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  1. So quiet. Makes me wonder about how often the team meets to discuss checkpoints.
  2. 1. What colors to unicorns appear in? Only white? And do winged variants appear? 2. Can you tell us anything about Opossum and Racoon Familiars? Are they unheard of? Since the Familiar bond process is partly up to chance, it has to have happened before. Any good stories surrounding them? 3. Given that magical herbs and mushrooms are fairly common, I have to ask about any common recreational drugs in setting, including magical variants, as well as the Academagia's policy on usage of such items, especially those which have genuine beneficial uses. 4. Are there any sort of cliches surrounding wizards who like to live in very tall towers isolated from large communities? 5.This is kind of a big one. I've been trying to order all of the history in the game for a while. Given that we only ever get pieces and there is no official timeline to reference outside of your internal documents. Can you look over my understanding of the proper order of history and make any corrections and notations you feel are needed? I'm aware that it seems the periods overlap a bit, so I've tried to make as much sense of everything as I can.
  3. Given how finicky people can be, and how niche the game is, I'd think releasing early might be bad. I want to get my hands on y2 also, but do you really want to please the fans at the expense of newcomers? Its a tough call...
  4. Which is closer to answering the question that I originally asked. Do parachutes exist? I would think that they probably would, given the setting, even if their use was not very common.
  5. haha, the so called flip flop of God, but the easy fix is, it is a magic that has Draconic roots, which have been forgotten today. Hence the belief that it is purely human.
  6. We have some information on Calligraphy, but I'm curious. who created Orthography? And how did it rise to become thought of as a pillar? It may well be that learning the origins of the magic may be an excellent way to look for inspiration for other magical combos.
  7. Just in our year, of course. The team still hasn't fully created all of the students in the whole school yet. Ooh, now that I've posted here... 1. Does Oriabel consider all Familiar ghosts to be too domestic for her, or just Pamela? And since she really hasn't seen a whole lot of ghosts yet, aren't her perceptions of what 'exotic' ghosts are like colored by her own preconceived notions of what a ghost is like? She is obviously heavily into the type often told about from campfire ghost stories because of her father. 2. Can you give an example of a Glamour that straddles the line into Mastery to the point of being illegal on principle, rather than technical means. 3. From an omni-disciplinarian perspective, I am curious about cross pillar casting. I know you don't want to talk about the specific example of the twisted path students who studied both Revision and Gates, but I'm hoping there might be another example you wouldn't mind talking about. Is this about cross pillar casting or is it more on the line of just becoming a master of 2 pillars because the spells from one can be used in service to the other? 4. Can you touch upon what the rituals for dating used to be like at the Academagia before the... Mastery incident? 5. Regarding the abilites of a first year to be able to have fire phemes hazily come into focus when angry, albeit surely on a subconscious level, I was wondering if this is something that the wizard in question can observe with practice, or if it is near impossible to do outside of spontaneously accidentally burning someone, haha!
  8. Didn't see that. Honestly, there are parts of the gradebook I'm never going to use, that I only put in by extrapolating the stuff I do use. Unless someone points it out to me I won't fix something I don't use and like I said I missed that post. And I'm still mad at Mika for breaking my gradebook with all her extra kids. It was not too surprising that there would be a couple bugs in there after that as I had to rebuild pretty much the entire book from scratch. A lot of chances for errors to creep in from a cell not properly changed. I don't even think pass/not pass classes need a sheet in the gradebook, given how you actually pass has nothing to do with the grade you're given. Anyway, it's fixed now. So I can pretend it was always perfect, hahaha!
  9. Independently I found athletics to have the same error as music
  10. Aparently nobody has played Godina up until now, due to the athletics and music classes being bugged for the player. There was also a bug reported in the total sheet, which I am looking at right now. A new version of the Gradebook is incoming. Edit: V1.74 is live. Unless you are a godina student or have a pass/not pass class, this doesn't really affect you, but it doesn't hurt to have a bug free version! Download away!
  11. "Some" complex issues? As in, "not many"?
  12. Actually, there's a really good chance that the beta will come out before the class list, modtools, and save converter..All of those things require a final game in order to be released. A beta just needs to be far enough along that you want extra eyes to find things that the devs overlooked. I would rather get a class list first so we could at least discuss it openly, but I would suck it up and begrudgingly keep quiet about the classes if we got access to the beta. Ooh, to see progress like that, it gives me shivers thinking about it!
  13. Well, I bet even the team is frustrated with how long it's taking. With Y1 effectively done, Y2 should be gaining steam, even if just a little.I just wish that we weren't totally in the dark. Legate, years ago you said y2 looked better than Y1 did in beta. Just how is it looking now, and can you tell us what prerequisites are neccessary to finally move to beta?
  14. damn it. here you go
  15. 1. Legate, what is the legal status of Mastery artifacts which are so old as to no longer have any active enchantments? I suppose such things could come in a variety of flavors, some of which may still yet have secrets associated with them even if the magical aspect is dead. I suppose the most obvious case is to disregard such things and assume they're all still super dangerous... 2. Can you tell us a little bit about the processes involved in creating a club? Are there topics which clubs are forbidden to dwell upon due to rowdy students, or unusually dangerous magics for unsupervised children to study? 3. A question for the team. As Pamela has been a Familiar to many wizards at the Academagia, I would like to ask if she will make an appearance in the game even if she was never the Player's? For Y2 students who have Mr. Pebbles, I would love for him to meet Pam, and win a "Worst familiar ever" contest. It might only be worthy of a random event, but it would be hillarious to come up with a bunch of truly awful Familiars only for the stupid rock to outdo them in accidental destruction and annoyingness.