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  1. Alright, questions it is then I suppose.

    Have the broken/near-useless systems from Y1, such as crafting and dueling, been significantly improved? Is there a large variety of recipes to discover for crafting so that all of our more abstract skills can be put to use for things other than skill challenges? Are there combat encounters other than duels with other students?

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  2. Have you considered posting anything - anything at all - of Y2 so that people other than Rhialto and Schwarzbart can have a little bit of faith that the game even exists?

    I love Y1, and there are a lot of people out there who love Y1, but the decade-long wait for Y2 with not even a screenshot is tiresome and has been for years. This dance of "oh yes, things are being done and have been done" that the devs have you do, Legate, is bizarre. I understand not wanting to commit to anything, but a screenshot marked "pre-release, not all details are final" does not commit anyone to anything.

    I would, frankly, be a lot more inclined to buy Y2 when it comes out if I felt that the devs were at all inclined to hear player feedback or share things with the community. During Y1's post-development patch cycle, I think we did all feel that the devs were doing a pretty good job of interfacing with the community, and things like player-written events being added in patches reinforced that feeling (although I have to admit that I wish there had been some overhauls to the more broken Y1 systems like crafting - nevertheless, community engagement was pretty high at that time!) The secrecy legitimately made sense a few years ago, to an extent, but if Rhialto and Schwarzbart hadn't been asking questions over the years we would know exactly nothing about Y2. Despite their admirable persistence, we still know very little.

    Please, I'm begging you for your sake and ours - don't just stonewall every detail until launch day, whenever that is going to be, and then release the game with little fanfare onto Steam. This series deserves better.

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  3. On 6/7/2017 at 5:17 PM, Metis said:

    It'd indeed take far too much work. Basically a complete overhaul of how classes work, just to start. Rest assured that many ideas have been put forth to make the Y1 classes less detrimental to the player's ability to enjoy the game, but none of them can really be put into practice.

    Minus the class skipping bug, if the Team would be so kind as to introduce a morning roll call :rolleyes:...

    Reintroducing the afternoon skipping bug as an optional mechanic set at character creation (maybe as a background?) seems like the easiest way to make the classes a more flexible mechanic.

  4. Jazerus;


    That is a great idea. Of course CK2 built a framework to do that, and we'd need to do something similar to implement such an idea, but...it would be really cool.


    That may be something more for Y2 than Y1, though.


    Thank you!


    In a Y1 context, I was envisioning it as a 1 point background trait - perhaps along the lines of "Apprenticeship: Explorer's Guild" or "Prodigy: Self-Tutor" - that gives you special dispensation to skip afternoon classes (presumably by suppressing the discipline event for that timeslot).

  5. On the topic of the class-skipping bug, I feel like this has definitely become an area where the playerbase likes both the intended behavior and the bugged behavior. Maybe a character creation option could be added - "strict or lax discipline?" - which would allow anyone to play under the rules they prefer. Certainly I like being able to skip classes - it fits with Orso's rather lax attitude toward rules and preference for students learning through exploration, independent study, and adventure - but I could see why someone would prefer an Academagia more along the lines of a Hogwarts-esque high school rather than a magic college, too.


    I raise this mostly because a lot of games - I'm thinking of Crusader Kings 2 in particular - have been pretty successful lately experimenting with changeable rulesets.

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  6. You will not finish everything even after playing several characters even with just the base game. The DLC content tends to be better designed than the original adventures, too - they take up less calendar time unless you're failing a lot because one part of those adventures usually leads to another seamlessly unless there's an actual written break in the action, while there are many forced pauses in some of the original adventures. (P.S. Legate, any chance that could be looked at at some point? There are a fair number of adventures where the stage breaks don't make much sense paired with the text.) I would just play with the DLC on - I've probably played at least one character in each DLC and each just makes the game better, particularly because the newer events and adventures tend to let you make use of some of the skills which were rarely useful in the base game.


    If you really want to know, though, DLC 2 was the first one with user-generated content, at least based on the oldest roundup topic by Legate in Writer's Corner, though the deadline on getting stuff into DLC 2 was tight so even some of the very early stuff like my library event and the Muffin Man were part of DLC 3 instead.

  7. A college that takes the early lead (because of you, 99% of the time) is much more likely to maintain it than one that doesn't. Any college's students will strive to stay in first, though maybe not as well as Aranaz, Vernin, or Morvidus. Once your college is in second or below, your fellow students will probably give up unless you get them back to first.


    It's pretty variable, though - you won't be able to maintain first in a lazy college the whole year, or even reliably at all if you don't get ahead in the first week or two. Merit Prize X for Room of Champions is the only one that really matters, though, so if you can pull ahead at that point in the year you can safely not care otherwise.

  8. Zurai;


    It appears to be Familiar specific, and probably the text needs to be updated, but the Team is looking at it now. As for the Effects, that's actually not the case- those Effects do function properly, their Targets are blank because they inherit their Target from the main Effect.




    Could I ask the Team to reconsider making the current behavior officially "correct"? As it stands, familiars don't provide enough of a benefit in most situations for me to ever bother raising Bond at all - if these abilities function as the text says they should, however, an across-the-board attribute increase for the player incentivizes actually using your familiar.


    I haven't broken out the mod tools, but I am guessing that most effects from skill raises have a blank target because they're intended to be given to the same actor that rose the skill - thus, when these effects were being designed, the target was accidentally left blank because someone didn't think about Bond being a familiar skill and the *intended* target was the player.

  9. Jazerus;


    I just tested this, and it seems that they are working correctly- a quick check:


    Is it possible that you have some Increase Effects applied to your Familiar's Skills? This is commonly the issue- the 'real' value must be 10.


    Secondly, which version of the game are you using? You can check by pressing F12 and looking in the bottom right hand corner.


    Let me know, and thanks!


    No, I received Gift of the Familiar so my Bond skill must actually be at 10.


    I am using patch 68, which is the most recent as far as I know.


    This really does not seem like correct behavior. The descriptive text for the Bond of Iron 10 ability reads "The careful development of the Bond between you and your Familiar has brought you mastery of the powers of Iron, permanently Expanding all your physical Attributes - Strength, Finesse and Fitness - by one point each." according to the wiki - unless that is entirely fabricated, the intent is for the player (and perhaps the familiar as well?) to receive the attribute increases.

  10. To note quickly for those who hadn't seen the older thread on a similar subject:


    We do not intend to merge any Skill (or Attributes) in Year 2- everything will progress forward. As many have noted, Sub-Skills have some overlap which will be addressed by groupings of Skills that allow substitution in some cases- which Parent Skills they correspond to won't change for imported Characters in Year 2, but new Characters may find that Sub-Skills appear under different Parents, depending on *how* they acquire the Skill. It look pretty cool on paper, is what I can say about that. :)


    For the Strength Attribute: there is no study of Magic which relies on Strength, although there are several ways to magically enhance it. As with many things at the Academagia, Strength has the importance that you, the Player, place on it. For most, Strength will be unimportant compared to other Attributes- but if you wish to role-play a strong Wizard...be our guest! As to what new options are available for a strong character...wait and see. :)


    I'm curious. Why is Malice named Malice? While I understand how Patience can be malicious (sort of), and Gambling is typically seen as a vice, Puzzles are...pretty innocuous to be honest. The parent skill here could use a rename, I suspect, especially since you don't really gain any malicious actions from studying Malice skills, and the attribute is Luck anyway; Gaming, perhaps?


    Also, some of the Skill-Attribute pairings are odd. Gates and Mastery are linked to Fitness? I have long suspected that that's a typo and that they should be linked to Finesse instead, unless the implication is that the forbidden arts are intrinsically draining and you need to be very fit to use them.

  11. Silkie can reduce Stress Minimum, but is that only at the time of joining, or are bonuses and penalties always at play?


    Silke's bonuses are permanent, which is what makes her one of the more valuable clique members you can get. I don't believe stress can actually go below 0, though; but with Silke, you can accumulate a lot of stress minimum and still be fine, though I have no idea what actually raises stress minimum.

  12. I would tend to assume that dragon fire-breath uses liquid aromatic hydrocarbons like man-made flamethrowers; that would be more likely to develop from a poison-spitting defense system or something similar than hydrogen sacs, I suspect.


    In any case, I'm really quite surprised that we have access to the "big two" forbidden areas of study, Gates and Mastery, while smaller things like studying Reptiles are so forbidden that they can't be learned at all.


    Yes, this is a call to add even more stuff to our kitchen-sink of skills.

  13. dustman;


    Planescape was truly great writing, but I personally haven't played Arcanum. If you recommend it, I might have to check into it. ;)


    Welcome to the forum!


    Arcanum was underrated at the time but is very, very good, though like Planescape, Fallout, Baldur's Gate, and other western RPGs of that era, it has not aged as gracefully as I would have hoped. Still, most definitely worth the $5-$10 that it's probably selling for these days.

  14. No idea what I did, just redid the adventure using the Navigation option again and I got it unlocked.


    There's so much to do in the game, I barely scratched the surface, have never used a spell or looked at the phemes yet :)


    So far I try to keep my scores high and just started doing adventures, it's fun ;)

    Though I've noticed you either have to chose between getting good grades and doing a lot of adventures, not enough time to do both, though maybe if you skip classes that would be possible, haven't done that yet.


    It is pretty easy to get your class skills and study levels high before midterms, and then go crazy with other stuff afterward, even if you never skip class. The real difficulty is in not getting distracted by something new beforehand, I find.

  15. Continuing in the vein of improving the right-hand window, it would be nice if skill descriptions included the current level of the skill. Sometimes when I am looking at the end-of-day results I'd rather not hunt down the skill in the left-hand menu just to make sure it's the level I think it is. It's a lot easier than it used to be, since the parent skill is listed, but it could be made better still.


    Similarly, it's kind of unintuitive that stress and vitality maximums are not listed in their right-hand window descriptions but are rather only available through mouseover. In fact, reporting current level should be a functionality for every value with a right-hand window description, if possible, including parent skills and attributes. While the left-hand menu is very good for presenting large quantities of information in an organized way, the right-hand menu should be able to stand alone in functionality for small quantities of information rather than requiring frequent cross-referencing with the left-hand menu. Also, parent skills cannot be expanded themselves, so why do they have a "0 of 1" skill steps indicator at all times? This could be confusing at first to a new player, though I never personally had issues with it.


    The difficulty level of a spell should always be plainly spelled out in a field marked Difficulty Level, so that the effects of the addition of phemes (which all state their difficulty level, even though spells don't) can be made more plain. As it stands, the way in which additional phemes add to the difficulty of casting a spell is very unintuitive. Do they use the same roll as the parent spell, but just cause the required value to be higher? Because honestly, adding a pheme I get from (say) Religion to a Geometry-based spell and having that pheme use your Geometry skill does not immediately make very much sense. This needs additional documentation, as it is a basic gameplay element, not something that is fun to discover through trial and error.

  16. Andor;


    This system will see a lot more player interaction in Year 2, and possibly Year 1. Certainly reporting can be improved.


    Regarding Studying, there's a change coming to Suspension which will allow your character several room only interactions.




    The suspension procedures are also not very well explained...well, anywhere. You just kind of bumble along until the Praetexta Court expels you, from my experience; if suspension always results in expulsion, wouldn't immediate expulsion be kinder (to the player, at least)? If it doesn't, what are the criteria for redeeming yourself and how can they be achieved under the current regime of class-only actions?

  17. I just noticed during character creation that the screen where you choose your college and classes could use some grammatical fine-tuning.


    In particular, "What is your college" should have a question mark at the end of the sentence, and "What is your class?" should be "What are your classes?"


    I assume that this issue has been there since the beginning and I just haven't noticed it before.

  18. Today I Researched Dialectic to 10 in hope to increase the Skill Max for it because I haved 2 SS of it realy at 11 (increased theyr max) and Famous Dilemmas at 13 thanks to a Clique Member. Because Dialectic still was at 10 I thought I need to do the research but sadly I only got a +1 to a Attribute.


    In general, I have found that researching parent skills will almost never raise a skill maximum, as they themselves don't actually have maximums; only subskills do. Most subskill research, on the other hand, will raise skill maximums; but not all. In particular, History subskill research tends to give attribute bonuses; I'm not really sure about any others, but I'm sure they're out there.

  19. Lors is good, but research can be hard sometimes and I don't want to spend 10 actions for just one max skill. The attribute bonus is good, but 9 levels of lore is a bit sad (even if I like lore)


    Maybe research could help get better results at exam ? And half your research could enhance your max skill (so a skill could go up to 15 thanks to research) ? Or each research level would let you do additionnal rolls (if you have 3 levels of research in ambush and you have an ambush roll to do, you in fact roll 3 dice and keep the best) ?


    Many of the most powerful and interesting actions, abilities, and phemes come from the 11th level of various skills; researching them is usually required to gain those interesting things. View research as similar to studying; you don't get much out of it apart from lore and a bonus at the end, but the bonus at the end is worth 10 actions.


    Minor rewards at research level 5 or something might be good incentives, however.

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