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  1. My biggest issue with the UI so far is that menus such as Choose Action and Choose Location always open at the top of the list, rather than at the currently selected command. I know that it would save me a lot of time to have Choose Action start at Rest, and for misclicks this would reduce the rescrolling time. It's certainly not a serious issue, but it is something that can hurt my enjoyment of the game temporarily.
  2. There are certain things that everyone has. Every student should have a Family, a Culture (I never take these, they're all useless!), a former education (You wouldn't be up to the admissions standards if you hadn't had previous education; however, I never take any of them), and something interesting that happened to you on the way to school. Everything else should cost points, but we should get one free pick from each of these categories; as it stands, most of the non-family backgrounds in the categories I've listed are not worth a point, they're just useful for flavor.
  3. Server-client Academagia would be the only way I could see mobile Academagia working; a PC instance of Academagia would have to be able to connect to the internet and receive instructions from the mobile client, then transmit the results back. It would be interesting, and I have a feeling that such a model for database-heavy mobile games will eventually arise, but of course the technical hurdles for such a thing in Year 1 are probably pretty high. That being said, Academagia would actually be very suited to a touchscreen phone if it weren't so database-heavy.
  4. Historically, Roman numerals did not have the strict grouping rules we tend to associate with them today. XIIII would have been perfectly valid to a Roman, if slightly wasteful of space compared to XIV. So not only was it useful for sorting, it works out in real life detail as well.
  5. The largest clique I have assembled so far consists of seven people, I think; but other than the first two friends, they were all forced to join using Common Ground. I'm not sure how long it will survive but I'm interested to find out.
  6. You would think so, but there are several events already that depict the librarians as...less than reasonable people, for the most part; this is following in a grand tradition of boarding school stories with unreasonable librarians, and I've chosen to adhere to that custom in this event. For that matter, most adults are very suspicious of the motives of First Years in general, judging by pre-existing events. I agree, in real life a librarian would help or at least not interfere with a cleanup effort, but genre conventions run contrary to that for the most part. I do think that a Pure Luck exit involving a kind librarian would be appropriate, though.
  7. The random low-level student used a fairly mild mess-inducing spell in the first place to put them on the desk next to you, instead of on the shelves. You notice this at the beginning of the event, so Negation is a perfectly reasonable response. It just so happens that these books have been made messy many times before, so the Negation is medium rather than easy unless you take the time to manually sort them so that your spell will not have to do as much work. I meant for this to be a fairly benign early event to run into, as most characters have some skill in Negation; however, it will still be interesting to run into later if you have some inclination toward Mastery. The mess-inducing spell is going to resist any attempt to clean up the mess, and even the Library Knowledge investigate is kind of hard to perform without the books resisting. Cleaning it up manually would take absolutely forever and, given the frequency of librarian patrols, would result in always being caught; this happens to the other student in the Mastery exit. You're right - Incantation is the showy spell school. However, it's not the Negation spell that makes the books move; library books are naturally attracted to the shelves unless they're in someone's possession or unless they are being held away from the shelves. When you succeed at the Negation exit, you've undone all of the mess spells without touching the enchantments that the librarians put on the books. When you fail, you've instead tampered with the library's enchantments and caused them to be attracted to the nearest librarian. If you would like to write additional exits to my event, feel free! And if you think I should go back and clarify some of the details in the event itself, I will.
  8. The Steamy Stride ability's description refers to itself as "Sultry Stride", and specifically says that it does not increase Flirting - while the effects of the ability say that it does (and it does). Also, the emotion Cowardice says that it can be removed by expanding Schoolyard Education; I have been unable to remove it in this way. This is slightly more than a typo, but I was making this post anyway while testing Cowardice so I thought I should add it in as well.
  9. Correct. The other effects, such as relationship boosts, Notational Glamour, and location discoveries, are intact; however, you apparently cannot gain actions or abilities, such as Narrow Focus: Music and Study Mastery - Music. There's still some value in studying it outside of class, but taking the class is still the best option if you want to use Cubicle #65 and benefit from it.
  10. This functionality seems to be kind of bugged. I've used Study Cubicle #65 more than 10 times on a couple of occasions when Music wasn't a class skill for me, and I was unable to gain Study Mastery - Music no matter how many times I increased the study level.
  11. In Random Event Student - Montague, the exit associated with the Running subskill is marked with "Run." rather than "Running."
  12. Jazerus


    I also strongly disagree with trimming the skill system. It's the heart of the game, honestly, and it's fine that it is large and complex. At the same time, there ARE some parent skill/subskill associations that are really strange. Endurance in Rimbal, Courage in Forge, Observation in Blackmail, Music Theory in Art instead of Music, etc. all kind of puzzle me. They do relate to those skills, but it seems like they used to be in another skill and were spread elsewhere to balance things between the parent skills. That's fine and probably best for game balance reasons, but I do find it extremely strange that my character with 10+ in Music and a 10 in Music Study screws up so many Music Theory exits in events because I didn't realize it wasn't a Music skill until recently. Also...Malice could really do with a rename. I don't see how Gambling, Puzzles, and Patience are all that malicious; this certainly would make a lot more sense as Gaming or something like that. Heraldry would probably be better represented as Chivalry; there isn't actually a way to study family crests (to my knowledge) within the Heraldry skills, so it doesn't really make sense for it to be called Heraldry; even if there were, the skill set as a whole has more to do with the stereotypical chivalry than with heraldry.
  13. Glywndr, would you mind doing an edit switching the black-haired Vernin portrait to Morvidus? Assuming you're planning to do another batch, that is. Thanks in advance!
  14. I'm very much hoping that the sales figures on Year 1 are enough to keep Black Chicken going; based on the very small forum crowd, I'm kind of worried that the funding for Year 2 won't materialize. Then again, this is being sold through the casual game channels, which don't exactly promote forum visitation or anything. Have you all looked at a non-casual distribution strategy through Steam, etc., Legate? Even if you guys set out to create a casual game, the sheer depth of the game that you actually created is not very casual at all. This could do well (better, maybe) sold to the number-crunching variety of hardcore gamer...who just happened to grow up with Harry Potter, etc.; I'm one of them and I find Academagia to be an experience more akin to Civ IV than to the Sims.
  15. Ahh, finally, a good way to figure out what skills unlock what abilities, phemes, etc. without Draigh having to subject himself to dozens of playthroughs for the sake of the wiki.
  16. Could an alternative to numpad + and - be implemented for font scaling? I play on a laptop with no numpad, and while I don't personally feel like I need to change the font size, I'm sure that there's a non-zero number of people with no numpad who would like to scale their font.
  17. I decided to give Event writing a shot; the result is a pretty mundane and short event that's fairly similar to some already in game, but I don't think that the core concept has been used yet. Also, I managed to include Mastery in an event fairly believably, which was my original goal. I left out specific numbers for the rolls as I'm not 100% sure what falls into easy/medium/hard/etc. for everything yet. Disaster in the Stacks You were just studying for @class@ in the library, not bothering anyone, when @random low relationship student@ decided to ruin your day. Okay, so not everyone considers a messy book pile to be a disaster, but the Academagia librarians usually do, and He/She used some sort of spell to make a huge mess on the desk next to yours! There’s no one there, and if a librarian comes along, they’ll probably assume you made the mess. You can’t really leave the library or you’ll probably fail the next quiz in @class@. What do you do? EXIT 1: No skill, autosuccess. Leave the library; a low grade is better than having to clean all that up. EXIT 1 Success: You scurry away, adding the book you were looking at to the pile on your way out. A librarian looks at you suspiciously, but doesn’t do anything to stop you. You hear a loud gasp from the direction of your desk as you walk out the door; it was a good thing you left when you did! +1 SS Listen, -1 SS Courage EXIT 2: Fitness/Mastery Methods, medium-hard. Suggest that @random low relationship student@ clean up their own mess. EXIT 2 Success: You quietly and carefully form the forbidden phemes of the Minor Suggestion spell, aiming it directly at @random low relationship student@. Their eyes glaze over and they begin mechanically picking up the mess; they barely even notice when a librarian gives them detention for making the mess in the first place. You feel a twinge of power rush through you as you witness the effects of your skill at Mastery. +1 SS Mastery Methods, +1 SS Manipulation, -2 SS Ethics, -1 Stress EXIT 2 Failure: @Random low relationship student@’s eyes glaze over for a second before returning to normal. While it’s very fortunate that they didn’t notice your clumsy attempt at control, it’s not so fortunate that the librarian found you still at the desk. You spend hours putting the books back in the right sections. +1 SS Library Knowledge, +2 Stress EXIT 3: Fitness/Negation, medium. Dispel the spell that created the mess and allow the books to return to their proper places as usual. EXIT 3 Success: The books fly off the desk and into the shelves, gently reinserting themselves where they should be. In fact, you’ve undone years’ worth of mess-inducing enchantments on these books; they’re probably neater than they were a decade ago. The librarians, noticing the neatness, give you an appreciative nod as when they pass by – though you doubt that they would approve of the magic you used on the books. +1 SS Library Knowledge, +1 SS Negation Spells, -2% Chance of Discovery in Library locations (if possible in the engine) EXIT 3 Failure: The books fly off the desk and directly at the nearest librarian. She is not very amused by your failed attempt at cleaning up. You spend hours putting the books back in the right sections and gain a demerit for @college@. +1 SS Library Knowledge, -3 Merit, +2 Stress INVESTIGATE 1: Intelligence/Library Knowledge, medium. Order the books by section using your extensive understanding of the library’s ordering system. INVESTIGATE 1 Success: You carefully arrange the books into some semblance of order. This will probably help you with any attempt at reshelving, though the time you would need to do it by hand is still more than you are willing to devote. EXIT 3 becomes significantly easier INVESTIGATE 1 Failure: You thought you knew the system that the library uses pretty well, but it turns out that you don’t. At all. At least, not for this part of the library! You haven’t really managed to do anything except waste a few minutes. No effect. INVESTIGATE 2: Charm/Character Study, medium. Size up your antagonist and look for any cracks in his/her façade. INVESTIGATE 2 Success: You notice that @random low relationship student@ is looking kind of stressed and unfocused. You get the impression that this prank was meant to give them a cheap laugh, but since you haven’t been caught yet, they’re still looking pretty antsy. EXIT 2 becomes significantly easier, though still impossible without some Mastery skill. INVESTIGATE 2 Failure: You can’t really tell anything about @random low relationship student@. They seem pretty normal. No effect.
  18. Yes, Aranaz and Morvidus tend to be on Vernin's heels and it's not too hard to overtake Vernin for a bit as Aranaz or Morvidus; it's just hard to maintain it. For the others, your college-mates don't have enough motivation to keep up, in my experience.
  19. Vernin seems overly favored in the Merit competition; a player student in, say, Hedi or Godina stands very little chance of ever winning Merit Prizes, while a Vernin character needn't put forth very much effort at all since their fellow Vernin students generate Merit faster, collectively, than the other NPC students. To put this in perspective, I have only seen Vernin below first place when playing as a Vernin character, and it did not take a large amount of PC contribution to put Vernin back on top.
  20. Jazerus


    Legate; Thanks for the quick reply! I apologize if I came off as a bit harsher than I intended. I really think that you guys have created the core of what could be the most expansive and interesting life sim to date and I'm really interested in providing bits of constructive help to make that happen. Since Mastery will expand later, perhaps renaming Master to Suggestion or something along those lines would more properly represent the scope of the present spell. Also, a spell to force someone into your clique would be much appreciated; that was honestly the reason I began studying Mastery in the first place, in the hopes that I could maintain essentially a pure spellcasting-skill character who would also be able to have a meaningful number of clique members. I don't know whether it's something that could be implemented in Year 1 or not, but it would certainly be nice to have a magical route to a large clique, as opposed to one based solely around the social skills.
  21. Jazerus


    Mastery, as one of the forbidden arts, is a lot riskier to level up than most skills; I've even been expelled solely from demerits gained while trying to unlock all four subskills during a particularly nasty bit of RNG screw. However, the "big-ticket" spell, Master, is not worth the months spent leveling and researching. While controlling someone sounds cool, the practical limitations make it virtually useless. You're unable to pick locations/targets/etc. for NPC actions when you assign them through Mastery, which dramatically lowers the usefulness of Control and also contradicts the various pieces of Mastery-related lore in the game. You're entirely unable to do something such as force the character to Befriend you (rather than a random person), cast nasty spells at specific people, cast beneficial spells on you, etc. The only actions that you can guarantee their target for are self-applying, and how often are you going to control someone for their gain rather than yours? Also, the action Hypnotize is useless. The description implies that you can control them for a short time, but it's not possible to specify any action for an NPC on the day that your control expires; hypnotize never lasts for even a day past use, so it does nothing. Devs, are these UI limitations, or were they simply overlooked? Or did you plan to make target-choosing part of the next stage of Mastery learned in Year 2? If so, it would probably be a good idea to make it clear in Year 1 that Master is not the '100% domination' described in lore. The inability to influence professors makes a certain amount of sense, as they are far too powerful for our 13 year old selves to control, but some way of influencing classes and relationships with instructors might fit in with Mastery as well.
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