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  1. Oh, Sandor the Hound, of course. Not that The Mountain isn't interesting in a 'brutal purity of evil' sort of fashion, but his younger brother has infinitely more depth and makes for a more compelling character all around. Interesting sidenote: I've used this handle on almost every forum I've frequented for the last 12 years (starting on BBS's) and you are only the second person in all that time to comment on the reference. So...kudos to you.
  2. Hello. I only just discovered the existence of this game yesterday, as a result of the Impulse one-day sale. I had no idea that it had been developed and was overjoyed to find it. And even more greatly overjoyed when I discovered that the game itself amply lived up to my expectations. So I was compelled to make a forum account and and come here to give my heartfelt thanks and appreciation to everyone that had a hand in the development, production, and release of this gem of a game. Not sure how many responsible parties will actually read this little message, but my sentiment is earnest just the same. So thank you! And I am absolutely thrilled to hear that the series is intended to be an ongoing one. I truly and deeply hope that this dream comes to fruition.
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