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  1. If you do provide that option, I'd suggest some sort of flag denoting the character used it. Whether that flag would control particular content from being unlocked I don't know. Some people might get torqued over getting penalized for seeing the numbers, but as much as I love em - I think there should be an incentive to play the game as intended. Bigger risk, bigger reward. We usually don't get the numbers behind our life decisions after all. (As has been burned into the ground... heh)
  2. Fantastic work guys! Been a bit busy due to college rearing its ugly head. (This weekend was STUDY - STUDY - STUDY / REST - STUDY - TAKE EXAM) As for Astrology and "spells" you could always view it as a manipulation of probability and fortune via location and influences. Being in the right place, right time, and doing the right thing as divined in the stars would be powerful enough. You start to dig into what goes into a "spell" for the various vocations. Invocation it's pretty straight forward, but Astrology? There's a kicker. So for say Wrath of the Comet's Tail actually manipulating the comet off it's track to direct at your foe is one thing, but what if say you instead divined where a comet's negative affects were going to be and you managed to manipulate your foe into that area? Same effect, but situational manipulation versus spell manipulation.
  3. Whoo hoo! Christmas comes early!
  4. Did Olivia Solari get a successful Befriend off on you? I was drawn into a clique week one by Amita because she used Befriend and I had no clique. If you failed your attempt, but Olivia got hers through, well there you go.
  5. @sorrow Basically when you Duel someone and win, they are not allowed to perform any action specifically listed as "Hostile" like say Bully for the rest of the school year. Well there is an issue where even if you win, the student would still be able to do those hostile actions. Very very annoying.
  6. Jiminy Christmas, I didn't even see that topic pop up. Thanks for pointing it out! : P
  7. Does this fix the Duel Geas bug, or has that been pushed to Patch 6+?
  8. @Legate - I like to get a grasp on the mechanics of a game before I try to one shot it. Or rather in doing so I can better fit the world you try to construct. Some like to do it to power game the system, I like to do it for immersion purposes. @Draigh - I hear ya, I have real world studies starting to eat up my time. The best thing about this is that you can post a guy and update as time permits. Nothing in the rules that it has to be updated with any regularity!
  9. I know that a number of us tend to save/reload as we get used to the game to figure out the mechanics of the system. Well with the new patch hopefully killing a number of nasty bugs, I was wondering who would be interested in making a dedicated character where we can't reload the game except for time constraints. I realize we all need to sleep! There's no prize, not even bragging rights, but I thought it would be neat if we maybe made our own "Opening Class of 2010". I figure at the minimum a person can post their Introduction (with starting stats & any lore you wish to impart), Midterm Performance (Saying anything of note), and Final Performance (With final thoughts) Of course you can post about your trials and tribulations. Maybe collectively we might be able to help each other out of some predicaments we wouldn't normally know how to. I would stress to post one message and edit it as the school year progresses. What the heck, I'll make myself. : P For a base template: ------------------------- Alexander Xain - Vernin College Arithmetic, Enchant, Astrology, Dialectic, Astrology, Revision Fitness - 1 Finesse - 1 Charm - 2 Strength - 1 Intelligence - 4 Insight - 2 Luck - 3 Astrology - The Comet (I've always had an odd sense of luck...) Omen: Shattered Mirrors (I truly broke the mold. Or so my mom told me.) Heritage: Strozzan (I'm a great bird spotter, but boy do I love to argue.) Station: Up from Destitution ( ;-; ) Discoveries: Libraries (I've always had a knack for research and information.) Midterm Scores: Reserved for Future Edit Final Scores: Reserved for Future Edit Journal: Hi everyone, Alex here. The teachers at my old school said I should be transferred here, and my mom just jumped at the chance. We don't have much money, so the idea of a scholarship was a dream come true for her. For me? I guess it's something different. Back at our island the stars play an important role in navigation, and I suppose I think a lot of my luck comes from them. Astrology seems like something interesting to pursue. Overall though, I think magic is just a misunderstood force rather than something mystical. They told me that Revision would be suited to my nature. I suppose you don't need to know where this force comes from, just how to change it to suit your purposes.
  10. Being not terribly family friendly, I imagine that we'll need to mod that in...
  11. Gwendall


    While you wait for a response, check this link out that shows someone else that has the same issue. http://social.answers.microsoft.com/Forums...4f-a5f66f2143ad There are some responses with some additional troubleshooting steps. Too bad operating systems cost so much, otherwise I'd suggest you get Windows 7. : )
  12. Oh well yeah but that's already being looked at. I had an issue with the duel just ending all of a sudden - thought you were referencing that. Yeah I ended up learning Mastery just to get my bully to shut up. If the Duel geas is fixed with this week's patch, then I may just start over - haven't decided. ------------ @eatspam Do keep in mind we're supposed to be Year 1 students. I would say that a year of study into a forbidden art should not result in "Sith like" powers. If by the end of year one we were already powerful overlords, why would we need to progress to further years?
  13. Awesome! I wanted a male glasses character for Vernin.
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