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Found 2 results

  1. Deciduous

    Newbie Mod Questions

    I'm starting to muck around with the mod tools and have some questions. Is there a collection of player mods anywhere? If I ever get my efforts into a decent shape, will I be able to circulate them? I'm planning on expanding the Research (action). I've seen MaskedHuzzah's efforts -- are there any easy ways to Expand a random or informed Research Topic? How about a random, circumscribed research topic (ex. any Astrology, Geometry, or Arithmetic topic)? I think I could do the later with Reference tables, but there may be an easier way. Wish me luck.
  2. WeirdGamer

    Mod Tools Help

    Hello. I've begun to try and work with the mods, but I encountered a problem when I learned I couldn't edit any of the text. I discovered this is because the mod tools only work on Windows XP. So, I installed a Windows XP virtual machine, and tried to get it to work there. After some trouble I found I out I had to install .NET. I did, but it still wouldn't open and just gave me an error. Then I found out I needed version 2 of .NET. So I uninstalled the other version and installed version 2. Now it doesn't give me an error, but just crashes on start up. Anyone have any advice as to have to deal with this? I would greatly appreciate it.