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    Thanks Gwendall! Yes, I wish I had Windows 7 too...I swear Vista is a deliberate scheme by Microsoft to make more money. ): Mineta: That's quite alright. I went through each of the four steps in the other thread, with the following results: Method 1: No memory errors. Method 2: No viruses. Method 3: Having problems with this, since using Windows' add/remove program doesn't seem to have enough permission to uninstall. Help? Method 4: Currently clean booting, and the program still crashes upon start-up. Also ran an SFC scan: "Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files but was unable to fix some of them." It also produced a set of very cryptic log messages, which I can post up if need be.
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    Mineta, .NET 3.5, I downloaded it from the link before I began. I'm running from the .exe in C:/Program Files/Academagia. Thanks!
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    Hello, thanks for responding! I've managed to change the permissions, but now I get: "Academagia has stopped working" error after I run as administrator. Help!
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    Hello! I just recently bought the game, but even after going through the troubleshooting I can't seem to play it. Basically, even when trying to 'Run as Administrator' from C:/Program Files it tells me: 'Windows cannot access the specified device, path or file. You may not have appropriate privileges to access this item'. I am using the Administrator account, Windows Vista Home Premium. Thanks!