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  1. A thought just struck me. If we can move our Year 1 character to Year 2, what would happen if say, you used a mod that added a new background origin. That new background that the mod added would not be in Year 2. Now if say your character had an omen background that the mod added called Omen: New Omen 1, since that omen background isn't in Year 2, it would return a null thing and the game would crash or something, right? So, thinking outloud here, would it not be correct that if say, the mod was recreated for Year 2, with the same names and what not, it would work. Or would say the mods we make with Year 1 tool work with the Year 2 tool so we can import the mods themselves.
  2. Well as a test I tried to publish a mod that simply added a new background omen in the character creation screen and it worked fine. Had to leave the program running overnight but it worked fine. Now I can begin work on my content mod and see how it goes from there. It doesn't look too hard to add new stuff into the game, it's complete overhauls that look to be difficult. One thing I'd like to see is a copy button so we can copy existing adventures or events and edit them to make the creation process easier.
  3. Ah, thanks to both of you for asking and answering that question. I had the exact one, and was getting discouraged that all work done would have to be redone each time the game got updated. And if I am understanding right, mods placed at the bottom take priority and thus will overwrite anything the mods above do if there are conflicts between them. If so, then that's awesome, it certainly would motivate me to continue modding.
  4. Well, firstly i'd like to say how much this game has awed me in the last week since I got it. It is nice to see something so different in the modern world of fast-paced action kill-em-all games. With that aside, I do think this game has a large amount of potential, but I would in no way say its perfect. Of course this thread would likely not exist if it was perfect, so that is sort of moot. The important thing is this thread does exist, amongst others, to try and make this game perfect. So with that said, let me throw some suggestions I had out there. Now I have yet to actually finish a game, i've started several different ones, got around past the mid-terms with a few but not much further. I guarantee I have missed things, so if I end mentioning things that are already in the game, a heads up would be nice. Also, I did not manage to go through every page of this topic, so there is a good chance of me saying something that has already been said. Suggestions 1. Teaming up with NPCs. The main thing that irked me was I was going out, making these friends and cliques and all that, and then I want to go invite some of my buddies to cram for an exam or something together, but I can't. Basically, the game offers so many different tasks you can do, from studying, training, bullying, exploring, etc etc. But most of these, you can only do by yourself. Now I know for some of these, you have a chance to raise your relationship with a random person; i've noticed that. But what i'm talking about is why shouldn't I be able to invite my closest friend to double team a session of studying for Astrology or something. After all, 2 > 1. So it would make sense that 2 people studying, or 2 people exploring would have a better chance of success. Game wise, it can combine both the PC's and NPC's stats into it, thus giving you a bigger bonus. Now of course the catch would be that, that person could easilly decline helping you. After all, one NPC might not care about Astrology, so unless I am really close to them, they wouldn't want to waste time studying with me. Likewise, if you want to go with one of your friends to bully somebody you hate, but your friend actually likes the person you want to bully, they can decline you. 2. Global Calendar I'm talking about a calendar like this: Calendar. Not in that format in specific, but I find that if I want to go ahead and see when the exams are, I have to keep going forward, then keep going back, and so forth. Since I don't know which week is which in the month, it gets confusing there too. With an easy to click calendar button somewhere, I could see how far I am in the year, when my exams are up, when certain days are coming up. Etc, etc. 3. How-To-Unlock Right now, in this saved game I am playing. I have Olivia in my clique (actually she has me in her clique, but that's a different story). Via her profile, I can see her stats, actions, abilities, etc. Now, I scroll down to her actions, click on one, and then it tells me the description of that action. Yet it does not tell me how to unlock it. This may be minor, but one would think my dear old friend Olivia would tell me what I need to do to learn how the spells that she knows, or the actions that she knows. Anywho, i've had more suggestions earlier, but I forgot some, needing sleep can do that to you. So I will return later when I remember them. Regardless, I look forward to further improvements on the game, and the mod tools as well.
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