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  1. I am back to recommend Amazing Cultivation Simulator. It have a partially translated English mod. https://store.steampowered.com/app/955900/Amazing_Cultivation_Simulator/
  2. Someone did it before me. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1526321324
  3. Goddamn, ‘The Fallen’ moved to my space and tried to poison me in an event! He failed. Then my rapid attack finger kung fu was hard countered by his poison body! My every poke at him gets me poisoned!
  4. I never left. There's no planned date yet. The dev said the current product is 50% done, so it could be a while. The core are all done and playable. Still playing the first generation Taiwu roaming around multiple regions to fight bandit, collect resource, build my village, learn/steal kung fu, and ONE MORE TURN training while my age and health slowly chips away...
  5. The new Chinese-only game that make into the top ten on steam is Scoll of Taiwu. A sandbox wuxia sim that can keep going for many generation avatar style. Dev announced it will have English ver.
  6. That is the sequel to Heroes of Jin Yong, an older series that focus more on open world map roaming and triggering plots based on Jin Yong's novel. The same MC, Little Shrimp, is the guy that Tales Of Wuxia' MC admired at the statue. This game will be out in Chinese at October. The real sequel is the next game that is developing for 2019. This title will focus more on 'martial art school life.' https://truth.bahamut.com.tw/s01/201804/20add47602c7371277e6cf905e452863.JPG Stats and three personality scale. https://truth.bahamut.com.tw/s01/201804/9746d638647d9af15b6f5ba6397c69d6.JPG Suppose to have Female MC. The art style is very... https://truth.bahamut.com.tw/s01/201804/db43a2e919bdd5178ea9a7eaf3b38d5d.JPG Persona 5. https://truth.bahamut.com.tw/s01/201804/acedee26ace1d4d626a91ee155b4b2e0.JPG
  7. Merry Christmas. What if a naughty kid wanted coal?
  8. 5 years, so many [redacted] things happened...
  9. Happy new year! Now to start the year off by bringing bad news to the kickstater thread.
  10. Pls' no bully: Survived one hostile each by Joana and Philippe without hospitalization within the same week. Terrible 'Accident': Stay in hospital for one week straight.
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