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  1. You might want to watch the video tutorials. http://academagia.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=509
  2. My second character I am about to start: "Biomage" Jones Signs accompanied the birth of "Biomage" Jones at dawn so from the beginning his parents knew he would be no ordinary child. He seemed to be attuned to nature and to magic. Biomage is an intelligent and insightful young man. He loves the outdoors and would have most likely become a biologist if he had not been born with a gift for magic. Because of his time hiking and hunting he is more fit than most young mages. The great outdoors can hold great dangers and one must remain unseen to be a successful hunter so Biomage has leaned to move silently and unseen with a little coaching from his father, a retired spy. All of Biomage's time was not spent outdoors however. He attended the Chameil School which taught him to better understand his gift with Revision magic. Biomage's parents have decided to send him to Morvidus College to furthur develop their son's Revision Magic talent and his understanding of the natural world he is so interested in as well as to expand his horizons. When Biomage's parents sent him off to Luck: 1 Fitness: 2 Strength: 1 Finesse: 1 Intelligence: 3 Insight: 3 Charm: 1 Astrology: Dawn Aptitude: Hunting Deed:Bane of Bakeries Academy Chameil School Inheritance: A Spy's Stealth Morvidus College: Revision Zoology Botany Enchant Music Dialectic
  3. I'm Grumpy Old Wizard. I use that name on a number of different forums so if you see it, odds are its me. The two types of games I play the most are strategy games and role playing games. I am rather partial to fantasy settings and usually play magic oriented characters. I've just finished my first playthrough of Academagia and had lots of fun. It is a very addictive game.
  4. Cool! I just finished my first game and Impluse is several patches behind. I'll download the latest patch from here then. By the way the game is quite fun and I see there are tons of options for customization and decisions! I'll connect to impulse and give it the highest rating.
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