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  1. Would it be all right if Miya were to know about "the Red and Gold Dagger" and muse about reforming it?
  2. I have interpreted this as meaning that by this July, some form of Y2 will be released. Is this a reasonable interpretation of the words?
  3. Would this event still be remembered in Mineta during the games' time?
  4. Read it here: https://archiveofourown.org/works/28762983 It is about Uliva Valaresso, obviously. Comments are welcomed.
  5. "The Life and Suffering of Sir Brante" is an amazing game which I find to be rather interesting, based upon what I have played in the free demo. Not as diverse as Academagia in its options or as original in its setting (but then, few are), but an interesting break from religions which are mangled versions of Christianity or Greco-Roman polytheism. Its religion is based, it seems to me, upon Hinduism, albeit as filtered through Russian (presumably) Christian worldview (the developers are Russians, but the game's English is perfect for all except for pedants such as I am - and is, no offence, better than the English in portions of Academagia) with a fantasy setting. Apologies for going on about the religious aspect - religions have long interested me. The setting is interesting also, with humans as elves' slaves and magic rare but despised/illegal.
  6. @Legate of Mineta: Will love triangle mechanics include two NPCs seeking a PC's interest, or only a PC and an NPC seeking a third character?
  7. Could we write content for Y2 involving the game "War and Pilgrimage"?
  8. 1. How many players can play this game? Minimum/maximum. 2. Is there any tradition of defectors from the Oursouki (as opposed to Bassan) communities joining the Empire of Man?
  9. @Legate of Mineta: I hope that in future games the Triplets can be involved in smuggling, but I am not sure whether such fits with the team's vision for them.
  10. I would love for there to be a some content in which Flore herself would try to initiate something with a PC who is descended from traitors or up from destitution - just in order to spite her family.
  11. What about interacting with the older students Louisa (from a Dropped Letter), Peter Dragmanoff, and Oan? I hope that they can be interacted with in later games.
  12. @Legate of Mineta: Are rokhs real on Cyve, or just tales? I would think that if they were existing, then they would be extinct in the setting's present, having been exterminated by dragons and humans combined.
  13. @Legate of Mineta: Some questions inspired by fiction and traditions which I have read, as a follow-up to @Good Coyote's questions: 2. Are there traditions of surgically and magically modifying bodies in preparation for being possessed and further transformed by spirits? 3. Are there traditions of potions which allow people to perform gates magic? 4. Are there traditions of rokhs?
  14. @Schwarzbart: I propose these achievements as a player who loves playing Academagia multiple times, and wishes that more of the things which I, as a player, regard as achievements were recognized as achievements by the game. Steam achievements are, as I see it, only suggestions about how to play the game - and hints about possible strategies and outcomes. Due to my physical disabilities, many Steam achievements in certain games which I enjoy (the Total War franchise) cannot be completed by me - so I have never seen getting 100% completion of achievements as essential. The Team is free to reject or accept all of my suggestions, but suggesting them is for me an interesting process. As for why Beatrix von Wetgen should have such an achievement, with such a name, the reasons are several in my opinion. A love poem, attributed to Shakespeare, opens with the line, "It was a lording's daughter, the fairest one of three," and Academagia Y1 has three female students (Miya Hikari, Gwendy Zuyder, and Beatrix von Wetgen) who are (in Miya's case, allegedly) daughters of lords and associated with archery (Beatrix and Gwendy are said to compete with each other in archery in the archery research chain, and Miya's adventure in Y1 involves an option to train her in archery). Beatrix is is having the palest hairs (brown rather than black) of these three characters and is the kindest, so I thought that an allusion to her kind temper and paler hair which would allude to Shakespeare's poem (while also serving as a hint about her nobility) would be interesting. @Legate of Mineta, do you like my reasoning?
  15. With all due respect, I see no reason why this should mean that achievements should not exist. Many of my favourite video games have achievements which are locked out in some playthroughs - including Academagia itself, with its colleges. In any case, the achievement which I suggested is for Y2 - by which time I hope that there will be a relatively easy way to get affection with Beatrix.
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