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  1. Thoughts for senior years - researching new spells and items, more involvement in politicking (including in the outside world, not merely the college) and more involvement in general with the outside world as students get closer to graduation and having to (horrors!) find a job...
  2. Thank you Mikka, that's most helpful Oh, with Actions, some of don't state the difficulty of a roll e.g. Question Surroundings simply states "Make an Intelligence/Sleuthing roll". What is the roll made against?
  3. Ah that's great, thanks a lot. To clarify question 1, my problem is that I have no idea how to make use of what I bought. I'd hoped to be able to fashion a Glamourous skirt!
  4. Hi all. I'm new to the game and enjoying discovering things as I go. However, there are a few points that I would like clarification on, if possible. 1. Shops and recipes - I don't really get how these work. I thought I was buying some cloth and thread from the shop, but apparently I bought two recipes. They are now sitting in my wardrobe. What am I actually supposed to do with them? 2. Rolls - spell descriptions include phrases such as "successful Intelligence/Revision Roll v. 9". I understand the concept of making rolls, but the mechanics here are not clearly explained. If I have an Intelligence of 2 and a Revision of 8, then what is my chance of successfully making the abovementioned roll? Is the formula [average of two attributes + d6], or what? 3. Actions and their colour-coding - most of the Actions I've discovered since the start (Befriend, Bully, Encourage Fellow Student etc.) show as purple, which the manual tells me indicates basically no hope. However, I have successfully used Befriend a couple of times. Have I just been extremely lucky, or is the colour-coding not telling the whole story? 4. Adding extra phemes to spells - this makes them harder, but can add unusual and unexpected effects, right? 5. A minor query. I have been trying to increase Schoolyard Education and Observation above 2 and 1 respectively. Yet even when I'm told I successfully trained these skills the numbers don't increase. Is this a bug/anomaly, or by design? Apologies for so many questions, I hope there are answers!
  5. I read about the game on Rock Paper Shotgun and thought it sounded intriguing. I'd sworn to give up buying games, but when I saw that Beamdog were selling it for under £4 I couldn't resist. Strange thing is, I don't even like Harry Potter. Heh, I've never read a word or seen any of the films (even though a friend worked on some of them). But I love Earthsea, and that's what the game made me think of.
  6. Greetings forum. I am a nervous, studious person from London who bought Academagia today because it was cheap and reminded me of Earthsea. I've been playing it all afternoon while listening to the cricket and sheltering from the thick heat. I like games that are involved but don't require non-stop attention, and this seems to fit the bill. Other games I enjoy include the Football Manager series, Civ4, Crusader Kings, Fate Of The World and Dwarf Fortress, to name just a few.
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