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  1. @Legate of Mineta: Are spirit possessions a part of stories about gates mages? I suspect that asking whether spirit possessions are part of gates magic would get a [redacted] answer, so I ask it not.
  2. @Legate of Mineta: are there any plans to have some sort of Year end summary in Y2 before a completed game goes to the credits, listing a PC's (and perhaps a player's) achievements?
  3. What is the difference? And how long would such a thing take?
  4. @Legate of Mineta: Have all Y1 characters with new clique abilities had their new clique abilities programmed in?
  5. I hope that Zoe Melis does not have a different clique ability. Speaking of Miss Melis, I interpreted her Y1 adventure as being, to some degree, about her trying to fit into a role which she had read about (that of the glamourous socially adept girl). I have done similar things in my life, interestingly, being likewise isolated from normality. In several of my writings about her (written and planned), I have her revealing how her readings of various books shape her view of her life. Is this a reasonable approach to take?
  6. @Legate of Mineta: Are any of the Y1 students getting different Clique abilities in Y2?
  7. @Legate of Mineta: Will Y2 feature boxing as a distinct skill? And will the ability to get the Tome of the Heavy Hand as a favor remain?
  8. Not all of your targets are animals now: Have a feud with Gwendy Zuyder. The great huntress has found a new quarry: Have affection with Gwendy Zuyder.
  9. Not a typical mastery mage: have love with Cinzia Ammacapani and a mastery skill of at least 12.
  10. @Legate of Mineta: Has the game's mechanics affecting whether Y1's familiars will remain loyal to PCs been implemented?
  11. @Legate of Mineta: by what day in Y2 will a familiar with a low bond desert the PC?
  12. I am not a Gates Mage or anything like that: Have Lambert Cobo in your Clique, have Bassan 20, Natural Philosophy 20, and Gates 20.
  13. @Legate of Mineta: I hope that a default ghost familiar can be granted major power-increases by PCs who study gates magic - rather like Luca the ghost in Telepath RPG: Servants of God becoming Luca'ra'il.
  14. @Legate of Mineta: Two quick questions about the default ghost familiar: 1. May I portray her as seriously depressed during Y2? 2. May I portray her as envious of a PC's female "special friends" - that is, characters whom the PC has affection or love with?
  15. For my part, I am inspired in writing Zoe by a line from Archilochus: "Yet faced with the darkness of the world, she does not shudder." Note that this line says nothing about her attitude towards the world's darkness - only her reaction to it. But Zoe has too many desires to be a good Rei expy. And I have already said how I conceive of Tabin as being in a way like Thon, king of Egypt in the Odyssey. 2. They should post their fanfiction. I am writing some in which Beatrix uses gates magic in order to study dragons (which concept the team is welcome to use).
  16. @Legate of Mineta: 1. Is there any plan to have a character similar to Rei Ayanami in future installments? 2. Can Oan Sung be a potential love interest in future years?
  17. @Legate of Mineta: Would it be legal for a a playwright in Mineta to write a tragedy about the last days of legal gates and mastery magic in which some practising gates/mastery mages would be presented as heroic figures?
  18. Speaking of which, @Legate of Mineta. has any thought been given to how Y2 will be released on Steam?
  19. What do you mean, I cannot multi-class?: Get 11 or higher in a skill taught by a course in which you are not enrolled.
  20. Is the number of placeholders constantly decreasing?
  21. As for dragons' inability to use astrology, that is a religious doctrine in the Empire of Man - and religious doctrines, even if not true, can be difficult to challenge.
  22. @Legate of Mineta: Has the art for Y2 been finalized?
  23. Are there any plans to fix it for Y2's Steam Art? Because there should be an est in the motto (as the last word).
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