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  1. I have cerebral palsy,. meaning that since birth I have been unable to walk. I have used a series of wheelchairs since I was around 4 years old. There are many reasons why I like Academagia (including its use of real Latin and its intricate setting and many possible play styles - often focused on developing truly intelligent rather than action-oriented heroes). There are also some reasons why the game may be criticized by others (its treatment of race has attracted some controversy about which I feel unqualified to say much - ditto its treatment of non-heterosexual love, especially before the four newest students were added in). But I am here to write about another aspect that I feel compelled to praise, but has not been mentioned as far as I know: its treatment of physical disabilities of the sort that I have that prevent the person from being able to walk. That is one of many reasons why I like Academagia - it is one of the few pieces of media I know about in which a character who cannot walk (minor, but still a character) exists but is not patronized. She is not treated as a tragic figure because she cannot walk, nor is her inability to walk treated as something that requires a tragic backstory (accident of some sort, terrible crime, etc.). Rather, she is presented as a character with interests that have nothing to do with her disability nor emphasize the mind over the (defective) body (building portable shrines) who happens to require assistance to travel where others would walk. Even her accident in which the player character gets involved is not one that could only befall a person who cannot walk - she trips and drops the portable shrine that she is carrying. I can certainly sympathize with this character's atrophied leg muscles, and would, but for the burden upon the animal, think that being carried by a gorilla is better than using a wheelchair. For this reason I was relieved to learn that the character was not forced to be carried by a gorilla due to lack of wheelchairs but chose it as a way to build the familiar bond. As a player, this otherwise minor incident - which need not even be encountered, as a random event - provides a fascinating perspective into the redemptive power of the most repulsive pillar of magic - mastery. Mastery is established as not merely being about affecting minds, but also as being about affecting brains. In game, this is represented as being able to cause severe strokes to people. However, there seems little reason why more carefully researched, carefully used, mastery could not be used to heal brains - curing cerebral palsy and other brain-related physical disabilities of the sort that occur within this random event. I sincerely hope that a later game in this series involves in some way the use of mastery to cure brain damage - enhancing the game's message, as I see it, that any skill can be used for purposes as good or evil as the person using the skill. On a further note, this random event is one of many reasons why I look forward to Y2's read-back feature - it would allow the player to reread random events and gain better better understanding of how random events develop various characters and the setting.
  2. I was wondering which Pillar of Magic players like best. I like revision magic because it is very easy for PCs to train in, has a cool teacher associated with it, and can be easily used to improve skills temporarily to overcome challenges and successfully complete adventures. Plus, the Revision College is my favorite from a story perspective ... Morvidus, with its pacifists and bullies and natural philosophers all being united by a love of animals (in theory...). Finally, revision magic may be used to transform people into animals for a while, which is interesting.
  3. I wonder, now that the final patch for Y1 has been released, and 2018 is well advanced, whether Black Chicken Studios would be kind enough to tell us how the progress goes. If they will not do this, might they at least tell us something about Y2's mechanics for adventures? Either would be a great encouragement to me as I write Y2 adventures. I do not want to think that I write for a game that will never be released.
  4. I was wondering if the following triggers could be used to permit players to begin adventures or encounter random events during Y2: 1. Whether a PC or NPC has passed and/or failed a Y1 course. 2. Whether a PC and an NPC have Affection (and/or Love) between each other. 3. Whether the PC and a professor or Regent have a given relationship value. Similarly, I wonder whether the presence of Affection (and/or Love) between the PC and and NPC and the presence of a relationship of varying strengths between the PC and professor or Regent could be used as the basis for certain choices within random events or adventures.
  5. @Legate of Mineta: No need for such exposure of Data. I would hate to delay the release of Y2 in any way. I will just write the adventure in a different way.
  6. Speaking of Chance of Failure, does using the Exchange Familiar (Action) to get rid of Mr Pebbles get rid of Mr. Pebbles's associated chance of failure?
  7. @Legate of Mineta: 2 quick questions about dating/romance culture in Mineta (because am planning a story in which the PC and Zoe Melis mock dating/romance tropes). 1. is it common to kiss a woman's hand as a romantic/courteous gesture? 2. Is there a practice of putting a clipping from a lover's hair in a locket?
  8. @Legate of Mineta: Since you have mentioned that detentions earned in Y1 but not served in Y1 will carry on to Y2, I wonder: will Y2 allow a charcater's being assigned but not having served a detention yet to be a trigger? I ask because one of my adventure plans involves talking about Y2 detentions just before leaving for summer vacation.
  9. @Legate of Mineta: I would prefer to use an official patch from the team, lest @Schwarzbart's mod have compatibility issues with Y2. In any case, the full functioning of the Prodigy Incantation is less significant for me than Y2.
  10. @Legate of Mineta: If such a fix were necessary, could it be done? Or would it take too much time for the Team?
  11. @Legate of Mineta: 1. Did Oan Sung receive her surname through an administrative process? or are most people from Sung surnamed Sung? 2. Are Esteris subject to suspicion in Mineta? I ask because I remember reading that there is a belief that Eastern lands are ruled by/influenced by dragons. 3. Are crane birds living in Mineta and/or Cassetta?
  12. So, I have finally finished my adventure involving the Triplets. Feedback is welcome and much appreciated. My next writing projects are much less ambitious. I will be writing an event with Zoe Melis set befor the Y2 summer vacation, followed by events to accompany some of the memories that my most recently completed adventure created.
  13. Any feedback on any portion of this adventure would be welcome. Requires Relationship > 5 with Beatrix von Wetgen, PC does not have Heritage: Staadan. Wandering with Beatrix von Wetgen 00 and 01
  14. Sima’s Confrontation:
  15. In my most recent game (Aranaz is still more difficult to play than Morvidus!), my character was able to gain top marks in every course except for History in the final exams - Rikildis got that one! I was wondering what the Y2 consequences of such a nearly perfect showing would mean for Y2, and whether they would be substantially inferior to winning top marks in all Y1 course final exams that a character takes.
  16. @Legate of Mineta: 1. Is Sima from Sung? 2. Does the Academagia have a procedure for giving surnames (for administrative purposes) to students who do not have surnames?
  17. @Legate of Mineta: If Sung has an Earth equivalent, what is it? Tocharistan/the Tarim Basin? And since Oan Sung is from Sung, does it have no surnames?
  18. @Legate of Mineta: 1. Are there any places within the Empire of Man whose inhabitants can be described as having almond eyes? 2. Is Feng, the owner of Feng's parlour, an Estero? [parenthetically, the term Estero should be Esterus in Latin/Eluminian - unless it is a non-standard noun, which in fairness it might be, as with leo].
  19. @Legate of Mineta: So can only glamour spells be so encoded in poetry and stories?
  20. @Legate of Mineta: Would I be correct in thinking that the decline of this type of spell is due to an increase in formalized, literate, education?
  21. I edited the wiki in order to better discuss ways to gain exotic familiars.
  22. @Legate of Mineta: A question that I have long wanted to ask - how common is it to encode spells into poems or stories, as with The Tale of Sir William Hopkins (Spell)?
  23. @Legate of Mineta: Despite what Prodigy Incantation says, it does not grant the PC an increase in Theory of Incantation Skill Maximum. But maybe I am misremembering what it says.
  24. Prodigy in Negation can be very useful if the character is meant to not merely study negation but excel at it (getting, for example, 11s in every Negation subskill). This is a valid play style for some that need not conflict with playing adventures. In one of may games, I took the high negation skill route and was still able to complete adventures for: Tabin, Magsa, Prudence, Miya, Sima, and Sigalis, as well as every single Durand only quest and the tutorial adventure and the main adventure (among others!). My clique (led by my character) had Sima, Sigalis, and Prudence. That having been said,. if the play style is less focused on academic, prodigy Negation can be skipped.
  25. @freespace2dotcom, @Legate of Mineta: One can be circumcised for reasons related purely to medical health rather than religious or cultural practises. I, for example, was circumcised - and I am and was a Buddhist - a few years ago because I had phimosis and wanted to avoid the increased risk of penile cancer associated with phimosis. I remember that the night after the operation, I was so much in pain that I could not sleep, so I played Academagia. I hope that these remarks are appropriate. @Legate of Mineta: Of all the the things to be redacted, discussion of Baron Midian was the last thing that I would have expected. I guess that I should read the lores about him in more detail then, in order to find out why he is so special. Speaking of religious or cultural practises, here are some questions. 1. Are there any strands of Millenarianism within the Empire of Man? By this I mean religious beliefs that society is corrupted or evil at a certain level, but a divinely appointed transformation will improve it. 2. Are there any strands of Apocalypticism within the Empire of Man? By this I mean religious beliefs that there will be, possibly very soon, a clash between the forces of good and evil in which good will triumph. 3. If a scholar were to do research about the Oursouki religion and conclude that it is not about worshipping/serving dragons, would it be legal for this work to be published? 4. Do dragon worshippers hope to restore slavery under the dragons with themselves as vilici (overseers of slave-owners' slaves)?