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    Negation, Incantation, Gates, Revision, Glamour, Astrology, Enchant, and Mastery, in that order!

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About Me

  • Incantation is the ability to create anything you want out of nothing, from raw elements to objects to [redacted].
  • Revision is the ability to shape the world around you as you desire, making things more perfect to you, and [redacted].
  • Astrology is the ability to look at the past, present, and future and define them. Mostly the future, but [redacted].
  • Glamour is the ability to change the very perceptions of anyone, and can inspire emotions of all kinds, plus [redacted].
  • Negation is the ability to defy and deny everything and anything. Nature, physics, magic, and [redacted]!
  • Gates is the ability to manipulate space, allowing one to destroy things on limitless scale... And create monsters, but [redacted]
  • Mastery is... The ability to control sapience itself. It can do all of these things indirectly and more, but with such power comes [redacted]

How could you possibly pick just one thing!? I'm going to do it all! Maybe not so much on those last two. but still I'll do it all!


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