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  1. Sciurrus

    A few in game questions

    Before the ban on gates, did wizards ever use it to make hereditary magical abilities in themselves, anything from affinity for certain phemes to stuff like shapeshifting and mind reading? If so are there any known magical families that sport such augmentation?
  2. Sciurrus

    A few in game questions

    is it possible to emulate some gates effects with negation by negating the distance between to points?
  3. Sciurrus

    Optimization Tactics

    I left all 10 background points unused and tested with aranaz, vernin, and morvidus same result all three times.
  4. Sciurrus

    Optimization Tactics

    Ran a few tests. Apparently everyone regardless of college gets worldliness unlocked after the first day of class.
  5. Sciurrus

    Optimization Tactics

    Figured it out. I Usually play Aranaz so my first day of class unlocks the full Heraldry set.
  6. Sciurrus

    Optimization Tactics

    Hmm. If I hadn't gotten it through randoms by the time I needed it I've always used Worldliness 4 to unlock it but looking through I'm not sure what background has been giving me access to Worldliness in the first place.
  7. Sciurrus

    Optimization Tactics

    Some other optimization hints, Study at the Venalicium until you can tidy Longshade then switch to judge instructors tastes (It will take some work to get character study high enough to successfully use it) Use Longshade (or if you took Negation as a class you can use its adventure to unlock teach barnyard animals to dance.) to unlock the rest of the libraries and max out cryptology. Doing this will also let you use selective focus on decipher handwriting, and efficiently use The Ministry of Substitution and Transposition. Judge Instructors Tastes will also probably max out you Wit, setting you up to switch over to the sphinx.
  8. Sciurrus

    A few in game questions

    If I made friends with a certain sentient vault with bleeding walls in year 1, will i be able to help give him the death he so desires in future years? (side note: there really should be some action to go visit him. I'm sure he gets lonely.)
  9. Sciurrus

    DLC 15 Bugs

    Prowl Through the Discarded gave me a SS in move silently instead of an increase in the skill max.
  10. Sciurrus

    Introduce Yourself

    Hi all! I've been lurking around on the forum for a while now and well my Hide and Move Silently skills both hit 10 so I figured I would come out and introduce myself.
  11. Sciurrus

    A few in game questions

    Howdy. First time posting. A few questions. Are any of the supernatural races able to cross breed with humans? (a fae ancestry background would be awesome) How advanced is the study of Alchemy? Permanent transformation of one substance to another? (lead to gold) Potions of youth? Or is it more closely tied to the Alchemists ability with the other pillars of magics? In theory, could a mage use his skill in astrology to filter out some of the uncontrollable aspects of another pillar? Not that I have been studying any magic that may have been proscribed due to its erratic nature. Honest.