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  1. Oh yeah, CJ still haven't told us what the Herbam book and Flambleu cult book we loot from Libelus are.
  2. Makara probably won't mind loaning out his lab if you are trustworthy enough.
  3. I don't know about the specific rule, but since we gonna be all over Europe, it might be easier to have more traceable arcane connection.
  4. Where's the rule for failed apprentice?
  5. Log Twenty-Three: House Investigation Dirk has asked us, and a guard grog, to take a look at the house of Libon, an amateur Apollonian priest who's gone missing. We gone to investigate the abandoned house that seems to be barricaded from the inside, and discover a slave boy of Libon is the current occupant of the house. He doesn’t seem to know much about the disappearance and the house seems to be pretty normal beside the small shrine room for Apollo that can’t fit more than 20 people and the food storage room with lots of food supplies. Apparently the boy is a really good liar that fooled the team and had secretly by was quickly discover to be signaling someone with a red cord from between the closed window at the backside of the building to tell him to not approach the building. Bashir recognize the man that the boy tries to signal and so does that man so it started running. Bashir gives chase and almost caught him when suddenly the man dissapieared in the middle of a crowd after some soft of singing. The boy are arrested and sent for interrogation. Log Twenty-Four: Cave Tunnel Investigation The team are at the collapsed building from a few session ago where we saves the people. They had discovered a cave like entrance with stairs leading into the earth at the collapsed site. Makara, Claled (guard grog), and Momo are asked to help out in this investigation. Searching inside the dark cave, the prelim layout of the cave seems to be an organized Y-shape tunnel with water tunnel system at the left fork and living area at the right of the fork. A giant ceberus along with a few grogs is sighted by Bashir at one of the right room as he was scouting for the team when they heard some dog noise and Makara decided to mute his smell and noise with a spont. He manages to barely get away safely. The team decided to take the left fork to check out the water area instead and they see a room with skeletons stacked in piles everywhere. There’s a pond in the larger room and there’s an opening connected to somewhere upon closer inspection. Brother Gui manage to encourage Fishy to scout it out and Fishy safely reach the other side after a brief swimming and pushed a boulder out of the way from inside the pond tunnel. It can’t see anything since there’s no light at the other room. Everyone decided to swim through the pond after Fishy has safely return and ignore Makara other crazy idea of water sliding everyone through it with an attack spell. Everyone got stuck in the swimming and lots of pushing and saving as a result. They should have listened to the Criamon idea. As painful as it would sound. Momo didn’t do too well with the water contact as cat hates unclean and cold water. He went berserk and scratch Gui on the arm upon emerging from the pond and run straight to the next few room. Luckily the giant Cerberus failed to smell the cat, but Momo stumble into a room with 4 people in it. They make alarmed sounds, and pick up spears. Famous last word <Momo> "... Meow?"
  6. Wits: How about we work out Momo's predicament in PM as it would save everyone some time and Momo is a faerie so this situation could be resolved in a faerie tale-like manner.
  7. So are we going with this or sticking to PM? I really need to send my list to Wits before tomorrow.
  8. I recall there's a Intellego spell that track people that's spying on your magically.
  9. How's the module creation speed on that one?
  10. Hmm, the music at the end of the video got cut off. Maybe you have a unshown credit screen for the music to finish?
  11. I recall Legate said both use a different engine so it's incompatible. However, you could remake year 1 with the year 2 engine if you feel up for it.
  12. I am quitting this conversation.
  13. Still seems like a long term extra income for me. We could probably get a few vis we don't have like Animal vis out of it just for hiring a couple more scribes.
  14. Since Libellas was burned down, they should have a lot of "least expensive book" for sales since they might need vis to rebuild. Edit: That and they probably are very willing to restock on magic book for their library. Maybe we can make it an acceptable reason for the hermetic community if we say we are selling it to them to "help their covenant get back on their feet". Might also help with our case in the future trial.
  15. Sorry, your intro sounded like we are going to trade books with other covenant but we can't trade any magic book or ability book so I am wondering what book we can trade at all? By magic/art book I assume include summa/tractus too. Edit: I have no idea what you are talking about like Adian here, got a book page for the rule instead?
  16. So we can only trade spellbook?
  17. Fishy told Momo about it and Momo have an idea. Momo: "I will bust in the jail and rescue the boy pretending I am sent by Apollo to saves him! We will then escape and I will nudge him to lead me into their worshiping place for a great revelation of Apollo!" Fishy: "That sounds like a bad plan, fishy~~"
  18. I think it would be best if the NPC in Y2 get a set amount of minimum stats so the NPC that rolled really badly (or got horribly bullied) in Y1 won't be horrible ruined stat wise.
  19. Log Twenty-Two: A fish got into a bar fight The team was invited by Taitale into the tavern in the hyperborean quarter near the plaza to discuss about some grog matters, no mage bothered to come of course. Brother Gui, Dirk, Bashir (new grog), and Fishy wondered in for the promise of free beer. Only Fishy and Gui become very drunk from diving into the beer like it's water, Fishy even swim in it. Taitale explain there's dangerous talk among the hyperborean grog and cult-like leaflets about Christian mage overtaking Apollo's way. A drunk guy come over and say some drunk-talk, Gui agree and hug him. Fishy joins in. The man's friends seem to take Gui's hug for an assault, and stand up looking alarmed. A pub brawling happened, Fishy kicked some asses with its kisses along with Gustbran eventually appearance helps knocked down a couple. Corbenik strong presence eventually stopped the rest and locks the drunk athlete in the guardhouse. Follow up in this thread.
  20. Welp, I guess Momo can't learn anything from anyone again.
  21. Maybe we should post our sheet on a new thread and update it regularly in the future? I will link it to the log thread.
  22. I think it's best we just reveal our virtue and flaw unless it's a secret or surprise or important for potential pvp like certamen. Any hangover drug? Or magic that temporary remove that?
  23. How about your brawl skill? Riding might be a nice boost to your overall combat aspect. Edit: Oh and your Chirurgy skill (Chocking specialization)
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