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  1. Merry Christmas. What if a naughty kid wanted coal?
  2. I want Done™
  3. Ah yessss, everything going well.
  4. I voted.
  5. 5 years, so many [redacted] things happened...
  6. Can't decide which collage to dedicate the rest of the five years? Here some info and lore for you to decide. Please post suggestion to improve this guide. Note: You can change your collage in future years, but it won't be quite the smooth ride and things won't be the same. Note 2: Virtue list is inspired by the student in the corresponding collage. Note 3: Collage skill can be learn by anyone. --------------------------------- Rivalry Chart --------------------------------- Aranaz vs. Durand Avila vs. Godina Morvidus vs. Vernin Hedi doesn't have a traditional rival. --------------------------------- Aranaz --------------------------------- Aranaz College is named after King Aranaz, a legendary tactician whose brutality is no less famed than his skill. This college once championed the art and science of Orthography, but the Praetexta council folded this discipline into Astrology and Artifice. The college remains, however, and is known for its pursuit of perfection, order and power. "College Aranaz is the natural home for young mages of great ambition and decisive temperament." Year 1 Students: 14 Emblem Element: Saffron Flower, Amber, Quill, Calligraphy, Parchment, Sphinx, Scribe, Black Swan, Swords, and Scales. Motto: Beware Courtesy Collage Color: Dark Blue Virtue: Elite, Elitist, Achievers, Problem Solver, Explorer of Secret, Ruler/Tyrant, Honor Students, Singular Focus of knowledge, Manipulation, etc. Required Classes: Calligraphy and History Required Attribute: Finesse and Intelligence Collage Skills: Honor of Mallen Field (Heraldry: Intelligence), Aranaz Common Room, The Wand and Brush merchant, The Cold Room, Personal Opinion: The collage for A+ students. "What you got a B!? You must be slacking off and I just lost some respect for you until you get that A again! Also, stop crying like a weakling." --------------------------------- Avila --------------------------------- Avila is one of the first Colleges of the Academagia, and it is named for Queen Avila, who was Queen over the Chardissian Isles and is famed for her part in beginning the revolt against the dragons. When she first came to the crown, she refused to serve the wyrms, setting off a great war amongst the beasts that turned to the advantage of Men. This college is known for its seers, luck and stubborness. "College Avila has become a beacon for young Astrologers across the scattered isles; moreover, it’s the corner of the Academy where civility and social graces are most stringently encouraged." Year 1 Students: 10 Emblem Element: Lavender & Honeysuckle Flowers, Yellow Sapphire, flag, banner, orb of gold, Dye Egyptian Goose, Lebanese Pine Coins, Parcel, and Silk. Motto: Tyranny Shall Not Prosper Collage Color: Dark Green and Midnight Green Virtue: Loyalty, Seer, lucky (or really unlucky), Story teller, Leader, Manager, Organizer, Orator, Observer, Socialization, Charmer, Graceful, Freedom, etc. Required Classes: Astrology and Geometry Required Attribute: Luck and Intelligence Collage Skills: Pride of a Rebel Queen (History: Insight*), Avila Common Room Personal Opinion: The collage for the gifted. "Why yes, the stars reveals that I will be lucky today and it seem those bullies is extra busy today, Oh look, a coin!" --------------------------------- Durand --------------------------------- Along with Avila, Durand is one of the first Colleges of the Academagia. It is named for King Durand, who was the master of the Rimerta, now Meril. Over time, this college has become associated with the earth, agriculture, nature, and the powers of denial against Draconic magic. "Named for the great and doomed king of old – learn the ways of the soil and the secrets of Negation magic. It’s a college with a firm sense of tradition and responsibility, in which its students justly take pride." Year 1 Students: 12 Emblem Element: Red or Pink Anemone, Ruby, Orchard, Plow, Shield, Mountain Perks, Castle, Lion/Lioness, Minotaur, Mouse, Sword and Shield, Cloak and Brooch. Motto: Courage and Hope Collage Color: Red, Mountbatten Pink, and Purple. Virtue: Nature, Negation, creation, noble, brave, tradition, moral, responsibility, pride, strictness, righteous, peace, pacifism, wildness, helpfulness, duelist, etc. Required Classes: Botany, Dialectic, Negation Required Attribute: Insight, Intelligence, and Fitness Collage Skills: Manner of a Champion (War: Insight), Durand Common Room Personal Opinion: The collage for Good. "No! We must not give up! No one will be hurt on my watch...or at least I can make the pain go away...or make it worse if I mess up." Note: Aranaz and Durand is rival. --------------------------------- Godina --------------------------------- Godina college was one of the last colleges entered at the Academy. Its namesake, King Godina, was renowned for the depth of his treasury, the endurance of his warriors, and his famed battle-rage. Today, this college is known for its powerful incantations, quick abilities at creation, and their penchant for destruction. "In years past, College Godina raised up more war-mages than most, and even today its focus on the magic of Incantation attracts students with an eye for adventure. That said, Incantation is also the magic of creation; the college encourages serious research as well as dramatic displays of power." Year 1 Students: 10 Emblem Element: Star of Berthlehem, Gold/Silver/Iron, Mountain, Lightning, Four Olive Trees, Wolf with Collar, Four-Wands, Spindle-Ingots, and Hammer. Motto: Wherever the Foe Collage Color: Hunter green and Maya Blue Virtue: Warrior, courage, endurance, power, creation, adventure, luck, exploration, dedication, willpower, passion, growth, experiment, research, might, etc. Required Classes: Athletics, Incantation and Music Required Attribute Fitness, Finesse, Insight Collage Skill: Striving Against the Foe (Compete: Fitness), Goldina Common Room, Goldina Common Room South Corner Note: This is the only collage that doesn't require the Intelligence stat. Personal Opinion: The collage for Warrior Mage. "Real man can dodge any spells, and real man can take a hundred spells without falling!" --------------------------------- Hedi --------------------------------- Hedi College, located next to the Vasastra Campanile, is named for Queen Hedi of Tiljat, justly famed for her powers of diplomacy. During the southern revolts, she was able to play the Dragons and their Men against one another long enough to keep her realm free, before the victorious armies of the West drove the last of the wyrms from her lands. This college is known for its secret glamours, illusions and enchanters. "Natural home for diplomats and charmers, emphasizing wordplay as well as studies of Glamour. Its students are masters of wit and keepers of secrets, and tend to thrive as merchants and ambassadors later in life. Note that, contrary to unfortunate rumor, spycraft is not formally taught by the College." Year 1 Students: 13 Emblem Element: Pomegranate Tree, Leaf, Shells, Pearls, Incense, Perfume, Cat, Harpy, Siren, and Crowns. Motto: Speak Quietly of Riddles Collage Color: Burgundy and Regalia Virtue: Mediator, language, illusion, enchantment, wordplay, wits, problem solver, trader, diplomacy, patience, ideas, stealthiness of words(and hand, cough, cough), information, deception, manipulation, etc. Required Classes: Glamour, Grammar, Rhetoric Required Attribute: Charm and Intelligence Collage Skill: Speaking quietly of Riddles (Society: Intelligence), Hedi Common Room Personal Opinion: The collage for the POWER WORD. "As I said, Sally stole your wallet, which in turn got stolen by Yaki's familiar cat, and eventually dropped it into my pocket. Yes, thank you for believing me, can I have a reward for finding your wallet?" --------------------------------- Morvidus --------------------------------- Morvidus College is nestled under the eaves of the forest of Pal, as befitting their namesake. King Morvidus came unexpectedly to Durand's fleet from the untamed north, with many hundreds of hardy men and their beasts at their side. This college is known for its affinity with familiars, nature and friendship. "The center of the Academagia’s Revision studies, but most of its students love it more for its bonds with the animal kingdoms. Young zoologists and naturalists are drawn here from every corner of the broken world, and seem to spend more time in the school menageries than in their dormitories!" Year 1 Students: 10 Emblem Element: Apple, Apple Flower, Granite, Ivory, Silhouette of Hand Axe, Tempest, Warrior, Maiden, Wolf, Armored Bear, Armored Elk, Linked Chain, Timber, and Dawn. Motto: Friendship is the Treasure Collage Color: Black and Pistachio Virtue: Friend, animal, bond, familiar, gathering, group, nature, empathy, beastliness, wildness, survival of the fittest, Required Classes: Revision, Zoology Required Attribute: Intelligence Collage Skill: Seeking Friends in Hidden Places (Explore: Luck*), Morvidus Common Room Note: The only collage that require one attribute. Personal Opinion: The collage for the wild buddies. "Hey kid, my friend and his porcupine just came back from a tough exploration, which they are now thirsty and it is the utmost important of YOUR SURVIVAL that you give him your apple juice and BUY one more for his familiar." --------------------------------- Vernin --------------------------------- Vernin College is named for King Vernin, who ruled over much of Strozza, although the great mines of Prastimmio remained upon Cyve in the Exile. His wealth was in the crafters of his people, whose matchless weapons could pierce even the scales of the most dreadful dragons. This college is known for its artificers, mercantile acumen and resourcefulness. "Home of most of the Academy’s artists and Enchanters: a college of refinement, subtlety, passion, and very hard work. Note that creative displays in the Vernin Common Room are permitted, but artists are encouraged in the strongest possible terms to ensure the safety of their fellow students in creating and arranging these projects. Indoor fireworks are now strictly forbidden." Year 1 Students: 14 Emblem Element: Red Primula Flower, Honeycomb, Unfinished Stone, Broken Arrow, Broken Spear, Book, Smoke and Fire, Bear Mink, Red-Breasted Nuthuch, Forge and Hammer, Forge and Scar, and Archway. Motto: Prepare Collage Color: Pine Green and Prune Virtue: Art, beauty, antique, competitive, enchantment, refinement, subtlety, passion, hard work, creativity, hobby, craftsmanship, wealth, creation, challenge, etc. Required Classes: Arithmetic , Enchant Required Attribute: Intelligence and Insight Collage Skill: Legacy of Many Towers (History: Intelligence), Vernin Common Room, Vernin Grand Forge, Personal Opinion: The collage for the Artist and Crafter "This muffin is dull! Maybe I can enchant it to make a cute little...something...with a well chewed out perpendicular size that fit for the palm and two buttons of googly eyes!" Note: Vernin students enjoy competing for Merit (collage point), so this collage have higher chance for winning merit reward. Note 2: Rival with Morvidus (bullies), so be careful in year 2-5 where rivalry really sparks.
  7. The Diviner ran into trouble.
  8. Happy new year! Now to start the year off by bringing bad news to the kickstater thread.
  9. Pls' no bully: Survived one hostile each by Joana and Philippe without hospitalization within the same week. Terrible 'Accident': Stay in hospital for one week straight.
  10. I am waiting for y3 already.
  11. The discounted price is usually about the same price that backer paid anyway, and the extra cost is usually from the publisher fee and stuff. They might get a bit more profit in the long term by charging it higher for a longer period, but the game has already made back its cost thanks to kickstarter, and getting massive boost of money from discount sales will help a lot with quickly funding the next project. It's not like you can't keep doing discount special for the next 50 years, look at the current summer Steam Sales. Looking long term again, more faster funding to develop and pump out games faster could be better than keeping a few old game at higher prices while developing slowly.
  12. You are making an extreme example there. If a family can't afford all three things you listed, then they should satisfy for government aid programs and even domestic/foreign aid program like One Laptop per Child. To address the last two points, even in the USA, 1 in 4 kids still grow up Illiterate, which can lead to the first three extreme condition you mentioned. If every country's education system is working and successful as intended, we probably won't need this kickstarter in the first place.
  13. To anyone that have internet to access it online for free on their pc. The 1 mil goal also include providing all of them for free to 1500 school that can't afford it because school licensing fee works differently at a subscription bases or something.
  14. Not a gaming kickstarter, but this seems to be the biggest thing on Kickstarter now/soon. The Most Worthy Kickstarter
  15. I tried the newest version on my XP and it's working fine.
  16. It would have a deep meaning with a comma: "One must have at lease, a middling feel for the art."
  17. Glamour for one-man stage play. Conjure a dozen illusion dancers and illusional orchestra. Good graces with the rich might need Aesthetics, a couple of choice social skill (Flattery, Conversation, Gossip, etc.) , Bureaucracy, Civil, Composure, Confidence, Cosmetics, Court Fashion, Court Hairstyle, Famous Songs, Famous Poetry, Famous Prose, Perfumes, Politics. You can skip court and law/politic stuff if you don't care about fame. Although the richest people usually hang around court events.
  18. In a programmer's viewpoint, letting the program check for every possibility so that the end product will be absolutely bug-free (beside design bug) and maximum compatibility by sacrificing a few hours every time is better than releasing a product that might have bugs in it. In the latter case, the programmer would spent the same amount of hours debugging it after the player reports it. The prior saves more (programmers') time and players don't have to suffer through any logic-based bugs. It guarantee a working product from start to end because it runs through what I assume is running every single possible combination of actions on every possible target and objects. It's not the most effective way to do it, but making 'selective' checking/testing on a complex game is hard and not perfect, which will still result in the latter case that I mentioned.
  19. What if DLC 16 is a glamour lore?
  20. Life is a mere dream, a fleeting shadow on a cloudy day. DLC 16 is a mere illusion of the mind, an invisible particle of magic dust.
  21. You go Dragon Ball Z.
  22. "The school is on fire! Run!" "Nope, I must help my proffessor sort all these books on the burning shelf. " "THE FIRE WILL KILL YOU!" "Yes, but I cannot skip this extra mandatory tutoring session. Think about my gradessss."
  23. Happy Ne-AHHHHHHH!
  24. Happy Holidays.