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  1. Although the few details now known are fairly recent. We have known for a while that Y2 was going to have at least a few maps. Mineta was mentioned several years ago, and given the focus on the school it's not surprising the academy would have one as well. It was not hard to guess that several region maps, or a large world map would exist as well. Sadly I can't find much specific information seeing as how the forum buries stuff, I did find THIS post which shows that we've known that there will be a Mineta map since 2015. It's not surprising that there would be one.
  2. Hard to believe I posted this find a year ago yet almost nothing else has come to light yet. Slightly depressing!
  3. 5. Any response to the potion question I asked earlier? Edit: Legate! Please fix your sigi!
  4. Thats not surprising at all, metis. From what I recall of the early DLC in Y1, it was mostly stories along with critical bugfixing that cropped up. It's a fair bit different from developing from scratch. I would guess that Y1's DLC slowed down when Y2's production started in earnest. Y3 probably won't start development for a while after Y2, so they'll be able to put a lot more effort into the early DLC for a year or so. Then we will literally nag the team to death for Y3.
  5. YAY! Monthly! It should be interesting, then. ... I can't blame you for ignoring the picture. I know I'm not the oooh, ahh inspiring type, but I tried. I tried drawing an airship in the background, but it didn't turn out well, so I nixed that idea, sadly.
  6. Well, Though I am not by any means comparable to any respectable artist, I don't think this little work of Academagia inspired MS paint turned out too bad, even though I suck at drawing. (Well, Not everybody can be a Rembrandt!)
  7. BCS has ( through the legate) stated on more than one occasion that Y2 will see the same dedication for Patching and free DLC that Y1 received. The only thing I question is whether the early post-release schedule will have Y2 DLC released on a monthly schedule like Y1 had up until the game development schedule turned slower than molasses. (To be fair, While molasses is fairly slow to run, it is not the king of slowness.)
  8. What are some of the most unpleasant potions produced that are still useful enough to see use in emergency situations?
  9. This information reinforces some of my beliefs on how Y2's skill structure is going to work. I'm really glad that Y1 lets us train up at least a couple of skills early. I might get around to going up to 10 on brew myself, but that is such a big topic and there are already so many things I need to do that I kind of doubt it.
  10. /Says nothing but remains quiet angstily.
  11. I just want to see Y2. I can wait a year afterwards for the first DLC, but the Base game needs to be released. If you add a few months now, then you can add a few more months once those initial few months have passed. Y2 Beta by christmas, or bust!
  12. Bahaha! So, the Wikipedia entry is false! Well, when anyone can edit, you get cases of false assumptions like that. I would try to edit it myself, but every time I try to edit a Wikipedia page, the edit gets reverted because I'm not one of their super editors. I just gave up in trying.
  13. Mmm. I usually have a good memory of factoids posted on this forum. If that was posted here, I think it must have been really early on. Honestly I would bet that it was never released on the forums, because I asked once about Ann, Janelle, and Kim, and the Legate mostly deflected the question. To be fair, it's usually not a good idea to release too much information on the internet about one's family, so I just dropped it, but I must confess it remains a point of curiosity.
  14. So, out of curiosity I searched for Academagia at Wikipedia. It got a hit as an entry under life simulation game. saying: "a fantasy magic school life simulator made by a father for his daughters, and released to the public due to demand" Is that true? That makes a lot of sense, considering the dedication picture at the opening. But if it was supposed to be just for a family, how did word of it get out that it existed? That sounds like a part of the story we have yet to hear.
  15. same here.