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  1. @Legate of Mineta: Due to certain fictional and allegedly real stories, it is easy for readers/players from Earth to understand Uliva as creepy and a budding Dark Lady type of mage (not that I understand her in this way. She is, I think, one of the kindest characters in the game - but only to serpents). Are such sentiments surrounding her at any level in the Academagia? Are there plans to give to her a stern warning about proper studies for her?
  2. @Legate of Mineta: Are any of the story arcs for any characters involving the possibility of either encouraging or discouraging characters from becoming evil?
  3. All the more reason for Y2 to be released. Will Y2's tools be sold separately?
  4. Is there an equivalent of Vikramshila or Nalanda - a school openly teaching magic dealing with other universes whose students are not insane?
  5. @Legate of Mineta: It would be very funny if a future installment (Y3 on) could have a romance option whom it would be revealed was actually a student at the Schohanwicht School. Speaking of the Schohanwicht School, I hope that it will not be revealed in the end to be as bad as the Scholomance - although I would not want to make it as virtuous as Vikramshila or Nalanda.
  6. Many thanks for the prompt response. I will, I hope deal well with them. Will the Vernin student girl who cannot walk (whose name I wish I could remember) appear in Y2? I would like to write her into an adventure (but cannot remember her name) set at a hospital, but would not want to insert a character who has graduated.
  7. Practise with Negation, right?
  8. @Legate of Mineta: Aristeas from Proconnesus (a legendary mage from Earth) was supposedly able to cause his soul to leave his body whenever he wished, travel to distant places, and return again. Is this possible in Cyve's magic? If so, what pillar would it use?
  9. @Legate of Mineta: I have 2 interesting ideas that I think could easily be worked into my stories - and might be useful contributions to the setting: 1. At least one city state outside the Empire of Man uses a modified Chorian alphabet (with heta, sho, and - because I like the letter - digamma) because it was visited in past millenia by a gates mage analogous to the historical(?) Aristeas from Proconnesus. 2. That rumours about the Second Circle are spreading throughout the Empire of Man, with some people suspecting - as I do - that it is vigilante group dedicated to hunting gates mages.
  10. @Legate of Mineta: Are there any updates about this? Or about Y2 in general?
  11. @Legate of Mineta: Will the Vernin student girl who cannot walk (whose name I wish I could remember) appear in Y2?
  12. Has there been any magical research about why it is easier to create images than sound with glamour magic?
  13. So, could a caster do this by glamouring a message saying, "I am casting a glamour spell"?
  14. @Legate of Mineta: can glamour be used to create sounds without images?
  15. @Legate of Mineta: May I write Zoe as using the expression (common in Greco-Roman literature) that someone is worth less than a piece of hair to her, or would that be too weird?
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