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    São Paulo, Brazil
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    Reading, writing (stories, poems, and working on a book), music, quality time with my girlfriend (:D),movies, games (especially rpgs and strategy, pen-and-paper rpgs, travelling, history ( I am a living history enciclopedia as friend once said lol), politics, society, philosophy...the list goes on :P
  1. Very good read so far, while your english isn't perfect it's still pretty easy to understand everything you write. Keep up the good work.
  2. (coming up with a nice header image,I also have some graphical surprises for the journal entries)... A Lady's Journal Young Laelys de Guieneve is delicate young women of a traditional aristocratic Merilien family. She was raised to be the perfect lady, educated, proper, knowing her position. Incentivated to pursuit only endeavours that are proper for a lady of her station, like fashion, poetry, dressing, a good speech, etiquette, and such lady-like activities that are "obviously" the only ones acceptable for a girl. Daughters of farmers and lowly craftsmen can work, cook and get their hands, clothes and hair dirty. They're inferior after all there is no loss as they have no grace, beauty or sofistication, but a true noble-born lady specially of magical blood cannot! Considered excellent for Avila since a very young age her father recently decided to send her to Hedi instead, believing her overall lack of luck and contrary astral omens would make her a weak student in that College. Glamour on the other hand would come much easier to her. And a lady must speak and write well to help her husband when she marries. And so she was sent with a mix of emotions, excited, fearful, confused and with a education and mindset that as she may soon discover has it's bright and worse sides... Initial Stats: Charm 4 Finesse 3 Insight 2 Intelligence 2 Strength 1 Fitness 1 Luck 1 Heritage: Merilien Omen: Shattered Mirrors Station: Nobility Station: Wealthy Prodigy: Bad Luck Magnet Prodigy: Center of Attention Prodigy: Social Apprenticeship: Page Friendships: Actually, Bitter Hatred Familiar: None (Pamela) College : Hedi Classes: Calligraphy Glamour Grammar Music Revision Rhetoric Skills: Aesthetics 1 Court Hairstyles 1 Courtly Fashion 2 Perfumes 1 Art Appreciation 1 Befriend 2 Conversation 3 Listen 2 Beguile 1 Character Study 1 Flirting 1 Manipulation 1 Heraldry 2 Diplomacy 3 Etiquette 3 Intrigue 2 Romance 2 Merilien 1 Dedication 1 Oratory 1 Confidence 1 Curiosity 2 Familiar Kinship 2 Schoolyard Education 1 Social Skills 1 Study Habits 1 Persuasion 1 Command 1 Leadership 4
  3. Going to make a no reload (except with crashes and such lol) rp to this area of the forum, you're all more than welcome to follow, and even better COMMENT! comments are like food for a writer. (both good and bad ones, even though the bad ones taste like a bread covered with mold... they're still helpful though )
  4. Allow me to introduce myself...ThePoet! As the name implicates a poet, but a writer (fantasy, sci-fi, working on a fantasy book) an art apreciator, avid gamer (strategy and roleplaying mainly, also a paradoxian lol) and living enciclopedia of human history and related odd subjects Anyway, I am just a 18 years old boy just out of highschool, full of fresh ideas, and looking forward to contribute with this amazing game that for a writer like me and art fan could hardly be better. Got the the game while I was checking a wikia page and saw the Academagia one, out of curiosity because of the artwork I clicked, then searched for more info, gave it a try and here I am lol I just joined the forum and I intend to add my own RP to the forum's section immediately though I won't write much right now as it's late and I'll have to sleep soon
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