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  1. That's one of them, I think there's one or two more buried in the forum somewhere also..
  2. For Y2, the most obvious thing was the ability to get personally mentored by your regent in the college's speciality. Of course they have to not hate you to do that. That comes at the cost of taking up an extra timeslot, which will make it more difficult to do other things, so you have to carefully consider it. We've tried compiling everything about Y2 into a single thread multiple times, but it's very difficult to do that. I will probably try to make a definitive thread on Y3 features after Y2 releases, and try to put in everything as we find out about it, so that should be easier to compile that way.
  3. I only commented on religious aspects, because I kind of felt that given the time period of the setting, the beneficial health aspects of doing so would be unknown or understated. I'm not very knowledgeable in the subject and I'm not especially interested in dwelling on it more than is strictly necessary. It's just a subject of a momentary mild curiosity.
  4. So, here's a really awkward question from a real life discussion I had recently. Are boys circumcised in setting at all? Given the vastly different religious background, I'd have to guess no. But then again, given the existence of magic, that particular operation has the potential to be a lot less painful and squeamish than it is in real life, so I am curious. I'm pretty sure we never asked that question yet, Probably because of the empathetic pain it almost brings with such discussion. haha.
  5. It just goes to show how hard the Team has been working. I'll bet there are multiple features in Y2 that will make some of us want to mod it to play Y1's story, without ever having to touch Y1's engine ever again. I would really like to ask about when the team plans to unveil Y2 to us. I'm not expecting a date, obviously, but please tell me that all of this isn't dependent on the Y2 class list being uncertain! Perhaps a list of things that still need to be done before you can finally let us in on the loop? Even just telling us the number of things that still need to be done without mentioning all of them in detail would be fine too!
  6. Does the Academagia occasionally show glamours of terrible Gates accidents to scare their students away from experimenting?
  7. I would go with something more fantastic sounding, such as a Katherbenbobble. Because it would be so lore appropriate if a elder mage just made up a random name for it when calling one of his apprentices to retrieve it, and for some reason or other the name just stuck.
  8. Anything you smash with your boot is an insect imo, despite modern classification. Legate, Even if used ruined Volauge is not useful for raising ships anymore, can scraps of it still be useful for things like making bows or book planks? Or does the wood lose all of its magical properties if tampered with too much?
  9. What makes spiders an exception, then?
  10. Pamela is quite weak compared to most. Though she is still a true Familiar, and has at least some potential. Mr. Pebbles is good for little else but screwing things up and providing comic relief.
  11. About how many games does the University Rimbal team play over the course of the school year, and who are the biggest rivals which draw the biggest crowds when they play?
  12. Mundane or magical? Does that depend on the student too? Given the setting, and how important time is in search & rescue, (Not to mention missing classes!) I would think they would make sure as quickly as possible, but...
  13. I meant to post this hours ago but got distracted For 2, I'm sure that the answer is [redacted] However, I will point out that Sido is an incredibly traveled individual, and those lores we were given are from his personal notes. Those could easily have been done well before his becoming a teacher, and have no bearing on y2 Orsi has an undead ex-girfriend, eh? haha. The man really knows how to get around. Edit. For 4, the team was referencing that the muffler would be an interesting pair with Mr Pebbles, for it's ability to absorb and regurgitate Pebble's endless speaking would make for an interesting experiment. There probably would be issues crop up for that, that a student would not want to deal with if they had a second Familiar. In fact, I'm considering writing a special story with multiple exits depending on if the player has a second Familiar with Mr. Pebbles and his reaction to the 'interloper' Extra Familiar. haha.
  14. As always, thanks a bunch for the lore and wonderful feedback! Although it is painful waiting so long for such a lovely game, these answers go a long way to keeping us interested. Much love. <3
  15. How did faux dragons come to be, then? That ought to be a good story.
  16. So, I have been going through games that I I bought years ago. These games were mostly in the category of those I felt were a little too boring in the beginning or required a bit more effort to get attached to. I'm saying this, because I am currently on Alterier Rorona. I just met a ghost girl named Pamela, and I strongly suspect that there has to be more than a coincidence there. Given when this game and Y1 came out, it's definitely possible. Any comment, Legate?
  17. It's been a while, so.... ;) 1. Can you tell us a little bit about conscription in the present era? What kind of equipment and training could such troops expect to receive? Can Wizards get conscripted in a big enough emergency? If there was a large Dragon flight, could you tell us how many of the Academagia's professors (and possibly students) would wind up going as reinforcements initially? 2. What is the most dangerous monster on the School grounds? (at least that is acknowledged by the staff. Hidden monsters kept under wraps don't need to apply) 3. Are strength or Agility increasing spells legal in Rimbal? Can you give us a quick rundown of examples of spells that are legal as well as illegal in the context of the game, as well as maybe one or two that are grey enough to be sometimes allowed? 4. Have hot air balloons been discovered yet? I can't remember. I remember reading that in real life one of the first such balloons was attacked by farmers after it landed, and I think that might make an amusing random event for the game at some point. 5. Since there is relatively little water in Elumia, I was wondering if there has ever been a need to ration water? Since the replenishing effect of the wellsprings is enough to keep lake Ardica full, I'd assume the same is true for wells as well? Are there exceptions to this? 6. Can you tell us when Avila's tower 8 started tilting? was it before or after the boys moved in there? 7. Apart from certain player characters. *cough* Which student in our year is the team's favorite to be the most powerful and successful wizard? I don't see much problem in stating opinion since due to the game being fully simulated none of them are guaranteed to make it. I'm just talking about potential. 8. Can you tell us at what year was the last major battle over Aranaz's right to exist as a college? 9. Since the Academagia does allow for certain students to continue their studies after long periods of time in certain incidences, I was wondering how old the oldest person was when they earned their diploma, and what the circumstances were that they got held up? 10. It's an idea I have for Y2, so it's not like I need an answer for this tommorrow, but.... What would Professor Pachait say to a student who asked to have Mr. Pebbles taken care of in the Menagerie? Regardless of his answer circumstances would dictate that it not happen, but whether he was sympathetic or not would change how the story unfolded.
  18. Calm down. They'll spill the beans when they're good & ready.
  19. My DLC 16 saves are at around 90MB. As academagia has gone on, the saves have become bigger because there are more tables and more information to keep track of. It kind of makes me wonder what Y2 through Y5 saves will look like, sizewise.
  20. Even if there were, It wouldn't mean that they would share the secret heritage.
  21. From the movie I was talking about.
  22. To be fair, I've seen 'heel' used in that same context out of wrestling, but admittedly not recently. It used to be more common, I think, but it's usage is somewhat antiquated today. I think the villain of 'it's a wonderful life' was called a heel at one part, but that film is quite old.
  23. Pretty sure Y2 is further along than that. Y2 has been playable from start to finish for a while now. The legate has already addressed Academagia and kickstarters. I forget all the reasons why but I remember that the answer was a firm no. The main reason I think had something to do with having to have an actual deadline for release. The team will work on Y2 at their own pace. AND they will keep spoilers to an absolute minimum. Rhialto, if you're really interested, the Legate might give you a quote from one of Y2's stories. I recalled this Post from 5 years ago (!) where the Legate was handing out quotes from Y2 for us. It's unknown if those quotes were fitting for us specifically or given at random. You never got one so it couldn't hurt to ask.
  24. Although the few details now known are fairly recent. We have known for a while that Y2 was going to have at least a few maps. Mineta was mentioned several years ago, and given the focus on the school it's not surprising the academy would have one as well. It was not hard to guess that several region maps, or a large world map would exist as well. Sadly I can't find much specific information seeing as how the forum buries stuff, I did find THIS post which shows that we've known that there will be a Mineta map since 2015. It's not surprising that there would be one.
  25. I love checking stuff out at Deviant Art. You never know what you're gonna find! Made by the same guy who did the 1st map for the team, even! Perhaps a hint of Y2's quality? GORGEOUS!!!