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  1. @Legate of Mineta: 1. Are any laws or regulations in place preventing satyrs from owning houses in Frontino or Mineta? 2. Are any non-human intelligent humanoid species commonly assumed to be allied to dragons or dragons' puppets? 3. Are Nagas (intelligent magical serpents) known to Cyve?
  2. @Urthor: But the consequences of knowing about Gates magic have not yet been implemented into the game. Supposedly, in Y2, it will have a greater consequence. One adventure in which Gates magic makes things much easier is "Just Another Day in Mineta".
  3. 3. Has there ever been a combination of negation magic, astrology, and enchantment/artificing to create an artifact to detect other magical artifacts? 4. Are some magical artifacts themselves created from incanted material? if so, does the enchantment needed to maintain an incanted object interfere significantly with the other enchanting magics?
  4. @Legate of Mineta: Are any of the characters from this game from that campaign? And a couple of in-universe questions: 1. Are astrologers often used as detectives/finders of missing people/objects? 2. Are there weapons that are enchanted to inflict wounds that are more difficult to cure through magical and mundane means? are such weapons legally restricted?
  5. I was wondering which Pillar of Magic players like best. I like revision magic because it is very easy for PCs to train in, has a cool teacher associated with it, and can be easily used to improve skills temporarily to overcome challenges and successfully complete adventures. Plus, the Revision College is my favorite from a story perspective ... Morvidus, with its pacifists and bullies and natural philosophers all being united by a love of animals (in theory...). Finally, revision magic may be used to transform people into animals for a while, which is interesting.
  6. I hope that this request of mine violates no rules, but I was hoping that on or about April 20, Black Chicken Studios, in order to commemorate the 1st Anniversary of Academagia's Steam release, could provide us with some sort of update about when Y2 may be released and what its progress has been. Ideally, there would be screenshots (or at least one) for it also. Could this happen?
  7. @Legate of Mineta: Thank you for your response. The team has at least 10 days to decide on anything.
  8. @isadorbg: I did not notice the earlier poll. Still, mine contains Orthography, the dissolved but not banned pillar. So maybe it is an improvement.
  9. I was wondering if the Team has expressed any view on whether Y2 can successfully import savegames from earlier versions of the game.
  10. I wonder, now that the final patch for Y1 has been released, and 2018 is well advanced, whether Black Chicken Studios would be kind enough to tell us how the progress goes. If they will not do this, might they at least tell us something about Y2's mechanics for adventures? Either would be a great encouragement to me as I write Y2 adventures. I do not want to think that I write for a game that will never be released.
  11. Looking forward to such lores! I presume that they are in Y2; am I right?
  12. How is progress on Y2 going? What parts need to be completed?
  13. @Legate of Mineta: Why would it be complicated to deal with an aspiring monarch as a violator of religious law? I thought that only those descended from the New Gods could be kings according to the Empire of Man's religion.
  14. @Legate of Mineta: 1. Is anarchism a known political ideology? What about democracy outside and before Pievre? 2. I assume that the former kingdoms whose royal lineages have died out are ruled in practice by councils of nobles. Have any nobles in such regions tried to make themselves monarchs? Would this be a religious in addition to a secular crime? 3. How far away from Frontino and Mineta is Satyrius? 4. Would it be possible for students at Academagia from powerful families to have lawyers whom they could contact but who would be paid by their families?
  15. I was wondering if the following triggers could be used to permit players to begin adventures or encounter random events during Y2: 1. Whether a PC or NPC has passed and/or failed a Y1 course. 2. Whether a PC and an NPC have Affection (and/or Love) between each other. 3. Whether the PC and a professor or Regent have a given relationship value. Similarly, I wonder whether the presence of Affection (and/or Love) between the PC and and NPC and the presence of a relationship of varying strengths between the PC and professor or Regent could be used as the basis for certain choices within random events or adventures.
  16. Can the presence of two students in the same clique be a trigger?
  17. And here is the Third Stage of the Adventure. One more stage to go. Feedback is welcome. Talking to Zoe
  18. Any feedback on any portion of this adventure would be welcome. Requires Relationship > 5 with Beatrix von Wetgen, PC does not have Heritage: Staadan. Wandering with Beatrix von Wetgen 00 and 01
  19. @Crimson: I assume, based upon my readings on this forum and in game, that more advanced mastery would involve mass-control and thought/skill transferal. @Legate of Mineta: Speaking of mastery, I know that much about that pillar of magic is redacted in and out of universe. But I was wondering: given Orsi's (well-founded) fear that mastery could be used in dating, is there a relatively easy to find source of information in the school about trimes in which mastery has been used, how to detect mastery, etc.?
  20. @Metis: Can you give any examples of such mastery spells?
  21. 1. Are such restrictions formally codified in law, or are they more to do with the nature of magic? 2. Are any such localized spells associated with powerful noble families and their estates?
  22. You gain this item through the adventure "Why Is Your Head So Fuzzy?".
  23. When Player characters have ability scores low enough, related subskills will require more than 1 rank (and there are some subskills, such as gambling, that will require 2 ranks per level regardless of ability score). In this context, abilities that all;ow training of multiple ranks are useful, even though for characters with higher ability score, such abilities are less useful.
  24. @Legate of Mineta: Can knowledge of a spell or ability (such as Disorder the Heavens) be used as a trigger for adventures or options in adventures?
  25. @Legate of Mineta: Why would relationships between Oursouk and the Empire of Man be worse when gates was legal in both realms? would it be because of political conflicts and wars?