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  1. Merry Christmas. What if a naughty kid wanted coal?
  2. I want Doneā„¢
  3. Ah yessss, everything going well.
  4. I voted.
  5. 5 years, so many [redacted] things happened...
  6. The Diviner ran into trouble.
  7. Happy new year! Now to start the year off by bringing bad news to the kickstater thread.
  8. Pls' no bully: Survived one hostile each by Joana and Philippe without hospitalization within the same week. Terrible 'Accident': Stay in hospital for one week straight.
  9. I am waiting for y3 already.
  10. The discounted price is usually about the same price that backer paid anyway, and the extra cost is usually from the publisher fee and stuff. They might get a bit more profit in the long term by charging it higher for a longer period, but the game has already made back its cost thanks to kickstarter, and getting massive boost of money from discount sales will help a lot with quickly funding the next project. It's not like you can't keep doing discount special for the next 50 years, look at the current summer Steam Sales. Looking long term again, more faster funding to develop and pump out games faster could be better than keeping a few old game at higher prices while developing slowly.
  11. You are making an extreme example there. If a family can't afford all three things you listed, then they should satisfy for government aid programs and even domestic/foreign aid program like One Laptop per Child. To address the last two points, even in the USA, 1 in 4 kids still grow up Illiterate, which can lead to the first three extreme condition you mentioned. If every country's education system is working and successful as intended, we probably won't need this kickstarter in the first place.
  12. To anyone that have internet to access it online for free on their pc. The 1 mil goal also include providing all of them for free to 1500 school that can't afford it because school licensing fee works differently at a subscription bases or something.
  13. Not a gaming kickstarter, but this seems to be the biggest thing on Kickstarter now/soon. The Most Worthy Kickstarter
  14. I tried the newest version on my XP and it's working fine.