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  1. Always she is in the PC's College.
  2. @Legate of Mineta: How advanced is the study of geology?
  3. I am quite interested in Aaran - he seems wise beyond his years, and could probably explain some fascinating theories. His hair is so striking, also. Tabin is also interesting - a deep thinker and well-groomed - but very dangerous to exes, I do not doubt.
  4. If we were of a similar age, I would find Beatrix von Wetgen to be very interesting - she is scientifically interested but also athletic and cheerful. But realistically, (again with the age caveat), I would probably be most successful with Zoe Melis. I was and am like her - sickly, socially isolated, and loving to study and learn obscure languages.
  5. @Legate of Mineta: Any update about the writing about Y2's core courses?
  6. @Expert Astrologer: Morvidus is my favourite college, and it is easiest to play as, I find. Its unique adventures are amazingly well-written and interesting to me.
  7. Well, Miss Chard and her family are interesting characters.
  8. @Expert Astrologer: I am glad that you feel that that 3 glory is a great achievement. I always find glory to be so difficult to justify getting, though, because it is not publicly tracked and has no definite in-game effects. In one playthrough, I had to choose between getting 2 glory and one point of insight - I chose the insight. What was this character's final statistics?
  9. @Legate of Mineta: It is set in a very unexplored period for videogames - Carthaginian Spain!
  10. @Legate of Mineta: What are some symptoms of Zoe's illness? Aside from shedding hairs?
  11. There is a new life simulation game, called A Legionary's Life. It is very historically interesting, but the combat is difficult.
  12. The Bone and Earth School is not a school like Contu's Academy, nor like the Schohanwicht, nor even like the Purple Academy of Thei. Rather, it is a movement of like-minded mages and their students who, living in a certain region, learn from and teach each other about Gates magic - and often claim to learn from entities beyond Cyve. What makes the Bone and Earth School a school, rather than merely an assemblage of gates mages with varying skills, is its approach to dealing with the entities that its practitioners come across. Many gates mages outside the Bone and Earth School regard summoned and encountered creatures as tools and nothing more - or if they have encountered more noteworthy entities, they are regarded with fear and suspicion. Certainly, what gates mages do in other realms is kept very secret outside the Bone and Earth School. But the Bone and Earth School publicly proclaims that its members have been in contact with other beings of great intelligence - some of whom are not hostile. This, however, is always accompanied by warnings that Gates magic is highly dangerous, and is best practised after studying with a qualified teacher. Even then, Gates Magic should be practised in remote areas with dead animals and bare earth - hence the Bone and Earth School's name. Ideally, mages in this school are not allowed to practise Gates Magic until they have mastered three arts - negation magic, wrestling, and various forms of persuasive communication (debate, oratory, law, persuasion, etc.). Negation magic is used in order to minimize problems if one's Gate's magic go wrong, and wrestling is used when controlling summoned creatures, but the most commonly used skill of Bone and Earth School mages, aside from Gates Magic, is negotiating with summoned creatures. Bone and Earth School mages strive, as much as possible, to understand, befriend, and learn from beings whom they summon. They write down what they learn about and from these beings (including weaknesses) in cryptic books which they explain to selected students whom they deem wise enough. The students who have fully understood a text about a given creature are deemed worthy of summoning the creature. It is not known how many creatures have been written about in books, and to further confuse the matter, different lineages of teachers may have different names and traditions about different entities. Bone and Earth School mages admit, if pressed, that they are secretive, but use this secretiveness in order to discourage unprepared gates mages from summoning dangerous creatures. They also spread stories, possibly true, about the terrible consequences of summoning creatures without being qualified gates mages. Some Bone and Earth School mages, who have attracted many followers, are alleged or allege themselves to be not fully human, but containing extra-cyvian ancestry. Bone and Earth School mages have a tense relationship with the central government, which respects but fears their powers and strange claims about their achievements Any thoughts, @Legate of Mineta?
  13. @Legate of Mineta: May I describe some ideas that I have for a gates school in Miya's empire? The Team would be welcome to use the school in the setting, and I am thinking that a possible adventure or random event might involve the PC's hearing Miya talking about the school. This, of course, could leave ambiguous how true her claims are.
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