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  1. freespace2dotcom

    A few in game questions

    Ana does pretty good overall. She's typically #2 in my games as well. I'm pretty sure that my gradebook is about 95% accurate. Minute details might be wrong but the overall pattern is surely correct. I'm glad I made that gradebook. When Y2's gradebook comes out, I'll ask the Legate to sticky the thread.
  2. freespace2dotcom

    Question about mechanics of gaining new skills

    my gut says yes, but it may also be even, depending on your skill and the roll. I'd say look up the modtools to check out the rolls but the last modbase we can access is rather out of date...
  3. freespace2dotcom

    Question about mechanics of gaining new skills

    To be fair, my old sigi would be pretty large if the Legate had kept promising that we'd get Y2 "next year". I'd have 9 quotes from 9 separate occasions across 9 years.(!) As they say, once bitten (or burned,I suppose) twice shy.
  4. freespace2dotcom

    How goes the Progress for Y2?

    Yup. I'm sure the Beta for Y2 will emerge before we hear of the converter. In any case, Legate... How is Y2's UI developing? I still haven't seen a new map of Mineta surface on Deviant Art.I would think that such a thing would be posted there if it exists, but since the Team is so blasted secretive it could go either way.
  5. freespace2dotcom

    Steam achievement suggestion for Academagia

  6. freespace2dotcom

    A few in game questions

    Funny, as the Legate has already said that Emilia Strollin's father bought both title and estate. Then again, rules don't matter much to those associated with College Aranaz. ❤️
  7. freespace2dotcom

    A few in game questions

    Surely they can. It all depends on whether the owner is willing to sell...
  8. freespace2dotcom

    will things we did in y1 affect our summer break?

    To be fair, the list of nobility that we were given specifically mentioned that it was the ones which could be fairly easily determined.
  9. freespace2dotcom

    ~ Suggestions & Improvement ~

    That *would* be a nice function to use in conjunction with a certain gradebook...
  10. freespace2dotcom

    An Alternative way to Divide Magics

    That kind of sounds like something that would be taught at the Pievere University of magic, doesn't it?
  11. freespace2dotcom

    Will there be guns in this game?

    No comment because the team won't reveal cool stuff about future years. 'Yes', because there's no good reason not to.
  12. freespace2dotcom

    Will there be guns in this game?

    Saw that coming a mile away. I would take that as a 'yes', personally.
  13. freespace2dotcom

    A few in game questions

    Any news?
  14. freespace2dotcom

    A few in game questions

    Rarely has there ever been a statute of limitations on crimes carrying the death penalty. :)
  15. freespace2dotcom

    Let's Play Academagia! Dolan Durn

    That's a problem when you play the game too much. That's partially why I haven't played a full game in years. I got locked too heavily into a single path of playing. You get better results by refining your play over and over, but I feel that Academagia is just as much about the path you take as the end result. It gets less fun if you just break it down into numbers and don't roleplay at all. Just makes me all the more hungry for when Y2 finally arrives.