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  1. How bad can islandquakes get? How often do they happen? Does architecture factor it in or do most people just plan to rebuild if it happens? When was the last notable one in Mineta?
  2. I think naming it after Rikildis' Newspaper would be most proper. That way you can reuse it for all years.
  3. Any news on Y2's progress? Can we get a word as to whether it's possible the Beta will be revealed before the end of the year? That would be super nice!
  4. I guess I should recommend Fallen London. It's a free browser game. Instead of going up like Elumia, Victorian London is now underground. It's a bit darker than Academagia in tone. There are devils and whatnot, but the quirks of the writing and humo(u)r are very similar. There's also a lot of lore to uncover if you're interested in that. You just have to acknowledge that it's a game that takes a great while to play as you only get so many actions to do things with, and you only get one action per 10 minutes. Other than that though, I think it's worth a look Edit: It seems Mikka recommended it too back in 2011, so there's that too.
  5. Rarely means it's possible that some have stayed longer. What's the record? Was said person a slow learner? Did they go into debt?
  6. Since people tend to either stay at Contu's school until either they go broke or feel they have learned all they can, I was wondering how long some of those longer stays have been?
  7. My issues are resolution based, and the team knows of them. I am moderately sure (90%+)that they've learned their lessons for Y2. The reason Y1 was only partially fixable was due to them no longer having the Master images available to them. This was all discussed in the steam beta, and since Y2 will have all fresh images, I don't anticipate a problem. Besides, if it is REALLY going to be an issue, I CAN get a modern monitor if I have to. I just don't want to. I had one, but It broke, and I find my old CRTs to be more reliable, if a bit small for today's era.
  8. Well, it *Sounds* like the team is busy filling up a table of weather effects. Which in turn sounds like they're more or less finished with the game engine (minus polishing, of course...) So I remain hopeful that the Beta will show up some time late this year. It would be really nice to see the progress that's taken so long to produce. From the scraps of info we've managed to piece together, it shouldn't fail to impress once it gets out that door. We just need to nudge the team along some.
  9. Mmm.. Well, informal reports every once in a while would be fine, too.
  10. I would like to ask if the team would consider telling us what progress has been made whenever they have their weekly(?) progress checkpoints. If anything is too revealing, a simple statement of "Sorry, this part is [redacted]" or something would do. I think that would go a long way to driving up hype, and flaring up our imaginations.
  11. So.... to add on to the questions 5 Including researchers, About how many mages does the Academagia Employ? 6. Are there any good stories about any talented wizards choosing to simply become a janitor or other lowly profession at the school, who then proceeds to defeat an overconfident professor in a duel? 7. While obviously school uniform rules would apply almost everywhere else, but at least in your dorm rooms, would it be strictly speaking against the rules to wear a crimson sky-pirate bandana? 8. While Gates items have a tendency to shine in telling colors, and some probably have that 'suck you into another dimension' feeling' when being held, are there any equivalent magical sense associated with the other pillars? (Include Mastery, if you can, please.)
  12. Mmm. You've got an interesting idea there Schwarzbart! Legate, Assuming I changed my mind on omnidisciplinarianism after the end of Y2 to focus on one pillar.... (I wouldn't, but hypothetically....) Would that count as a solid foundation, or would it be considered lacking for jobs that really required flexible skills? Also, Since we can pretty much go through Y1 without hardly any penalty for omni-study, I figure that even if we can't max out all of the magic skills in Y2, we should be able to appreciably raise them, so the difference between an omni and a specialist should not be so large in a single pillar after Y2 that you couldn't catch up in following years if you decided to apply yourself appropriately to a single pillar. (Especially if all future years have level caps!) Is my line of thinking correct, here? Because as it stands, with so much of advanced magic in setting being hidden from us, it only seems to make sense to study as much magic as possible early on so that we can put off having to really choose a specific path until later when we know more.
  13. It is well inferred, but it isn't known whether he is a Master of any, or merely an exceptional Jack of all. I'm pretty sure even he has limits to his knowledge somewhere, and I'd bet it's not well known exactly where they are, except maybe to his closest confidants. And when seeing that video, the idea of somebody drunkenly destroying Monteon in an accidental magic mishap did cross my mind. Still, that could easily have been intentional, too....
  14. Break's over. 1. Since the Academagia is largely staffed by former students, I was wondering about it's policies concerning non-alumnis getting teaching jobs there. While I can't imagine there being too much resistance to the idea, Has not being a graduate hampered many campaigns to become a Regent, or the Legate? 2. On the subject of omni-disciplinarianism, I thought I'd ask if it is public knowledge on whether professors have mastered a second (or more) pillar(s) so that one could potentially ask them for their experiences? 3. Exactly how are Gates and Mastery referred to in official statements? Since most folks prefer pretending that they don't exist, I imagine they aren't even referred to as pillars. (though before the ban most certainly they were, and I know on the forum here we don't discriminate, hehe) I can only imagine that they would have some way to describe them officially if only so that there would be a way to convey meaning without having to actually say 'Gates' or 'Mastery'. If Somebody said, the 'proscribed arts', would anything else be lumped in with it like that anti-magic negation stuff? 4. Regarding the Anti magic Negation stuff, I have a video to share. Please tell me that something like this has been done in the setting of Academagia before. It's too awesome to not write into the lore.
  15. Oh, wow! We're all caught up now! We're gonna have to come up with more questions later, but for now, I think the team deserves a rest.
  16. Any chance for a response from the Team on those questions I PM'd conerning Valentino's sequel story?
  17. Of course, several Revisionists have been known to come from Vernin. It's not too surprising that one might wind up being the head of the college, especially since it has fallen on (relative) hard times and Giovanni is an excellent fundraiser. From what I understand, Vernin is a very progressive college, and enjoys the use of items like printing presses, which more conservative mages would rather avoid using in favor of a more elbow greased approach. It's kind of like animation in real life. 3D CGI animation has all but overtaken the traditionally drawn stuff, to the point that even 2D animation uses computers a lot.
  18. Hmm, so that was the reason for the delayed response that I sensed, then? Interesting. It's getting really bad for me that I can actually sense the pulse of the team's workload by the forum's moderator's activities. I think I feel kind of like Von Rupprecht trying to keep up with Orso's antics. I've clearly spent too much time here.
  19. Any juicy updates on Y2? Can you fix your sigi twitter link, Legate? I feel it is about time to drudge into the new UI. I did, for better or worse, in order to fix my sigi image.
  20. Lovely. I just love seeing non-broken things 'fixed'! I still haven't gotten 100% used to the last forum iteration change, and I expect we're already past halfway to the next one, though we may skip over it if they're nice enough to keep supporting this one. Bah, and I also just learned that the PS4 is entering into it's twilight years even though I've only bought 2 games for it so far. Everyone's so interested in selling the next version, they forget that there are plenty who are still satisfied with the most recent, or even older versions. I kind of wish the net was still in the DOS BBS days, so only tech savvy folks could get on. That way, there would be a divider to keep the really ignorant dummies from flooding in and ruining everything. Then again, even I find IRC to be a pain in the rear sometimes, so I would be willing to find a happy compromise too. Too bad even that is unacceptable these days.
  21. Yeah, hopefully Y2 has an amnesia spell so I can forget that I waited so long for it...
  22. Oh, man, the team must be busy this week. I noticed it right away. I keep thinking Y2 might be coming, but then I remember, its more likely some convention is underway. What does the team do there? I'd go myself if I didn't live in the middle of nowhere.
  23. OK IT IS OVER! Legate, can you change the thread name from WIP to complete? Thanks. I'm going to sleep now. haha. Edit: nevermind. I managed to edit it. Part 19. The Epilogue. Valentino managed to drag himself back to his room. He had spent all of his energy, and felt that he had aged a few years since yesterday. When he opened the door, he found that Twippy had been waiting for him. She was very pale, but she quickly composed herself, did a curtsy and congratulated him in a very formal way. "You've done it! You've upheld the Promise! Although one slobin is not enough for us to survive on in the long term, we acknowledge that you have successfully captured one for us, despite having run into... well, let's just say that those beings have killed many of us in our attempts to catch slobins on our own. Humans truly are amazing! "This one will clean up the room you ruined. We have already restored your other humans here to working order. Naturally they will have no memory of it. It was only a nibble of Fun. We promise. Having recorded your progress, we also acknowledge that you still have a lot of developing left to do, so we will depart today and return in time when you will be able to capture many more slobins for us! "Thank you, friend." And with that, Twippy did another curtsy and disappeared. As if she had never been there. Valentino was grateful. While he was actually pleased that Twippy considered him a friend, it still felt awfully one-sided. Still, if they really were going to leave him alone for a few years, at least he would have a chance to say no, and think up a good way to do it as lightly as possible. In any case it was not a subject to spend brain power on now. As Valentino sat down on his bed, he let out a massive yawn. His roommates did indeed look as if they hadn't spent half the night lying on the cold floor. In fact, the dorm room was spotless! One less thing to worry about. Ha... And then he noticed a note on fine parchment. When he touched it to pick it up, a message appeared in beautiful handwriting. You did good, child. I wasn't sure you'd make it. You'll make a fine mage. We should talk again. PW There was also some information about something called 'safe times'. Valentino made sure to memorize those safe times. He wasn't going to see 'PW' at any other time. The parchment then burnt up into nothing. It did so in Valentino's hands, but the flames weren't even hot. Valentino laid down and closed his eyes. He absolutely deserved a long rest. Just then, the chimes of the school's PA system came on. "Attention everyone, Attention! The vampire threat is now officially over! As such, it has been decided that the event of last night was insufficent to cancel classes. The Legate has declared that anyone skipping classes today without his express approval will receive a month of detention." Valentino groaned. The Public address continued: "Also, today's bakery sale has been moved to the Great Hall to accomodate the award ceremony planned for later today." Valentino's roommates woke up, and stretched. They looked like they had a really good night's sleep. They looked at valentino's tattered uniform as he lay there, and laughed. "Good luck trying to ditch classes by pretending you were fighting vampires, Val." one said. "Yeah, we all know you wouldn't stand a chance against even a baby vampire." The other said. Both roommates had a good laugh at Valentino's expense. -------------------------------------------- Valentino had struggled to stay awake in his classes throughout the day. He had given up trying to learn anything. almost all of his classmates joked about how he had his brains sucked out by a vampire and had become a mummy. "That doesn't even make sense." Valentino weakly protested. His classmates laughed at him anyway. Eventually everyone got herded into the Great hall. Apparently there was an award ceremony that the Legate had insisted be held to shine prestige on everyone who had taken part in the battle against the vampire invasion. The Legate said a mad Gates mage had been responsible for the vampire incident. According to the professors, this Gates mage was summoning the vampires in a plot to take over the school. There was no mention of the name Mjolnir, nor who he really was, nor any mention of the dreamers, and their goals. Valentino realized that at best, that was only a part of the whole story if not a complete fabrication. Even so, it wasn't like Valentino was in a position to call them out on it, so he just kept quiet. Many names were called, and small medals handed out. It was mostly 5th year students who went above and beyond in helping to keep the Academagia safe. Some professors were lauded as well. Especially Professor Samantha Whittaker, who had managed to put a ward over the school, preventing any more vampire summonings. At that moment something clicked in Valentino's head. That name Whittaker could not have been a coincidence either. His brain was over tired though, and it refused to work any harder. "...But this ceremony would not be complete, without mentioning Orso Orsi!" The Legate had said in front of everyone. Apparently, Orso had been extremely busy last night, too. Apart from recovering the book which professor Whittaker had used to locate the dimension the vampires were being drawn from, he had also made deals with a dark fairy court to get help from them to weaken the vampires. He obtained said help by gifting them the famous fae ring 'precious' which he had obtained by tricking an opposing light fairy queen into agreeing to an impossible bet while getting her roaring drunk. And somewhere in all that craziness, he had also managed to defeat the Gates mage responsible for the vampires in a single wizard duel. The Cheers were deafening. Even all the professors were clapping. Orso just took it in stride though. Valentino was impressed. He definitely felt Orso deserved praise for that. He did feel a little jealous, though, because after everything that Orso had done, Valentino felt that he had actually one-upped the legendary, infamous student in terms of crazy deeds for once. It was a shame that there was no way he was ever going to spill the beans on that, though. The Ceremony ended with an announcement that the Venalicium would be closed at least for a few days, as the lead librarian had fainted when the news broke of the damage it had sustained in the course of the night. Repairs were needed and many books needed to be resorted. Yup. I am not talking about last night at all. Valentino thought. -------------------------------------------------------------- Later that night, in Aranaz hall. A small, shadowy, hooded figure moved a painting to the side of the common room, which revealed a hidden switch, which was quickly pressed. The wall slid away, which revealed a hidden room, which the figure then quickly and quietly entered. Inside that hidden room, a large congregation of people could be seen in the darkness of the room. One of the figures walked up to the small figure that just entered. "You're late, twerp!" A male voice called out. "I couldn't help it!" A squeaky female voice cried. "The security was really tight, today." "Did you get them?" He sternly asked. "Of course!" The hooded figure removed her hood to reveal the face of one of the first year students, a girl by the name of Leah Brahm. She reached into her pocket and pulled out two items. The first one was a piece of parchment. The other was a necklace with a star shaped stone on it. The Male took the items, and inspected them. "OK, you're in. Welcome to the Sphinx Syndicate." The lights in the room turned on instantly, and everyone but one person cheered softly. "Welcome." Almost everyone here were wearing robes that identified them as Aranaz students. Leah was sure that at least a few of them were not actually in Aranaz, but held her tongue. This was mostly because of the one who was not wearing such a robe. The person who was not wearing such a robe, was also the one who had not cheered for her. This was because he was sitting in the position of honor in the room. It was also because he was not a student, but a professor. The professor spoke. "Yes, Welcome to the Syndicate, Miss Brahm. You have proven yourself to be most resourceful. Unfortunately, other events have put a damper on what would otherwise be a very festive occasion." Leah quickly was ushered into the ranks of the other students. This professor, who had only started teaching last year, had developed a reputation for being something of a prima donna. His students had learned, however, that it was almost always a good idea to appease him, and absolutely never a good idea to cross him. He was in an especially bad mood today, and everyone in the room could feel it. Part of the reason why he was in a bad mood was because he had been personally asked - PERSONALLY ASKED - by the Legate to singlehandedly stop last night's storm from flooding into Lake Ardica. That flood was threatening to ruin large portions of Mineta, and then did not get even a single mention of his name. "Damn that Palo Cantrell." He muttered under his breath. What was most insulting to him though was that overpriviliged punk, Orso Orsi, getting all the accolades, but he had Orso's number, at last. While the official reason for the Venalicium's closure for the next few days was to repair damages caused by the vampire invasion, he had multiple sources confirm that the real reason for the closure was because incredibly high levels of Gates magic had been used inside, which initial investigations could not trace back to any of the vampires' remains found inside. Furthermore, certain vampires were found in a terrible state. Some of them had Gates magic used on them. The Clincher though, was that he had obtained multiple eyewitness reports of Orso Orsi leaving the Venalicium at about the time these events took place. It was even confirmed that he had been in there to take a book that might or might not have had ties to Gates. The thought of Getting rid of that pest once and for all made his lips curl into somthing resembling a smile. There was just one thing that he had to do first. "Now, everyone. You already know why I called you in here tonight. The document that Miss Brahm has obtained will provide the finer details necessary in order to carry out Operation Downfall. I expect you all to perform to the best of your abilities." The students all cheered in unison. "Yes, Professor Von Rupprecht!"
  24. Because I am tired of waiting for Y2 to come out, I have decided to start writing a story for the sake of lore, as opposed to writing something that would fit the format of the game itself. This is just part one. I don't know how long it will be, but I promise it'll be good if I can ever get around to finishing it. Edit: It's finished. 19 parts long, phew! Part one It was nearly dawn in Mineta. Although the sun could not yet be seen, twilight could be observed. The aftermath of a powerful storm could be seen outside everywhere. A portal opened up inside an empty classroom inside the Academagia. Only darkness could be seen through to the other side. A single boy emerged from the darkness in a single leap, slightly wounded and clothes torn. He hit the ground hard. Voices could be heard coming from the other side. Not human. Although there would be no way of understanding these voices normally, it was clear from their frenetic pitch that they were filled with anger. Anger at the boy, no doubt. Knowing he would have little time, the boy, a Morvidus student named Valentino da Caccia, rose quickly to his feet, and readied his wand. A Thing emerged from the darkness emanating from the portal. It moved too fast to identify but it was ethereal, dripping slime, and most importantly heading straight for Valentino. He was ready. Although Negation was not his strong suit, he had managed to erect a simple barrier. The barrier had shattered on impact with the being, but doing so had stopped all of it's forward momentum. Valentino got a good look at the creature, and nearly gagged, but held it in. Now was not the time for such things. Valentino quickly revised the entire room to give off light. Lots of light. So much light that even though he had closed his eyes prior to the casting of the spell, he thought that he might go blind. The creature shrieked, but, unfortunately, the room quickly grew dark again. The revision was completely negated. The creature was expecting pain this time. He thought. Another creature tried to pass through, but it was wary due to the recent flood of light, and it was too slow. the portal finally closed, preventing it from doing so. With the last reserves of his strength, he cast a Gates banishment spell on the creature in the classroom. It resisted, for longer than he would have thought he was capable of keeping the spell active. Finally, just a moment before he was going to collapse, the creature disappeared in a puff of smoke smelling of cinnamon. The classroom was trashed, but it looked like it was an abandoned one. Cleaning up the evidence of this struggle would have to wait for a day or so. Valentino was far too exhausted to consider anything but sleep. It was a small miracle that he could even find the strength to limp back to his dorm room for some sleep. It had only been a few hours, but in that Brief span of time, Valentino had lived a lifetime. Gates magic was... Is, illegal. It's been that way for a long time, but that really hadn't been much of an obstacle for him. It was more like the old wives tales his mother used to badger him about why he shouldn't play in the old abandoned tower that he always used to play in as a child. "There's devils in that tower!" She would hiss at him. "They'll kidnap you and drink all your blood! Down to the very last drop!" Valentino had avoided that tower for years, until one day he entered it to find... Absolutely nothing but lots of rubble. Once you get past the initial fear, and find out that the truth isn't always what other people had led you to believe, it changes the way you think. In valentino's case, he had become a terribly rebellious boy. So rebellious, that when his parents received a surprise invitation for him to attend the Academagia, they jumped at the chance to offload their problem onto someone else. It turned out that Valentino was a natural prodigy in Revision. In his very first day of classes at the Academy, he stunned the professors with his aptitude for it, as well as his aptitude for getting into trouble. In many ways, his introduction to Gates magic was identical to the varied and inaccurate ramblings his mother had often told him. A 5th year student had been recently caught using Gates to summon pixies to simultaneously cause large bouts of pranks in order to hide the fact that he was also using them to cheat on nearly every test he took. As a result of this incident, which caused no small amount of consternation, the faculty of the Academagia obliged themselves with warning about the dangers of Gates magic after every class for weeks on end. "Gates magic is unsafe. Don't even think about it." Said one professor in a monotonous rambling voice. "Gates is only capable of bringing death and destruction!" Lectured another. "Nothing positive has ever come from using the magic of Gates." This professor didn't even sound like she believed that. It came as no surprise, then, that with the knowledge of Gates' existence, came too the temptation of learning exactly the truth behind that existence. The opportunity arrived when Cassandra Ghileni, a 2nd year Glamour student, was gathering a few of her closest friends to do a small scale version of the earlier, now infamous pixie summoning, just to see for themselves if all the infamy and notoriety was deserved. Valentino was not one of her close friends, but managed to wheedle his way in by eavesdropping in when she was doing her inviting, and applying a little blackmail. The summoning was ultimately quick and simple. A single pixie appeared, and in a bout of fright and/or anger, laid a hex on Casandra that had frizzled her hair. "Take that, you undersized troll!" it had yelled while doing so. Something about the whole event was so funny, everyone present had started laughing. Even Cassandra. (Though she lost her sense of humor after the frizzled hair turned out to be more or less permanent.) In any case, it was clear to Valentino that he was the victim of yet more adults lying in order to manipulate him into doing what they wanted. While Cassandra and her friends, their curiousity fullfilled, wanted nothing more to do with Gates magic, and told Valentino so in no uncertain terms... (which he could completely respect) He had only gotten started. Like with his mother before, there would be absolutely nothing capable of stopping him from learning everything he could possible manage while keeping things a secret. It was surprisingly easy for Valentino. Poking around in various places where he wasn't allowed to be had long since become a pastime of his. Gates magic is demanding, however, so soon most of his energies were spent on learning magic, and not Revising the lunch stew to have the consistency of taffy. His professors Came to the opinion that Valentino had finally started maturing, and so stopped keeping as sharp an eye on him as they might have otherwise, and so it went. Before the end of his third year at the Academagia, Valentino had become quite impressive with his skill in Gates. Of course, he had to be careful. It was no secret that in the worst case scenario, he could be executed for knowing what he knew, but he ultimately brushed it off. He had learned to evade punishment from being in forbidden places from his mother's spankings. Armed with Gates, there really didn't seem to be any problem in running away should his secret ever be discovered. One night, however, during a dreadfully powerful storm brought in by the Current of Embers, Valentino was shocked to find a little girl, seemingly no more than 5 or 6 years old, instantly appear into his dorm room! This was no ordinary girl, however. Her eyes beheld power and wisdom that even none of his professors could hope to match! "We've been watching you, boy." She giggled innocently, as if she had just found an amusing cat to play with. "Who's 'we'"? Valentino asked, his mind spinning, not really comprehending the situation that he had suddenly found himself in. She shook her head playfully and responded. "First, allow us to apologize for taking this form. We feel that seeing our true form suddenly would likely kill you." Valentino gulped. He did not like where this conversation was going. The girl continued. "Therefore, we sought a countenence that was as least threatening to someone like you as possible. We ultimately chose this one~!" She even winked at him. The girl's voice seemed have nothing but a playful innocence to it, however, that stood in direct contradiction to valentino's instincts, which were howling out to him that he was in the presence of an apex predator. It truly felt that a common housefly would have a much better chance of escaping a spider's web, than he did, of escaping this little girl. The girl did not stop talking. "You are hereby formally invited to our home." She smiled while closing her eyes. "Regretfully, your ability to perceive it is very limited, so we have decided to alter your perceptions in order to prevent accidents from happening." The girl did not elaborate on exactly what kind of accidents she was referring to. However, he did feel like his mind was under some kind of heavy strain. It wasn't unbearable, but it did feel as though if it continued for a while, his mind would shut down completely at some point in the future. He did notice, though, that time did seem to be slowed down some. He could not say if that was the result of some magical spell, or more likely, the result of the great fear that was steadily rising in his stomach. Before he could even respond, or ask a single question, the girl opened her eyes, and he could see her working a spell in her mind. "Let's go!" She happily exclaimed. "We are all going to have so much fun!" Valentino could not even protest. Instantly, he felt as if a million tiny needles were pricking against his skin, and then darkness overtook him.
  25. And now we return to the beginning of the story. I will not revisit it so I encourage you to reread the first part of part 1. The only thing left is the epilogue in part 19. I hope you all enjoyed the story, and will enjoy how it all closes. (Probably in a few hours as I can't sleep, lol. I don't guarantee that, though. ) Part 18 That last spell took a lot out of Valentino. Although he had taken down a rediculous amount of crazy dangerous slobins in a very short time, he did not feel that he could keep up that pace for a lot longer. From what he had seen of the slobin's devouring of their prey, if even one of them got too close, it would be over for him. There was no space for mercy. Fortunately, the slobins still did not know which of the many illusions was the real valentino. When they attacked an illusion, it quickly faded, and there were 3 very fast slobins making short work of them. The remaining ones were either large, or else injured and dripping a blueish green slime. It would not be long before they joined up with the others and then he would be in real trouble. Valentino wasn't going to give up. The high priority targets for him were the fast ones already cutting through his illusions. Being both small and fast, they presented a poor target to go after directly. Therefore Valentino decided that it would be more effective targeting the air surrounding them. Valentino started casting a Revision to the air. He turned it into an acidic vapor. Two slobins dissolved into slime at the same time. Unfortunately, that spell gave away Valentino's position, and all remaining Slobins converged on his position. There was only one moon still giving off any light, and in the darkness of the world, it had all ceased to be ethereal. It was a terrifying death world filled to the brim with predators. Luckily none of them were coming to this area, probably because of Patricia, but Valentino couldn't count on that to last. There was only one trump card left before he had to high tail it and run. The last remaining small and fast slobin charged at him head on. Luckily it was going so blinded by anger all it could do was a straight charge. He managed to dodge at the last second. Although it missed giving him a serious injury, his uniform got a nice gash from one of it's claws. It might well have cut Valentino in two had it gotten the chance. Another stroke of luck. The slobin that had charged him was going too fast to maneuver around for another charge quickly, so instead it decided to regoup with the others that were now in danger of bearing down on him. "It's time. Bring it on!" Valentino yelled. At this point his adrenaline was probably peaking. He was no longer thinking too strategically. There wasn't time for that. There was barely any time for his trump card either, but it was either do or die. Write My Name in Fire. If Valentino had not been so busy drawing the phemes as quickly as he could, He probably would have thought that it was a fitting name for a spell used by one on the verge of death. Maybe it would write the epitaph on tombstone. Something like that. Thankfully those thoughts did not enter his mind, because they surely would have caused him to have doubts as to the effectiveness of the spell. As it happened, A fire elemental was summoned. It appeared in front of Valentino, and then It charged him merely seconds before the slobins reached him. "No! No! That's the wrong...!" Everything become dark. Of course it was really dark already, but even so it was even more really dark now. Valentino felt disconnected from reality, and also sleepy and warm, as if he was under a massive load of blankets. Given how long the night had been for him, it was a welcome feeling. A part of him was worried that he had died, but on occasion he saw glimpses of incredible bursts of fire, and also the look of slobins in pain every time there was a flash. This went on for an unknown length of time before Valentino finally came to. He was standing in an ashen crater about 10 feet wide. Many, many things were on fire beyond that. Several slobin Corpses could be seen on fire, bubbling and dissolving into more slime. His clothes were in tatters, but apart from that he was still mostly uninjured. "Oh, So that's why it's called that!" Valentino exclaimed. "Ohmygosh, that was actually kind of cool!" Twippy gushed. Valentino was shocked! Seeing as whatever had happened had triggered that kind of reaction from Twippy, who had remained pretty quiet for all of the time she had been watching over him. "Don't stop now, Dummy, they're right behind you!" Twippy yelled at him. Valentino looked back, only to see that there were still four very large, wounded, and especially very, VERY angry, slobins charging at him. Valentino turned to meet the threat head on. That last spell had left him pretty sluggish. Even so, he could probably try capturing them now. He raised his arm to find... No wand in his hand. Uh oh. Valentino started running away. He was not an especially good runner, and he was kind of exhausted, but having a slobin or three behind him gave him extra reserves of strength. The slobins behind him were large and injured, but were clearly intending to continue fighting to the last. Thanfully they were not going too fast either, so while they were gaining on him, he probably had a little bit of time. Valentino tried his best to find his backup wand. It took him a while His clothing was in bad shape, which made it difficult, but eventually he found the pocket he had left it in. That part of his clothing was intact and he successfully pulled out the wand in mid stride. Even so, Valentino didn't have the stamina or time for anything fancy. And that's when it hit him. This was a world of darkness. He recalled there were no slobins in the beginning when it was light out, as well as his dreamlike state seeing the slobins in pain from the flashes of fire. He also remembered the giant explosion had left them severely disoriented. Light is a fairly simple thing and doesn't take too much to do. Let's do it. He thought to himself. Valentino turned around and quickly lit the brightest glamour he must have done in his life. It was so bright, the slobins backed off. It was so bright, that the grass, and plants in the area turned ethereal again and disappeared. And then the Slobins revealed that they could negate powerful light magic. And THEN the last moon gave out it's last light. An Earthquake came to pass. Then misshapen humanoid figures finally emerged from the ground, with expressionless holes for facial features. One popped up right next to a slobin and with one look, POOF. it turned into smoke which was then inhaled by the bizarre creature. "Valentino, RUN!" Twippy screamed at him with pure fear in her voice. Valentino needed no such order. He ran again. Faster. The remaining slobins were right behind him. For a second time, he fumbled through his tattered clothing, this time for the wand that brought him here. He found the journal, Patricia's book, the document that Twippy had given him, the now empty pocket where his backup wand had been, and finally, he found it. He was so happy he was crying. As the wand was a preloaded wand, it was not hard for Valentino to use. A familiar Black portal appeared 30 paces in front of him. The last one he had seen was so foreboding and evil looking, but this one seemed so gentle and inviting. The screams of the slobins was not far off behind him. Valentino had picked up enough speed that he was sure that he would have made first pick for Rimbal games if anyone had seen him. Then he dove through the portal with all his might.