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  1. Hello, I've been playing the game for about a week now - on my fifth character already, which tells you how incredibly addicted I was - and finally decided to join after lurking around the forums for a couple of days. Hmm... I'm 26, working as a Teaching Assistant in a university, helping to teach a Game Design course. Found this game through Hanako Games, actually. I'm a big fan of life sims (Kudos, Princess Maker, Cute Knight, The Sims, Idolcraft) and building or management sims in general. Plus RPGs (Arcanum FTW) and turn-based strategy/tactics games. Anything which I can tweak and tweak to get a perfectly-balanced character/city/party/organization that fits the role I envision for it. This is a very enjoyable game, though obviously there are some learning curve and usability issues. Still, I really like the strong story component, and the multitudes of different character configurations I can create. So far, I've made a musical priestess, a master of magic, a war princess, a bookish scribe, and now I'm onto my sneaky explorer. Looking forward to being a bully and a craftsman in the future (hopefully when the recipe problems are fixed). Cheers, -Dizzy-
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