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  1. "The school is on fire! Run!" "Nope, I must help my proffessor sort all these books on the burning shelf. " "THE FIRE WILL KILL YOU!" "Yes, but I cannot skip this extra mandatory tutoring session. Think about my gradessss."
  2. I voted as well, and no, you don't need to spend money on it to vote... Unlike Steam.
  3. I guess I can reveal that the dragon that possessed the city was suppose to reawaken sometime in the future and drive the city stright to China for another dragon plot, but won't be happening anymore I guess. @Adrian Baruch won't be the strongest being in the game. All players can participate. Details later.
  4. Hmm, if we are putting an end to this game, I don't mind running that battle royal I had in mind to KILL OFF EVERYONE end this. It would mostly be forum and pm since it's just players plotting and assasinating each other.
  5. Mighty No.9 from the creator of Megaman. i really like the creator's self narration in the video. It really brings out the passion and love.
  6. Start with me joining later if I can't wake up at 12 is fine. Take Makara, Momo, and/or Fishy with you, whichever you feel is needed.
  7. Alright then. I usually leave early on sunday though.
  8. Log Thirty: Ghostly Bear
  9. Good having you Freespace, was hoping you could be in my adventure.
  10. Since I missed most of the adventure, it would be better someone else post the summery for the log thread. Also needing log for this session.
  11. Sudden family plan and very tired, so can't play.
  12. Yeah, a game that even have multiple sources of exp that the player need to keep track is just too much detailed and sometime unnecessary upkeep. I think this is the only game to even go that far in term of exp spread. It also make it worst that a player will have multiple characters. Would be great for a PC game though. The hardest part for me is waking up early in the moring all tire and limp. I might just become a story gm instead of player at this rate.
  13. Nyaa

    Gift of the Familiar

    +1 to all attribute is not really worth the cost of losing a familiar. You will regret your decision in later years... You will regret your decision in later years... You will regret your decision in later years... You will regret your decision in later years...
  14. I will only be able to do 2 hours on sunday, but there's not much Momo and Fishy can do anyway. So don't let me stop you.
  15. Little Witch Academia is a free (government sponsored) animated short produced by Studio Trigger (Formed by all of Gainax's best ex-staff members) for Anime Mirai 2013, they also uploaded the popular episode onto youtube with english sub. Now there's a Kickstarter for a second episode which has already been funded within 6 hours. Edit: The $2000 pledge sold out like hot cake.
  16. Log Twenty-Nine: Bury The Crown The French is coming closer and our Gustbran is taken by the Strongest Knight in Europe™ , William, Marshal of England. William also seems to be keeping the crown jewel that we need in his horse’s saddlebag, so we rinse and repeat following them in our illusion cloud and magic his bags toward us. William questions this on our Gustbran, and Gustbran denied involvement, which he roll his charm against the Strongest Knight in Europe™. Gustbran make an epic charming roll of 41 from a quadrupling roll, and the Marshal takes a instant liking to him and even knighted him later. We eventually gotten what we need and Baruch pumped a bunch of mist to get our Gustbran through the confusion and that mist somewhat deterred the French army, but they ultimately catches up, and they almost cleaved Edith in half if it wasn’t for some our of magic. Yes we broke another hermetic law. Sue us. We then escape from the scene after we got everyone in our cloud illusion flying boat and the King and his knight manage to get away apparently. There the team discuss on their next action: Go back to City of Ivory and Jade or find out more about Burying the crown. We decided to burial it, at which point we would need to find the ghost of the father of Edith, learn the secret of the bury, and get Silas to marry Edith now because according to Edith, the secret can only be pass down to the son or daughter. So we flown around looking for some small church that won’t stand out, and Edith hated her marriage to be so discreet and cheap. She later throws a lot more tantrum about how she what her wedding to workout like grabbing her dowry that her mother left behind from Libellus, but we manage to convince her otherwise with alternatives. Silas manage to talk up a local priest to perform a marriage for them but rushing it would require permission from a bishop and a good reason. Silas try to lie and he botched, which the priest kick him off his church. Eventually we decided to go to that big and expansive church at Bury because it’s near the burial site of St-Edmunds. There we meet the abbot Samson that say he’s expecting us because he have a dream of Saint Edmund telling him so and all the rushing marriage adjustment has been made. Things are going well for Silas and Edith in their wedding when suddenly a horseman rush in and grabbed Edith, Baruch, being our badass, decide to give chase at the horse with his low athletic roll vs 18 which is impossible for him physically, but he rolled a 21 from doubling and spend a confidence to up that into Mythic Success that’s equivalent to a Hollywood action movie star. A legendary act. So Baruch decide to jump on the horse, land on the rider's back with both my feet, take a stranglehold of his throat with my legs, twist him off the horse, and grab the reins of the horse, bringing it to a halt. The kidnapper didn’t see that coming and fall victim to Baruch chokehold and fall off the horse. He’s arrested and the confused abbot continues the ceremony successfully. With no clue on where Edith’s dad has been buried, and in a very close voting (Including Momo the cat’s vote), we we decide to take peek at Libellus before going home. We regarded it, as a drake is attack the covenant again and saw us. Barach manage to lighting the crap out of it with his talisman easily and a storm-bird like being also join in to beat the crap out of the drake, which impressed Barach a lot. It eats the drake’s eyeball. So hardcore. Anyway, that talking wolf from way before approach us and want Silas to go with him. When Silas become reluctant when he see the drake, the wolf bite his leg and drag him off, we were too far and too busy to notice that. Later on, the wolf digs out a perfect head of Edith’s dad that can be use for summoning his ghost, which Silas has the spell Whispers Through the Black Gate that do just that. The ghost is summoned, Silas got the secret and he rush back in time for the drake to be dealt with and he adamant about keeping the ritual formula a secret, which he goes alone to bury it. Suddenly another flying boat with the flag of City of Ivory and Jade come flying, we were careful to check the people on it, which are Antonious and a few grogs. Nervously but carefully, Baruch establish contact with our leader and the overjoyed and maddened Antonious reveals his new plan to rule the world by using the crown to control the dragons. Some of us see that he seems to be possessed by a serpent-like power… Or just his usual craziness X 10. Momo and Baruch distract him by praising and asking about his awesome plan to keep him occupied while Silas sneak away to bury the crown. Baruch eventually fail his personality roll of Obedient and Kind, and decide to take this mad man down with a zap that send him flying! His grogs doesn’t know what to do so Momo roll leadership to tell them to hold down this possessed leader, which he botched and make them charge at him instead. Most are impeded by magic by one got through and slashed Momo. Momo is down. MOMO IS DOWN! AHHHHH! Oh wait, Faeries can’t really die, phew. Momo fell down bleeding and incapacitated until the appropriate time. Gustbran almost chirurgery-choke him to faerie death though… Silas successfully buried the crown with the secret ritual and the world is saved with a heaven beaming and song. Antonius got away someone and the team then returns to the City of Ivory and Jade.
  17. I will claim: 1) I guess our quest log and journal? 2) Most plots involving faeries (Especially the one involving Calpurnia) 3) Eastern travels outside of europe (saga) 4) End game final tournament (saga) 5) Maybe some twilight session
  18. Nyaa

    Vis Storage

    4 more Muto I guess. Now that Antonious is 'gone', I guess he won't be claiming his share until we get him back.
  19. I got them all. Just too busy lately and decide to have the whole quest in one post for this one.
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