 classes in varying pillars in addition to my college-mandated classes in Y2... Are there additional ways to learn a pillar in Y2 similar to the Contu school, so that if I have to focus on 1 pillar in my Academagia studies, the other pillars won't need to be abandoned? 4. Will school politics (and regent Favor) play a role in determining which Y2 classes we'll be eligible for after the summer break? In other words, Will I as an Aranaz student need to apply a favor to Briardi to get access to all non-exclusive Negation classes if I want to focus my Academagia classes in Negation while looking elsewhere for knowledge in the other pillars? 5. Exactly where is the line drawn between the responsibility of the Legate and a Regent of a college? Are there instances where von Rupprecht would rightfully tell Orsi that he shouldn't interfere in a college affair? 6. Are there correlations between a pheme's power and it's difficulty to draw? Are there exceptions?
  14. How is Y2 progressing? Can you tell us how the class list looks? (As in what is still required to do in order to lock in the classes and reveal the list?)
  15. Have any non-wizards ever developed any minor spells that were worth being aware of if not learning outright?