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    How do you play?

    I build all kinds of character, from bad kid who sacrifice his familiar for his own gain to the standard achieve-everything-kind-of-guy. Aside from a more roll-playing approach on my main character who is like a virtual me in the setting, I tend to go for more roleplay: no reload, if the PC fails, he fails; no super effective min-max schedule, if he likes to study in his room(instead of library), he is staying in it; bullying others might be a waste of time in terms of stat gain but I am going for it if I play a bully; if I am a slacker, I slack and say hello to detention; so forth and so on.
  2. goliath764

    Second Game for 2014?!

    It's sad to see that there's a reasonable chance I might not get closure to Academagia(although it's to be expected). Some games are fine even with cancelled sequels because each game is of their own story but Academagia without Year 5 is like The Lord of The Rings without The Return of The King -- there will be no concrete ending without the final game(or book in TLoTR's case). Hopefully the team can find some ways to speed up the development in future.
  3. goliath764

    Gift of the Familiar

    There's many types of evil, some just prefer to be alone. I do get that it's unwise to do this on a mechanical level because of the usefulness of said familiar, but I occassionally do unwise things just to have fun in a game.
  4. I am actually concerned about the compatibility. With the (ever-increasing) rate of technology advancement, there's a chance that Year 1 will not run on say, "Window 11" when Year 5 comes out and so the team has to spend some extra time to make it compatible again. I can imagine the scope of the game gets bigger each year too, kickstarter doesn't seem like a bad idea at all, or maybe bring some extra hands that the team trust to help out in future. I can imagine myself playing year 1 to year 5 in 1 shot as it's likely an awesome experience on its own but I can't do that if year 1 is unplayable at that time.
  5. goliath764

    Gift of the Familiar

    I sacrificed once when I am playing an (supposed-to-be) evil and selfish character. Man,that dude will probably have a tough Y2.
  6. goliath764

    Playing as the other students

    Nothing beats the ultimate graphic engine that is imagination...and some picture aids.
  7. goliath764

    Opportunity costs

    I know everyone has their own playstyle and view on roleplaying but to me personally, RP really isn't about optimization and result(Yeah, I am anti-munchkin), it's more about the experience. Academagia is a game that doesn't really have an end game goal or an end boss to beat so your characters being not very good is fine(as long as you are fine with it). It's a game that you don't have to be "the hero" as the protagonist, you don't need to be the most glory-bound student in Academagia or anything like that. If you want to RP an ordinary B-level student that just chill and do stupid things, you can. It's really boring if you can do whatever you want or be whatever archetype you would like to be and still end up being the most glory-bound student. The potential to not be the greatest, and even perhaps the weakest if you choose to, is one of the cool thing about this game. That and I agree with albert on the realism. Heck, I am pretty sure majority of (ordinary) people have wasted a portion of their life having fun, doing unbeneficial stuff and so on. The (unordinary) people spent tons of their life doing beneficial stuff, that's why they became world class athlete or something like that and that I guess it is kind of reflected in the game, which is good since it's supposed to be a simulation. Optimization and realistic RPing are probably two side of a scales. To achieve both, they would probably make Academagia an "everyone-will-win" game, which to me isn't as fun.