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  1. Oh, now I see. I should know better, having worked in IT for so long, but I assumed the front page was current and didn't check for more recent patches. Apparently, there are more patches since this one. That link worked fine, so no worries. I should know better, but for some reason I just assumed the front page was up to date. Now that I can see that this page in at least two revisions behind, I understand the dead link better.
  2. That's fine, but I can't get the current. (I assume this patch is current, as it is on the front page.) So I can't get this one either. Just a 404 error when I hit the link. Or is there something more recent?
  3. I am having the same problem as Maiz. When I try the link for the patch in the first post, I get sent to a 404 error page. Same for earlier patches. Is anyone else able to download using that link? Is it broken for everyone? Or are there just a few of us having problems?
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