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  1. I agree. Don't waste time screwing with Y1 anymore if it's not going to be an easy fix. Just focus on Y2. and when the new modtools can finally be released, we'll scour through 17's modbase then. (Just don't release the Y2 modbase too quickly!)
  2. Wait, wait wait, I thought that the last mod base was actually #4 (but misnumbered) which would make the new one #5? So confusing... Sadly, I get this problem as well.
  3. While I'm cynical and don't expect Y2 to be released in this calendar year, I do have hope that the closed beta will show up sometime in June-July. Assuming that the Team finally releases the Final patch for Y1 this month. ...If not, then all bets are off. Haha!
  4. How is that looking? Has anything been cut since we first started pestering you for the class list? Are there any classes that look like they will be cut?
  5. The title pretty much speaks for itself, but I figured I might as well ask, though I suspect I know the answer. Is there anything in DLC 17 that would prevent it from being run in the Pre-Steam Version of Y1? It's my understanding that the reason why the older version didn't receive DLC 17 was a pragmatic decision to herd all of us into the new version, so that you wouldn't need to support the old version, which had issues with distribution, and is "technically" inferior. Also, given that I have no interest in modding outside of making a DLC 17 patch for the old version of Y1, I am not too familiar with the way Y2 will interpret a save from such a modded "old-version DLC17". Assuming I don't do anything other than publish the mod, would Y2 need a copy of this "mod" (That isn't really a "mod" mod.) like other mods or would it be incapable of distinguishing between a pre-Steam DLC 17 and the official Steam version DLC 17? I think it's an important enough question to ask.
  6. Hehe. "Perfect" is a fairly subjective term. Why not aim higher with 10's in all student and professor relationships? Nobody should be able to tweak the game THAT much. The builds I've seen some people have already destroy the balance of the game. I think even my characters do that. To get a good idea of what is actually possible, try looking up Schwarzbart's characters. I forget which thread they're talked about on, but they're a doozy. (Keep in mind at least a few of them might not be able to be reproduced easily now with the class skip bug fixed) Svink also has some mighty powerful characters that make my best character, (whom has perfect attendance and so is limited by it) pale in shame. Even so, I'm fairly sure that despite my character's shortcomings, he probably will crush Y2's balance easily also.
  7. This is off topic, but, I just had to gush. Lately I've been reading this light novel called 'Overlord' While some parts can get quite dark, and the subject is more adult than Academagia, I wouldn't say it is too much darker than something like Dragon Age. But there are a few parts which are. The basic premise is that a level 100 mmorpg player gets permanently transported to a 'new world' after the game servers were shut down, and he and his NPC guardians cause pure chaos because there is virtually nobody there over say level 30. there's even an anime out of it although it only covers a small part of it and not in great detail like the novel does. There's also a lot of humor as the NPCs see him as some infinitely wise ruler when he's just an ordinary guy wearing a facade because he fears losing their loyalty if he doesn't 'measure up'. It helps that he's a lich, so he's got a mean poker face. Here's TV tropes page Here's a small clipping I chose from the latest volume's translation. Just a few pages' worth so you can see whether you'll like it or not.
  8. Part of the chimney crows adventure had you solving a legal kerfuffle that had a law firm trying to steal a property from an old lady. Edit: Don't forget the city hall adventure!
  9. Season 2 of this anime kicked off today. If all goes as I expect, The season will end after showing my favorite arc in the story. It's gonna be good!
  10. 1. At least partially, for certain. 2. [redacted] But frankly, you need to remember that Gates is more feared for it's complicated, somewhat accidental, and occasionally stupendously frightful side effects. hyper-lethal monsters. horrific plagues. Whole sections of real estate being torn asunder from the sky. In some respects you can safely say Gates is the more frightening of the two illegal pillars. 3.Several Gates items (like the Taxidermist's pin, look it up) were designed to physically restrain monsters so that they could be more safely worked on. (maybe even taken apart and completely reworked) Exactly how this worked is [redacted] but it probably has something to do with distorting the connection between the body and the spirit inhabiting it.
  11. The problem is, there's always a better Master and dragons are no exception.
  12. I don't think dragons are inherently evil. That said, their nature and values definitely put them at odds with anything smaller than them... Which is just about everything, including me, so I fall into the "Let's defend the Wall to the last person" camp. No quarter expected and none given. Those sorts of life-and-death scenarios would be an excellent reason to throw caution to the wind and start Rending dragons with Gates. I also suspect that Mastery would be useful to influence them to infighting even if you couldn't control them. Pull all stops. If you fail you'll be killed anyway.
  13. Well, if you look at the Map You'll see Cassata is right in the center of a number of islands, so it's safe to say it's a port stop in a number of trade routes.
  14. Hmmm. Including making tower 8 livable? I don't think so. Being able to see the future is one thing, being able to benefit from it is another, and being able to undo centuries worth of Astrological forces telling you that things are going to be to your detriment no matter how hard you rail against it is yet another thing entirely.
  15. 1. Probably because Cassetta is a region where lots of such folks end up. In real life the term is Shanghaiing, and it was for that reason.
  16. So how long is a Black Chicken day™? The time between it's own rooster wanting to crow of course!
  17. Every skill has a difficulty rating to train, which determines how many skill steps are required for a skill to level up. Easy skills only need 1 skill step and thus are leveled up after a single action, but others might require more, even 5 or 6 actions in order to raise a skill from 2 to 3, for example. This difficulty is mostly affected by the attribute governing the skill, as written in the description of the skill, so if you want to train a difficult skill, you should train that attribute (or raise it with magic) and it will lower the number of times you need to train in order to get effective increases. The best way to get attributes is by completing adventures, but there are other ways also. The library of Longshade is a training location (which you can access with an ability) that allows you to train multiple skills in the same action, making it very efficient. You can unlock it over time with studying at the venalicium, and then performing a successful tidy action on it. as far as Explore goes, pick three of it's subskills that you want to train, you can find them here. A parent skill is only as high as it's 3 highest subskills, so find subskills that are governed by attributes that you have, or else are easily trained, and it will go faster, but don't go overboard because it will get easier to train later in the game if you know what you're doing.
  18. Yeah, selective focus is great to have. It can save a lot of time if the skills you're training require multiple skill steps to train. With decent base attributes and that ability, Any skill in the game can be raised in a reasonable time frame. I wouldn't have been able to train Mastery and Gates on my own without it.
  19. Bwahaha! Your reputation on dates precedes you, Legate!
  20. If you only just completed the tutorial, I think it is a little early to be trying to raise up specific skills to a great extent. (a few skill steps are fine though) I would recommend getting your study levels up for your classes by studying at the Venalicium. That usually needs to be done at any rate, and while you're busy doing that, you'll get some free skills, and a chance at some random events that will unlock more skills, and locations. There are useful dedicated spells for training. "Cleanse and Remake" is a popular one because it increases attributes which decreases training time. There are others which directly lower skill steps required to train skills but I can't remember them off the top of my head. the wiki is your best friend in this endeavor. Such that it is.
  21. Before Christmas Eve even? (All my training in patience has paid off, that's so soon all of a sudden!)
  22. To say nothing about how one would write generic stories for uninspired random characters. You can't just randomly generate stories and backgrounds, they have to be hand crafted. That's a lot of the charm of Academagia. Not even going to go into the art assets required to pull that off, either. I'd take 80+ hand crafted characters (more including the professors) and stories over hundreds of pregenerated characters that you'll forget about after you start the next game.
  23. Some of the named upperclassman bullies are the Marchant brothers. Phillipe's older siblings. They aren't simulated, but given how much a new player has to take in, including memorizing all the first year students names and personalities... and other data, I don't think it matters too much. That being said, I think it was already confirmed that they won't show up in simulation in Y2 either, though I would bet that several important upperclassmen will show up in the stories. The Legate has said that when the upperclassmen are done they will show up quite suddenly. My money is on that being done in Y3. It seems like the best time to do it because then you'll have an equal number of upper and lower classmen. The game requires a LOT (and by that I mean a gigaton) of writing, and the team prefers focusing on stories that continue on for the full 5 years. It seems like a lot of effort to me to create 5th year students in Y1 that really wouldn't interact with lowly 1st years very much, and will also not be around for years 2-5. I don't speak for the team but based on how long it's taken for Y2 to come out I'd bet if they did everything to the extent to please everyone they'd still be writing Y1's story right now.
  24. for 4, If you do the Captains side of the main adventure, the fact that he allows you, a 1st year novice, to assist the guard, should hint as to how many mages they have.