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  1. Reintroducing the afternoon skipping bug as an optional mechanic set at character creation (maybe as a background?) seems like the easiest way to make the classes a more flexible mechanic.
  2. More pertinently, parody is a legally protected use in the US.
  3. Thank you! In a Y1 context, I was envisioning it as a 1 point background trait - perhaps along the lines of "Apprenticeship: Explorer's Guild" or "Prodigy: Self-Tutor" - that gives you special dispensation to skip afternoon classes (presumably by suppressing the discipline event for that timeslot).
  4. On the topic of the class-skipping bug, I feel like this has definitely become an area where the playerbase likes both the intended behavior and the bugged behavior. Maybe a character creation option could be added - "strict or lax discipline?" - which would allow anyone to play under the rules they prefer. Certainly I like being able to skip classes - it fits with Orso's rather lax attitude toward rules and preference for students learning through exploration, independent study, and adventure - but I could see why someone would prefer an Academagia more along the lines of a Hogwarts-esque high school rather than a magic college, too. I raise this mostly because a lot of games - I'm thinking of Crusader Kings 2 in particular - have been pretty successful lately experimenting with changeable rulesets.
  5. Morvidus and Vernin are preferred for just about anybody because the Study Masteries on all of their required classes give stat bonuses, and they tend to have an easier time staying ahead in the merit competition as well.
  6. You will not finish everything even after playing several characters even with just the base game. The DLC content tends to be better designed than the original adventures, too - they take up less calendar time unless you're failing a lot because one part of those adventures usually leads to another seamlessly unless there's an actual written break in the action, while there are many forced pauses in some of the original adventures. (P.S. Legate, any chance that could be looked at at some point? There are a fair number of adventures where the stage breaks don't make much sense paired with the text.) I would just play with the DLC on - I've probably played at least one character in each DLC and each just makes the game better, particularly because the newer events and adventures tend to let you make use of some of the skills which were rarely useful in the base game. If you really want to know, though, DLC 2 was the first one with user-generated content, at least based on the oldest roundup topic by Legate in Writer's Corner, though the deadline on getting stuff into DLC 2 was tight so even some of the very early stuff like my library event and the Muffin Man were part of DLC 3 instead.
  7. A college that takes the early lead (because of you, 99% of the time) is much more likely to maintain it than one that doesn't. Any college's students will strive to stay in first, though maybe not as well as Aranaz, Vernin, or Morvidus. Once your college is in second or below, your fellow students will probably give up unless you get them back to first. It's pretty variable, though - you won't be able to maintain first in a lazy college the whole year, or even reliably at all if you don't get ahead in the first week or two. Merit Prize X for Room of Champions is the only one that really matters, though, so if you can pull ahead at that point in the year you can safely not care otherwise.
  8. Could I ask the Team to reconsider making the current behavior officially "correct"? As it stands, familiars don't provide enough of a benefit in most situations for me to ever bother raising Bond at all - if these abilities function as the text says they should, however, an across-the-board attribute increase for the player incentivizes actually using your familiar. I haven't broken out the mod tools, but I am guessing that most effects from skill raises have a blank target because they're intended to be given to the same actor that rose the skill - thus, when these effects were being designed, the target was accidentally left blank because someone didn't think about Bond being a familiar skill and the *intended* target was the player.
  9. No, I received Gift of the Familiar so my Bond skill must actually be at 10. I am using patch 68, which is the most recent as far as I know. This really does not seem like correct behavior. The descriptive text for the Bond of Iron 10 ability reads "The careful development of the Bond between you and your Familiar has brought you mastery of the powers of Iron, permanently Expanding all your physical Attributes - Strength, Finesse and Fitness - by one point each." according to the wiki - unless that is entirely fabricated, the intent is for the player (and perhaps the familiar as well?) to receive the attribute increases.
  10. The abilities you are supposed to be granted upon hitting 10 in Bond of Iron/Silver/Stars that grant you attributes are not granted. This makes the Bond skills substantially less attractive.
  11. The Palette seems to be a focusing tool; part of the reason some event skill checks are rather high is that you have to cast without the palette in stealthy situations.
  12. I'm curious. Why is Malice named Malice? While I understand how Patience can be malicious (sort of), and Gambling is typically seen as a vice, Puzzles are...pretty innocuous to be honest. The parent skill here could use a rename, I suspect, especially since you don't really gain any malicious actions from studying Malice skills, and the attribute is Luck anyway; Gaming, perhaps? Also, some of the Skill-Attribute pairings are odd. Gates and Mastery are linked to Fitness? I have long suspected that that's a typo and that they should be linked to Finesse instead, unless the implication is that the forbidden arts are intrinsically draining and you need to be very fit to use them.
  13. Silke's bonuses are permanent, which is what makes her one of the more valuable clique members you can get. I don't believe stress can actually go below 0, though; but with Silke, you can accumulate a lot of stress minimum and still be fine, though I have no idea what actually raises stress minimum.
  14. I would tend to assume that dragon fire-breath uses liquid aromatic hydrocarbons like man-made flamethrowers; that would be more likely to develop from a poison-spitting defense system or something similar than hydrogen sacs, I suspect. In any case, I'm really quite surprised that we have access to the "big two" forbidden areas of study, Gates and Mastery, while smaller things like studying Reptiles are so forbidden that they can't be learned at all. Yes, this is a call to add even more stuff to our kitchen-sink of skills.
  15. The Mod Base rapidshare link has died.