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Found 52 results

  1. I played the attached saved game using the Familiar Selection mod. The game became corrupted near the end, so that I could not use the adventure action without crashing the game. But the character was not meant to be an adventurer - as the character's name suggests, he is a budding mad scientist. In that, he succeeded admirably. So, my question is whether it is impossible to salvage this saved game for Y2. If not, then I am very sad about this. Pygmalion Frankenstein_20191215_1.ams
  2. Will there be consequences in Y2 for characters who use this ability?
  3. I was thinking that this would have three advantages for Black Chicken Studios: 1. As a way to raise more money. 2. As a way to test and improve Y2's combat engine. 3. As a way to test the Y2 import function.
  4. This would be a good way for Black Chicken Studios to raise money and satisfy fans about Y2. Patreon rewards could include Y2 art, excerpts from Y2's writing, and early access versions of Y2.
  5. I am wondering if our suggestions about improvements to Y2 are delaying its completion.
  6. According to @Legate of Mineta, Rimbal in Y2 will be part of a general Conflict system. So, what will this system be like? Will it handle combat? Any other types of Conflicts?
  7. Inspired by recent discussion, I have decided to write a list of extra-curricular clubs. Others are welcome to correct it. Clubs that may be Joined in Y1: the Book Worms, the Aranaz, Hedi, Durand, and Vernin student groups Clubs that may be founded during Y1: the Belonging Brethern Clubs that are revealed by the lore to exist for older students: rimbal, archery, sleight of hand, journalism
  8. In Y1, love is the emotion that can accompany the highest relationship levels possible (with a student of the opposite sex). But since love can be gained in Y1 without relying upon astrology (naturally with Sheary Warrington, with etiquette 8 benefits for other characters) before dating is even allowed, I wonder whether future years will have deeper emotions that are associated with strong relationships. Not merely for same sex relationships (which have been discussed elsewhere) but also for opposite sex. @Legate of Mineta, would you comment?
  9. Since @Legate of Mineta has said that combat will be restructured during Y2 and will play a larger role, I have three questions. 1. What will the restructuring during Y2 be? 2. Will the combat involve a grid of any sort (even highly abstracted) to represent how far opponents are from each other? 3. Will some adventures during Y2 climax in combat sequences rather than mere selection of choices?
  10. @Legate of Mineta has repeatedly said that in Y2, research will play a larger role. What could that role be? Since the probability of @Legate of Mineta telling us the precise details seems lower than [insert whatever humourous implausibility you want], I thought it interesting to say what the Y2 role of research is likely to be based upon its role in Y1. Research in Y1 may reveal locations, expand attributes, increase subskill maximums, reveal lores, or reveal new spells. This means that in Y2, the radical restructuring of Research probably will not revolve around these rewards. This, however, leaves two ways in which research may grant new rewards during Y2. First, new adventures or adventure options. Second, research could in theory be directly tied to marks in a class. For example, extra credit in a course could be granted for students who research a topic related to a course. My one concern about research in Y2 is how all Y1 research levels - but not the benefits, I hope - will be reset to 0. Might @Legate of Mineta clarify the reset - or anything about this topic?
  11. Name: Ross Moon College: Morvidus, the King of Colleges. Courses (skill level): Athletics (15), Glamour (13), Grammar (14), Negation (14), Revision (15), Zoology (12). Extra-curriculars of note: Astrology 12, Bully 8, Compete 8, Forge 11, Gates 10, Heraldry 8, History 11, Incantation 12, Natural Philosophy 10, Religion 6, Rhetoric 10, School Survival 10, Society 12. Fitness 9 Finesse 8 Charm 5 Strength 3 Intelligence 21 Insight 11 Luck 5 Emotions: Affection (with Beatrix von Wetgen), Salt of the Earth, Speculative, Wicked Happy Clique: None. Adventures completed: All Morvidus adventures, the main adventure through helping the Captain, adventures for Beatrix von Wetgen, Eliana Carosi, and Hector Per Vittoria, Wandering the Corridors, the one with the sunken mastery mages' palace, the one with Mjolnir the Gates Mage, the one with Broken Pines' Duke, the one which grants the Sword of Kush, Oan's adventure, Mr. Pebbles's solo adventure, the senior student's adventure, and the one with the rat girl.
  12. Will Y2 be very difficult to complete if a player's character has no clique? And will Cliques remain together over the summer?
  13. In Y1, the optimum ability score, from the perspective of increasing subskills most effectively, is at least 5. In Y2, will characters need a higher ability score in order to benefit from this ability to increase subskills most effectively?
  14. The story that I am writing is about an attempt by the player character’s friend Prudence to gain help with a problem. During their discussion about her problem, the player character and Prudence meet Oan Sung (the one who tells the player character almost as soon as they first meet that yes, she is from a distant land and that the player character can now tell everyone this, but that she does not like talking about this). I am thinking of writing an outcome in which, if a player character has a reputation as a flirter (which can be chosen during Academagia’s character creation process), and has affection with one of the Asian-looking students (i.e., Sima Vensico or Miya Hikari), and became a friend to Oan, Prudence, once the two of them are alone, asks him whether becoming a friend with the person whom they just met allowed the player character to develop a strong relationship with his crush rather than seeing her purely as exotic. Within the story that I am writing, this comment as presented as a very foolish remark that horrifies the player character, who condemns Prudence for such stereotyping/homogenization and asserts that in some ways, Prudence may seem exotic to others and says that his relationship with students is based upon their personalities, not their appearances. Then Prudence says that she was trying and failing to use a type of logical analysis that she learned in class and apologizes for her remark. I am worried that this treatment of racial exotification/homogenization is insensitive and might not be permitted within Academagia Y2. Any thoughts?
  15. Can someone, such as @Legate of Mineta, tell us how many words roughly are in Academagia Y1? And how many words in Y2? And how many words need to be added to Y2 before its text is complete? And how many words were added to Y2 (i.e., leaving aside lore from Y1)? By words I mean words of story/lore, etc.
  16. I understand that in Y2 and future years (may they come out!), college rivalries will play a more important role in the game. Will college rivalries be strong enough to potentially ruin PCs' relationships with even strong friends from rival colleges (those with >10 relationship with the PC)?
  17. Is there any plan to email all members who have posted in the Academagia fora when Y2 is released? Y1 was released so long ago that many have stopped posting/visiting this forum, yet I hope that they would remain a useful customer base for Y2.
  18. For my upcoming adventure Dear Prudence, I was thinking that since Prudence is so strongly associated with Durand College, it would be nice if the opening of the adventure were capable of reflecting whether the PC is in Durand before any other choices are made by the player. Would this or other customization of an adventure stage's opening be possible?
  19. I have a series of questions about the Gift of the Familiar and the related emotion Bereft. 1. Will players who use Gift of the Familiar be able to gain a familiar in Y2? 2. Can players who, through some fortune, are able to use the Gift of the Familiar in order to get rid of Mr. Pebbles, avoid gaining the emotion Bereft in Y2? 3. If a player use the Gift of the Familiar to get rid of a familiar during Y2 and get no new familiar, would this impact the character's performance in Y2's Advanced Familiar Course? 4. What are the penalties of Bereft? 5. Is there a popular belief in-universe that only evil mages use the Gift of the Familiar when not dealing with extreme circumstances?
  20. I would be willing to pay Black Chicken Studios for the privilege of copy-editing the text of Y2, in order to make sure that it is properly written. This would, I hope, allow BCS to better focus upon the coding of Y2 for its release and speed up Y2's release. I would be willing to be legally bound by any contract that BCS might choose to impose upon me related to the guarding and destruction of any Y2 texts that they might send me. Furthermore, I would naturally buy a copy of Y2 upon release. I ask only the following three considerations be shown to me. 1. That I be granted flexibility in terms of returning edited text of Y2. My work for Academagia is a hobby only. 2. That I be permitted to add this copy editing for Y2 to a resume, if I wish. 3. If my request be dismissed as insane/unworkable, that I not be banned from this forum and that some concrete statement be made for all fans' benefits about Y2's progress. @Legate of Mineta, feel free to PM me with any deal or harsh words against me that the Team deems best.
  21. I will not recommend the way in which I played this particular game to players without great patience for save-scumming or great luck, but for me the outcome, though long in coming and requiring days of reloading, was very good from a role-playing and personal achievement perspective, although suboptimal from a powergaming perspective (due to not having completed many quests due to, among other things, having my PC condemned to a period in study sessions due to illicitly researching biology in the Imperial reserve). The PC was conceived as a loner, aggressive against those who crossed him and preferring to use physical solutions rather than magical, whose interest in biology would lead him into gates magic and into a deep relationship with Uliva Valaresso. In the end, the PC succeeded in this. PC’s Attributes: Fitness: 18 (without magic, due to much running and accompanying fitness boosting) Finesse: 8 Charm: 1 (3 with emotion-based modifiers) Strength: 5 Intelligence: 14 Insight: 7 Luck: 8 Familiar: Paradoxicus the Platypus (Bond: 10 thanks to the Calculate the Familiar Equation ability – although it could be used multiple times per day) Courses (and their skill values): Arithmetic (14), Athletics (15 – including researching wrestling and archery to 10 so that those subskills could be raised to 11), Grammar (13), Negation (13), Revision (14), Zoology (11). Non Course Skills with notable Achievements: Astrology (12 – 13 with emotion), Explore (10 – including 16 in Animal Husbandry), Forge (11), History (11), Incantation (11), Natural Philosophy (11), Research (16 – 18 with emotion), School Survival (10), Society (9 – but could go to 11 witrh no research needed due to passive bonuses to 3 subskills). Achievements: Helped Pelia, rescued the student from the Topiary Garden (and completed a random event to protect her from Joana’s scamming her), completed The Cartboy’s Runner, the main quest through Helping Illaro, the quest A Day in Frontino, completed the Morvidus Picnic quest, Splash Quest, Eliana’s Adventure, the Ahriman’s Wand Quest, the Wandering the Corridors Adventure (that I wrote), made a pact with the living Dragon-book (only to have it confiscated during a detention), met Morgana (and through the character’s poor lying met Stryker), got Candies of the Void through a Random Event, met the Arm-wrestler Gates Mages (whom my PC did not help as they wished and learned about the Second Circle because he is smart enough to realize that bozos are not the type of people whom one should listen to when dealing with dangerous magics), learned about the Being, investigated the tower with the Sword of Kush, and completed Uliva’s quest. And highest marks in all courses! Relationships: Love with Uliva Velaresso, 10 with Philippe Marchant and Beatrix von Wetgen (despite having done neither character’s quest), 10 with Legate Orsi, 6 with Regent Storey. Questions: 1. Will my character’s Academic achievements and close relationship with Orsi and non-Hostile relationship with Storey grant my PC extra options during Y2, such as course options and a mentorship opportunity? 2. Are there plans to increase the difficulty of the Grapple for the Crowds checks during Y2 (due to, for example, characters getting older and being expected to have more skill?)? Because my PC is so fit and skilled at wrestling that earning Glory through Grapple for the Crowds is a blue option. 3. Is it a bug (albeit very useful) that Calculate the Familiar Equation can be used as often as the player wants? If so, would the correction of this bug invalidate my save for Y2?
  22. I am wondering whether there will be non-magical, non-fighting related new skills in Y2, such as fishing. I ask because I am thinking about writing some Y2 content in which fishing plays a major role, and was thinking that the trapping subskill is the closest to fishing in Y1.
  23. I am beginning to write an adventure named Dear Prudence. This adventure has very little to do with music or beetles, although it does have to do with Prudence Cossins. It is primarily a way for me to incorporate some fascinating lore about her into the game that was cut from Y1, so the core of the adventure is “researching [through the research action]” Prudence Cossins, which the narrative presents as talking to her. I assume that the research mechanic in Y2 will be the same as that in Y1 [viz, each research action is associated with a lore and there are possible benefits at assigned stages], but I made it more beneficial for the PC and Prudence by having each stage of research give benefits (some major, some minor) for them. The benefits would be linked to the lore, the premise being that the research was Prudence and the PC talking about Prudence and both gaining benefit from their talks. So I have two questions. 1. Would this type of structure be possible in Y2, or are the Y2 research mechanics so different from Y1’s that it would not work? 2. Similarly, would it be possible, even in Y1’s research mechanics, to have each level of research assign a bonus in addition to a piece of lore?
  24. @Metis has mentioned that some characters have strands of lores associated with them, and speculates that it was a scrapped mechanic to research characters. is this speculation true? And are there any plans to re-introduce a researching characters mechanic in Y2 or future years? It would be a nice way to represent in game and story PCs' growing more familiar with friends (or enemies) and could be used to unlock new options in dealing with them in adventures. I did something similar in a Y2 adventure dealing with Sima Venesico.
  25. I have been thinking - since Y2 will not be sold initially with the character importation feature, will the Y2 character generator be strong and diverse enough to create interesting characters who can have Y2 adventures comparatively easily? and how exactly will Y2 character generation work? Will it be, like the Y1 version, based upon multiple stages? Would the Team be willing to share with us at least one option (whether background or list of questions to be answered) from the Y2 character generator?
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