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Found 5 results

  1. I read once that @Mikkawas considering adding an equivalent to affection for PCs of the same sex who reached high enough relations with her characters. Was this implemented? Will this be implemented in Y2 or later?
  2. So, in my latest playthrough, I finished the adventure for Sima Venesico, following which I increased my male Character's relationship with her to 11. Yet my character did not receive the Affection emotion. Why is this? I have unlocked that emotion in another playthrough with a male Character using Prudence Cossins, so I wonder if it is a bug related to Sima Venesico. As far as Sima Venesico's quest, I hope that it may be leading to further content in Y2. Who wants her to create such artifacts, what is her real intellectual capacity (4 Intelligence means that she should be no slouch), and of course a new quest from her to create an artifact are all Y2 adventures that I can think of for her.
  3. Mikka wrote much that is interesting for this forum, including four interesting non-heterosexual characters whom Black Chicken Studios accepted into the game. But Mikka has not been on the forum in over three years. So my question is: what happens to her characters? is someone else from Black Chicken Studios going to handle their adventures in Y2 and (I hope) future games? And did Mikka leave detailed notes with Black Chicken Studios about the future development of her characters?
  4. I have a question about relationships. I understand that the student adventures have sequels in Y2. But will there be other opportunities to befriend students and engage in adventures with them during Y2? Will these adventures be the Y2 sequel adventures, or other adventures or even, in certain cases, Y1 adventures?
  5. thezooqueen


    Please answer if you know. You have the option Be practical. Be sociable. Be romantic. I will use Ahmose for example Would: Be practical mean no relationship beyond the norm just hunt for the Ruby eye and book of Thoth? (Family Dream) Be sociable mean become close friends and continue looking for ect ect. (Friendship Dream) Be romantic start a romance and continue looking for eye and book? (Romance Dream)