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  1. @Metis Which adventure/college are you talking about? @Von-Wulfen: The two most creepy/evil first year students whom I have encountered within my playthroughs have been Aranaz students. But my default college when wanting a character to study forbidden magics (gates and mastery) is Morvidus.
  2. 1. Is there any licensing that a mage must undergo in order to sell enchanted items? At minimum, are licensed enchanters likely to be more trusted by customers? 2. Related to the preceding, is it common for mages to magically mark enchanted items in such a way that the items can be easily identified (or tracked) if stolen? 3. Are there criminals who pretend to be masters of astrology? I ask because astrology seems to be the easiest pillar to fake having knowledge of, since it is less about affecting the world than about understanding the world and other people.
  3. 1. Charges of heresy I could understand, because one would be maintaining a rite that the official church has abandoned. But how is it apostasy to venerate the Old Gods using a discontinued rite? Is it because the New Gods are said to have abolished such rites? 2. Does this mean that I cannot write a Y2 adventure in which the Quiet Girl appears?
  4. 1. What sort of repercussions? Charges of heresy? 2. Does the Quiet Girl keep her face hidden? Also, will she be appearing in Y2?
  5. Would it be illegal if some person were to walk such a path?
  6. That is, when starting a new game, should a player choose the Summer's Blush mod instead of First Touch of Summer? And may a player safely delete the mod First Touch of Summer?
  7. What is the bug?
  8. 1. Does Professor Pachait have any government backing for his efforts to maintain alliances/good relationships with werewolves (and other intelligent humanoids)? 2. Are there satyrs in Wetgen (and Auncusay)? 3. How independent from the rest of Vilocia is Wetgen? 4. Do some satyrs groups maintain informal or formal diplomatic relationships with various levels of government?
  9. @Legate of Mineta: In this context, I and many other fans of Academagia would really like a progress report for 2018, outlining what was done and what has yet to be done. Would it at least be fair to say that Y2 will be released during 2018, barring some major problem?
  10. @Legate of Mineta: 1. You have said that 10 in a skill is equivalent to a lower level journey-man. What would a 16 in a skill be? I ask because one of my Morvidus characters has a 16 revision skill before artifacts and enhancement spells. 2. Were/are there any non-gates/non-mastery secret societies of magic users that kept/are keeping phemes/spells hidden from the uninitiated? 3. Did any gates mages worship the entities that they discovered? were any accused of this before the ban? finally, was it alleged after the ban that gates mages worshiped such entities? 4. Were gates mages more likely to be accused of heresy/blasphemy even when gates magic was legal? 5. Miya, being a foreigner, was (I presume) not raised in the Elumian state religion. Is she therefore outside the jurisdiction of ecclesiastical courts? 6. If some student were to follow (or be accused of following) Miya's religion, could that student be punished for apostasy, or for serving dragons? 7. Is apostasy conceived of as its own crime in Mineta, or is it inseparable from the idea that apostates (or people outside the state religion) serve dragons in some way?
  11. Has the system of prerequisites for Y2 classes been figured out yet?
  12. The description of the artifact "Tiny Gold Ball" at least once has "am" where "an" should be.
  13. What other topics receive seminars?
  14. Will this patch correct the research related bugs that I noticed?
  15. 1. What would be the legal status of a book describing entities (and their native world) that were contacted using gates magic but not containing any gates magic or gates phemes? 2. Does Academagia offer a course about dragons?