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  1. I got them all. Just too busy lately and decide to have the whole quest in one post for this one.
  2. Now that I think about it, it seems to become a theme where Calpurnia is always having her "Realm Travel" problem while everyone else is busy adventuring. First is the twlight during the gauntlet adventure, then she get send to hell for her lab explore adventure, and now she's with the faerie troll. Magic realm, infernal realm, and faerie realm. Would the next one be divine realm? Stay tune. Ps: CJ, please finish her adventure soon. Edit: Also realise how appropriate for someone on the Path of Seeming. You sure have seen everything, Edit 2: Highly recommand you stack your current adventure as your cult initiation. It's been like 2-3 seasons one year and one seasons excluding the season she left. I can help you with that if it wasn't conflicting with what you and CJ is doing.
  3. Oh good, since Momo is a real cat before becoming a faerie, I will put his cat related skills as real skill. Time to edit all Momo's seasonal activity. Although the spirit of the virtue is for the faerie to teach people his skill, so my Momo will teach you any social skill you need beside skill gained from faerie. Bring your offering of fish.
  4. You guys can continue this on sunday, is not like Momo can do much at this point. You can increase Pretense by observing a human who is training that ability you wants to copy and gain the same amount he gets that season. The problem is that person must be having a Momentous Personal experiance. The Momentous wording makes it very difficult to gain the experiance since normal trainning is just normal, watching a human having a special training with the greatest knight in Europe or tutor by a dragon or trainning while fulling a bet with someone (train with one leg hopping) would count as Momentous. My momo only got like 2 xp from watching Silas' wedding event... Edit: Exception would be if you have the Faerie Trainer virtue which I just realise is free, goddammit. This let you have one or more human ability instead of pretense and you can increase those skill like normal. Goddammit. Edit 2: Another way is using the creativity rule from pg 65, which is to have another human to write a story or something make something artistic to "update/rewrite" your faerie to gain/lose/change virtues. This cost pretense and your faerie need to beat some high ease factor.
  5. I am good, unless the storm wipe out my power. You know what to do, Baruch.
  6. Finesse is use to decide spell casting speed (Qik + Finesse - Enc), magic targeting (Perception + Finesse + Mod), Multiple Casting (Mastered Spells only): (Int + Finesse - # of spells, roll 9+ with penalties), and doing detail things with spell. That's why only mage bother to learn it. Maybe we can re-enchant the boat to activate via buttons or something so it doesn't need Finesse...
  7. If you can come back alive, OH HO HO HO! Edit: Also depends on if we ever made the 'trade' offsceen.
  8. Makara: Attends the High Priest's Hyperborean Lore class, due to personal belief and Criamon initiation, it will be absorb as Pagan Lore. Makara will also raise hand and ask more about Apollo and mythology related stories. (13 xp) Momo: Barcelona Trip
  9. Contest of Unblinking Stare, 1 point, init (qik-2), aquam R:Eye, D: Until Eye Blink, T: Ind When establishing eye contact, Fishy can use this power to trap the target into an involuntary staring contest, which the opponent who failed to resist the spell must participate and they must keep their eye open for the absolute limit of their species before blinking to end the spell or when this fish drop the contest. The target can still perform other action but will suffer appropriate penalty due to the target's sight trapped at staring only at the fish's eye. Greater Power (ReMe 20 level, -1 might cost, +25 xp in Penetration)
  10. Sadly not everyone have finesse... Time to start a driving school. Or we should hire and train a permanent captain to drive this for us. Edit: Maybe Freespace's new grog is recruited like this.
  11. Yeah, it doesn't need any magic to start it up, so anyone can start it up if they knew how.
  12. I only have 2 hours on sunday, so a week off it is. Every mage has been shown that you just need to pat the wheel to start the boat so teaching it to someone will be very easy. The problem is that you need a high finesses + dex roll to not flip the boat and kill us all. I hope Taitale will upgrade his chair into a bench at some point.
  13. An important description from the Landed Noble virtue. Knight virtue however, would be tricky, but should be waive-able if you can convice William and/or king that you must be somewhere else to protect europe or prefer to go on an adventure lifestyle so you don't need to swore an oath. The key is not to swore an oath of service to the king... Edit: Maybe say you want to 'retire' with a nice lord title or something.
  14. Upgraded to companion status. Now work hard to earn that spot! If he pull it off, he gets to collect tax from his land or something as a Landed Noble major virtue. Also Weathy virtue. These two combo also allow you to build a large chapel or small castle too! And let him build the castle at any covenant he want with approval, so he can stay with us. If you need more flaw: Close Family Tie: You already fullfilling it in this campaign Favor: To us or city of ivory and jade if you want Edit: Knight virtue also let you access to high quality weapon, armor, and horse. Think about that awesome spear you always wanted, now you can have a hundred of them. Just in case you broke or lost one. [/intrigue roll]
  15. Agree. Momo would like to throw in an scheme idea regarding Gustbran and the Grand Tribunal trial problem in the future. Since Gustbran charmed the pants off the greatest knight in Europe, if we were to give Gustbran one piece of the royal artifact we took and have Gustbran delivers it back to the king and William in Newark while making lies about his disappearance because he jumped into the cloud to fight whatever in there to get back the crown. Now by William Marshal's word, Gustbran would gain a castle and the king might be appreciative enough to grant him the title of a Lord. So he might be able to develop into virtue like Wealthy, Lord, and Reputation (Knighted by William Marshal). More so if the burial is successful and King John or his descendent is return to power due to the divine protection. Now if Gustbran were to use his reputation and new found wealth to become a patron of the church (donate money), then his eventual status will be a great forces in the Grand Tribunal because he have reputation of being the knight/lord of the King of English and backed by the church, which the hermetic code forbid wizards from messing with him, thus ensuring Gustbran higher chances of surviving the trial. Edit: Oh yeah, you being the guardian responsible for protecting the king's crown also helps. Edit 2: He have about 10 years to achive this. I could do Saturday and Sunday (might have to leave early on Sunday), but the game timeline would be a bit tricky since we aren't sure which season the main cast is coming back and it's like half a week before winter 1216. Only suitable adventure of mine might be getting Dirk's familiar this winter 1216, which should go well with the grog/companion team in the covenant. ----------------------------------------------- Speaking of adventure, 5 xp for all participating players on my dragon attack session. 2 bonus xp for Taitale riding his chair like a pro, motivating the soldiers with leaderships, and securing the only material arcane connection of the dragon with that piece of scale that have vis. 1 bonus xp for Bashir protecting Antonious greater secret of manhood plus he probably earned the good grace of Antonious for his action... Or not... It's hard to tell for Antonious.
  16. Time to invent a spell call "maintaining others demanding spell"
  17. Previous forum seems to have a stronger Parma, why the switch anyway?
  18. I can do sunday, will have to leave like 0-60 minutes early depends on luck and game length.
  19. Better buy a glove before you flip through those thousands of pages back and forth!
  20. I think most 'gm-less' game would fit the description as the whole gameplay revolve around the players working on a specific goal in a troupe way.
  21. Is alright, none of us are equiped to fight a dragon beside Baruch. You get your experiance of facing a dragon and now you know what to focus on the next few years to become better in dealing with this, but you don't have to become the attacker of the team if you don't want to and stay focus on whatever goal you are pursuing.
  22. Log Twenty-Eight:The Sneezing Colors One days after the main forces of the players has left the covenant in late autumn to search for the King's Jewel. Fishy have a premonition that something will happen, but it can't tell what it is. So Fishy swims around to look for people to help out, and only Bashir, Taitale, and Aiden are bored interested enough to follow Fishy. Dirk use his logical reasoning that since the Criamon Makara didn't come, then it must be something that's not worth his time. Fishy sense leads the team into the Garden of Grain and Apples, Southeast of the city. Where they meet a greeter that who voices his great discontent for his rival competitor from the Garden of Olive and Lemon at the Northeast. Fishy then seems to have a change of 'feel' and lead the team to the local market of the Hyperborean Quarter at the east of the city. There, they scouted for potential danger that might arise, but to no avil until the skeleton alarm of the covenant rings. It took them a while, but Fishy's stronger senses lead them to look up in the sky to see a snake-like line of various radiant colors swimming above the cloudsea swiftly toward the covenant. The team watches while the local soldiers that spotted the color rushes toward the edge with the ballista pre-mounted with a iron javelin ready to fire at the potential invader. The worst outcome has become reality, the colors pop out of the cloud sea and reveals to be a dragon with a second head as a tail! It sneezed. The team, being consist of companion and support mage, can’t do much but watches. Thankfully Makara rush toward the scene to save th--, no, he just here to ask about Fishy’s dinner, and then he run back to his lab full speed. Anyway, the dragon (Sneezed again) tries to fly into the covenant but the aegis blocked it. The ballista team fires their iron Javelin but it just bounce off the dragon’s mighty scale. Taitale inspire them to try again, this time with a silver javelin, because silver always works, right? The enraged sneezing dragons tries to slam at the aegis but still can’t get through, which gives everyone a good morale boost, enough that the ballista fire their javelin and… Ah, the aim was off (botch), but wait! The Dragon also flying too angrily to dodge the javelin in time (botch), which leads to a successful grazing! The silver arrow seems to work better and manage to knock a piece of scale off the dragon, but it’s falling toward the world below the cloud, so Taitale decides to wheel his flying chair out of the covenant and through great skill, luck, and confident, snatched the scale, which later analyze by Aiden and others to contain a spark of Muto vis. Taitale theorize that the reason the dragon sneezed so much is due to the coldness in the skysea and the dragon must had traveled a very long journey to reach us. The dragon realizes the weaponry of our covenant is effective against it, and tries to escape toward the skysea. However, Antonious has arrived with his hand holding on to his bath towel around his hip, still wet from the bath and he’s pissed. The team explains the situation to Antonious while he tries to cast a slumber spell on the escaping dragon. Too bad his gesture leads him to drop his bath towel and he have to waste his turn to get it. While the dragon in the skysea, Antonious manage to connect the dragon’s color with his magic and fling a slumber spell at it, but he botched, and manage to resist the twilight. Twilight decides to take his bath towel anyway. Bashir from that moment on, do his best to help cover Antonious’ manhood from being exposed by covering it with some cloth while Antonious ran and gesture around. It’s not an easy task, but he succeeds all the way. The slumber spell failed, either due to the lack of sight, twilight, or distractions. The party watches as the dragon swim toward the west, thinking the danger is over, but the dragon actually going toward the center of the city at the Plaza of Serene Wisdom to dive down in full power trying to breakthrough the aegis. The team has two turns to prevent the dragon’s attack, assuming it can breakthrough the aegis. Aiden try various spells at his disposal and learned a few valuable lessons of why it doesn’t work on a dragon, Taitale keep on inspiring the ballista team that are resetting up the javelin for a new position, Bashir still guarding the great secret of our glorious leader, and Antonious fling another slumber spell. The spell hits true to the mind of the dragon, and it falls asleep, but to the surprise of everyone, the second head on the tails takes over and do a spin to continue the dive in front, slamming through the aegis, causing some damage to the dragon with scales falling off it’s head. The ballista team missed due to the surprising spinning maneuver and Antonious fling a slumber spell at the second head in the last moment, it hits, but it failed to work. As the dragon almost touches the ground of the covenant, it turn into an Azure glow of light, and the City of Ivory and Jade has only shaken gently and for a few moment, wrap in this Azure glows before it dissipate into nothingness. The dragon is nowhere to be seen. Taitale’s preliminary research shown that the dragon seems did something to the covenant. He think the covenant aegis now have a hint of the dragon's flavor/smell. Antonious in rage, quickly rushing toward his lab, possibly to consort the prophecy, preserving some sort of arcane connection, or figuring out what’s happening to his covenant. Bashir got a tip for his good work. The birds hop out of their nest, look around and resume chipping as if nothing has happen. Life slowly returns to the city as the danger seems to be over, but demands for what exactly has happen are now the burdens of the Philosopher Kings.
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