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    Caper obstacles

    You could make them green.
  2. So I had a character with 4 point in charm, befriended that one girl that gives +1, the result = 5. All was well, yes? But then I got that clique infighting event, and had to chose sides (by the way, this pop-up is not very informative). I choose the side with +1 girl, and she was still in my clique, only the bonus was gone. That is to say, the ability was still displayed, by my character's charm score = 4. Bad. Additionally, 2 suggestions: - the locations chosen for a given activity should be remembered (IMHO, better then defaulting to my character's room), - red accept button (like in adventures) should also turn gray when pressed. Still, I'm very happy with your game, good work.
  3. OK, what exactly is that Duel Geas bug everyone is so excited?
  4. Nice work... However, maybe I'm blind or something, but I don't see new backgrounds during character creation. Also, I don't see "town & familiar" anywhere...
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