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  1. Any idea on what price it will be on steam? Or is this yet another closely regarded secret?
  2. I've just used the Grade-book on google sheets and found a little detail, in botany class I'm in second place yet the three students behind me either have a higher score or tie with me. It this because I only have Mid-term grades? https://ibb.co/bvWbWQ
  3. Hi, i'm kind of new to this game and I really like it. I've played it through a few times and it's just amazing the expanse of the game and dlcs will just make it better but, I have a problem. I can't download ANY of the dlcs, I've tried all the older ones and only had success installing ModBase3.zip and Academagia_Consolidated_Patch_071711.zip(Patch 49).Whenever I click the "here" link it redirects me to a 404 site instead of just instantly giving me a download start. I used Chrome first (my default) then Opera and finally Internet Explorer with all redirecting me to the same 404 site. Can you please help me? Thank you in advance.
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