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  1. Gamersgate. Fan of simulation games, so I just keep an eye on that section for new releases. Voila! After Dwarf Fortress, Aurora, and Europa Universalis 3, I no longer even expect to learn what I really need to know through a game manual and official documentation. The good computer runs the game and the obsolete laptop sitting next to it runs the fan-made wiki with the real information. That said, I'm crazy. A manual that was a little bit more helpful on what to do after character creation, or even gave some tips for a first playthru on what skills to favor, would probably extend accessibility just a bit.
  2. Salve! Current law student, life-long sucker both for life sims (Princess Maker 2, Kudos and Kudos 2, etc) and also for overly complicated indie games that are tenderly supported by dedicated developers (Dwarf Fortress, Aurora, and to a bit-less-indie extent, Paradox Interactive's historical games). Academagia was therefore an excellent selection for me. Clearly, the game is not perfect, yet, but it already is decently awesome with potential to become thoroughly awesome. I hope that sales and forum activity are enough to make sure the patches come out, the stories continue, and the rest of the years are released.
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