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  1. 1. Are mages ever discriminated against by other mages because of their familiars (excluding very difficult to handle familiars, such as the elephant)? 2. Are there or have there been clubs for mages with, say, dog familiars, at academagia or elsewhere? 3. Has any scholar done any analysis of mages to determine common traits about familiars and their mages?
  2. @Legate of Mineta: This is good.
  3. What about "Progress for Academagia Y2"?
  4. 1. Is there any movement that wants to ban theatre in Auncesay? 2. Does the Thieves Guild bribe the Minetan watch? What about the Legate of Mineta?
  5. 1. How common are gangs such as the Southside Pitts in Mineta? 2. Does the Thieves' Guild recruit from such gangs? did it arise from such a gang? 3. Just to confirm, the Thieves' Guild is illegal, right? the game is not going the Terry Pratchett route, right (though if it were to, this would be all right)? I have questions that I would like to ask about the Thieves Guild and crime in Mineta later once I know whether it is illegal.
  6. @Legate of Mineta: I hope to ask the sort of question that I asked on this thread about every 2 weeks, if you do not mind.
  7. 1. Are microscopes known? 2. Would students who made inquiries about how useful gates magic was in exploring the world get in trouble? 3. Were any Academagia students not of the official religion of the Empire of Man ever punished for their faith? 4. Did Academagia students not of the official religion of the Empire of Man only come from Saisyne and Oursouk (aside from Miya), or did any come from other lands, such as Valvili? 5. Have religious scriptures been censored to remove references to New Gods and saints using Gates and Mastery?
  8. What progress has been made within the past 2 weeks, if I may ask?
  9. I have, after much thinking, decided that the final portion of this adventure should be divided into two stages, with the first including an option to end the adventure early. I just could not think of a way for Sima's meeting to be inconspicuous within the school, and I do not want to force any player to have to play as a character foolish enough to follow anybody - especially one as mysterious as Sima - into a shadowy space between buildings with no knowledge of what they are doing. The second and final stage will have many more options. Any feedback is welcome. Reporting to Sima:
  10. @Legate of Mineta: @Metis's question makes me wonder - are rooms that are specifically warded against magic (possibly even to the extent of suppressing active magical effects) known? if so, are they common in extremely secure places or research facilities?
  11. 1. Is Miya the first student in Academagia's history to not belong to the state religion? 2. How much does the school know or care about her real background? Given the intrigued that has been mentioned as surrounding noble students from the Empire of Man, I would think that they would make at least a few inquiries - am I right? 3. What is the scholarly opinion about life from other worlds that would arrive through non-gates magic? Would such life (leaving aside scholarly opinions) be viewed with suspicion as merely a disguise for gates-created life?
  12. @Legate of Mineta: Would I be correct in thinking that Nugen's Alley is associated with Gates Magic? I ask because the in-game description is suggestive: "The mysterious Nugen’s Alley shows up only when someone with the ‘proper’ skills calls for it." And is the name Nugen an allusion to the Discworld god Nugen from Monstrous Regiment?
  13. Thank you for the answer. A major problem in writing a story is resolved now.
  14. Is it possible to trigger a choice in an adventure based upon whether the PC is informed of another character?
  15. 1. What could the penalty be, if she were prosecuted? And were such laws more enforced in the past? 2. I can think of how boating would be a useful part of zoology, and perhaps incantation classes. Is this a correct guess?