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    Just purchased had a question

    From Consolidated Patch 26 notes: The answer is YES.
  2. ricorp

    Attributes and Learning Skills

    I'm not sure about the formula but I'm sure that the 'skill step constant' can be gleaned from the mod tools. (Open the Mod Tools, click on the Skills tab, check out any sub-skill that you fancy and look somewhere at the bottom of the first tab of that skill. I forgot the term used there though.)
  3. ricorp

    Cheat Mod

    Loop-type indeed! (or more like GOTO statements) That's how I 'structured' the cheat adventure I made months ago. I would had used the same 'adventure method' with the skills, items, etc. IF only I had a decent PC for modtool publishing.
  4. ricorp

    Cheat Mod

    A few months ago, using the mod tool, I made an adventure wherein its sole purpose is to adjust your character's attributes to the user's preference. It was meant to be used for those who want to play the game with experimentation in mind (and such). But unfortunately, the publishing part is just too much for my old PC. (I tried deleting a lot of the data that I don't need or those that are not needed in my custom adventure in the hopes that it would shorten the publishing time but that also took a lot of time to do even with an AutoIT script. I know my PC just sucks ) So... how about making such an adventure to adjust attributes (or even skills) that is, of course, repeatable throughout the school year?
  5. ricorp


    When this happened to me on one of my older savegames, I chose to reduce her relationship with other 'dangerous' students. It made me LOL when she got her just desserts from her new 'foes'.
  6. ricorp

    Interface suggestions

    I would definitely choose the 'easier to use' choice. Being able to mod it would be also a big plus.
  7. ricorp

    ~ Suggestions & Improvement ~

    thuvian said a LOT of things that matched my opinion of the game. But I'm still loving it despite the various 'game hiccups' I'm so loving it that I'm even offering my 'limited skills' to help you guys in any way to improve the game. (Hmm, maybe I should start by putting up a few 'events' in the Modders' sub-forum... or really start on proofreading the whole mod thingy... or...)
  8. ricorp

    Merry Christmas

    Meri Kurimasu!
  9. ricorp

    Bugs in Patch 14

    I checked up on the Mod Tool and I saw these entries under the 'Skills' tab of the 'Classes' category. Subskills that a student gets a free skill step increase on a specific day when he/she attends that class are listed there. It's kinda odd though why some subskills unrelated to the class are added in there.
  10. ricorp

    Bugs in Patch 14

    It is only yesterday did I noticed such 'behaviour' since I knew that I've already maxed out the subskills taught in those classes. And it wasn't really matching the rewards that should be given in the random events that I encountered on those days. I'm going to check the EotD reports on the days previous to those I listed above and try to deduce when it started (if I could).
  11. ricorp

    Bugs in Patch 14

    Again, I'm still on my patch 14 save: [EotD] 16 Anedius 1658 EotD report: Morning: You attended class Astrology. You attended class Arithmetic. You attended class Music. - You have learned about Article, Second Weapon of Bullies, by Olin Moor. - You have learned about Strength. - You have added Extract Protection to Yourself. - I'm very sure those came from improving one's Intimidation subskill. Also of note, the Music subskills taught in the Music class have all been maxed to 10. - There was a random event (Pursuit 7) on this day but the Negation Spells success exit would surely not give such a reward. [EotD] 19 Anedius 1658 EotD report: Morning: You attended class Astrology. You attended class Arithmetic. - You increased Your Journalism Skill Level by 1. -- You have learned about Pen and Pad. -- You have learned about Scry. -- You have learned about Blackmailing and Other Such Avocations I. You attended class Music. - the random event I had on this day was 'Student - Malacresta' with the Theory of Astrology success exit - how did I manage to do that? [EotD] 23 Anedius 1658 EotD report: Afternoon: You attended class Glamour. You attended class Revision. - You have added Bad Spout to Yourself. You attended class Enchant. - I'm sure that the 'Bad Spout' spell cannot be acquired by attending the Revision class (I've already earned that spell from a previous random event) - random event for this day was 'Rescue 9' whichI ended with a successful Courage exit
  12. ricorp

    Bugs in Patch 14

    I should see and could acquire whatever items 'Catalog C' offers IF there is a way to buy from that catalog without going through the Shop action (coz I'm pretty sure that there is no Catalog C in the list, Catalog A & B is there though). And yes I'm still playing with my patch 14 savegame with the 'Riddles of the Queen' mod included (already at Anedius, preparing my character to sabotage my rival in her finals /grins).
  13. ricorp

    Bugs in Patch 14

    I've already acquired the 'Catalog C' but it still does NOT appear in my list of shops in the Shop action. Some more I encountered from my game: [event] Performance 12 - typo --> figure out what get rid - should be "how to" or "what could" [event] Homework 9 - typo --> a small worm appears and beings eating - should be "begins" [ability/action?] Inspire (by Honors Plafox) - typo --> above the crises of the moment - should be "crisis" - at the EotD report, why "All All Students"? [location/ability] Run Down Classroom - typo --> for a two weeks - should be "a period of" or "a duration of" or something to that effect OR just simply remove it - also my character failed on it even though it has no required roll(s) [event] Spellcasting 19 - typo --> Putting the wand parrel to her eyes - should be "parallel" [item???] Monteon Steel - missing description; my character 'learned' about it not added though [ablity] Gamers' Guild - its description does not match with its effect, specifically, the Planning subskill is increased by 1 Skill Level instead of by 1 Skill Step (based on what's stated in the EotD report) [event] Homework 5 - typo --> shake you head - should be "your"
  14. ricorp

    Bugs in Patch 14

    No electricity in my area so I had to go somewhere else where I could report these: [event] Hallway 7 - Diplomacy exit did not give "gold coins" as stated at the success text [shop] Joy of Music - Catalog C - does not appear in my list of choices for the Shop action [event] The Tournament (Battlemace adventure) - typo --> only a matter of time until Luca succumbs your advances - should be "Ferdinand succumbs to your advances" - typo --> shake everyone's hand a bid them - should be "and" [shop] "Value sold for X items:" - does not update correctly when an item has been deselected - also in the EotD report, the purchase shown is a negative value (in programming, that's just alright but... I hope you get what I mean) [event] Rampant Creature 4 - Materials Knowledge success exit - typo --> It will made an excellent trap - should be "make" [skill] Courage - its level 10 skill perk, the Ancient Snake Pit (+1 SS Courage and Poisons), is kind of improperly given since one's Courage is already at maximum (assuming no expansion to its skill level maximum, which is most likely the case) - either the location be made available earlier in the "skill perk tree" or the location's benefits be modified [item] Astrologer's Eye - the description does not match its effect (it gives a +1 to the Astrology parent skill and not to the skill level maximum) [event] Shopping 7 - Repairs success exit - typo --> the shopo keeper gives you - should be "shop" I'm still playing my patch 14 save just in case...
  15. ricorp

    Bugs in Patch 14

    I'm still playing with my patch 14 save (almost Veranix) and encountered these: [event] Vernin Common Room 5 - <Asmita Tidar's Clique> actor link should be <Asmita Tidar's name> [shop?] Joy of Music - Catalog C - on Nivelos 27, I scheduled "Study at the Venalicium Library", "Academagia Public Pratice Room #4", and "Study at the Library of Mantle of Stars" - after confirmation (and some processing time), the above 'shop' presented itself but with no items to sell - also, of note, at the EotD report, my Lyre and Violin subskills was increased by 1 SS and yielded 'Joy of Music - Catalog B' and 'Joy of Music - Catalog C' respectively [event] Student - Cante - typo --> 3/4That's understandable - typo --> 3/4he thinks [event] Physical Event 15 - typo --> even more startled by you then you are of him - should be "than" [event] The Challenge of the Tower - typo --> The ghost waves your forward - should be "you" [event] Professor Briardi 2 - "blasting Professor <Briardi actor link missing>. Practical joke?" - "Whatever the story, Professor <wrong actor link> is no novice"